About Tasty Edits

Our Story

In early 2020, our founder Alex Lefkowitz quit his day job in pharma sales to pursue his long-term passions: social media & video editing.

As it turned out, there was an enormous demand for skilled, flexible, and reliable video editors. Alex found that creators & businesses everywhere were in need of seasoned pros to spin their long-form footage into viral gold.

Seizing the opportunity, Alex used his entrepreneurship, sales, and video editing background to put together a team and launched Tasty Edits. Thanks to rave reviews and great word of mouth, we quickly grew from a small team of 5 to 30+. 

We’ve also grown our services to include vertical video editing for short-form platforms, thumbnail design for YouTube, and full YouTube channel management where we run and grow our creators’ channels for them.

To keep up with demand, we developed and launched our own Video Order Management Application (VOMA) in 2021. VOMA is our custom-built software that simplifies the editing process for our creators by giving them one central location to submit their orders, share their raw footage, communicate with their team, review their drafts, and so much more.

Today, the Tasty Edits team has edited more than 10,000 videos for content creators, entrepreneurs, and businesses and manages YouTube channels earning billions of views. 

Here’s who we are:

Our Team

Alex, Founder

Alex is the founder and CEO of Tasty Edits. He holds a BA in Entrepreneurship and is an experienced video editor, having edited hundreds of videos for dozens of creators before launching Tasty Edits. He continues to work directly with creators managing their orders and their channels. To add even more value to creators, Alex is also focused on expanding Tasty Edits' services to broad social media management.

Carl, Video Manager

Carl is a creative professional with a varied skill set in video production and animation. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Multimedia Arts and has over 12 years of experience in video editing, 2D animation, VFX, motion graphics, and graphic design. Today, he is a video manager at Tasty Edits, working closely with dozens of creators in the creator economy and businesses from diverse niches.

Christina, Digital Marketing Manager

Christina is a digital marketing manager at Tasty Edits. She has a BA in English and over six years of experience writing for various publications and managing social media, PR, and email marketing at organizations like Random Acts and the European Geosciences Union. She manages our online presence, including the Creator's Blog, which strives to give readers first-hand insights into the world of video creation and the creator economy.

Dave, Video Manager

Dave is a video manager at Tasty Edits. Previously, he worked as a freelance video director, video editor, videographer, and cinematographer for 8 years. During this time, he gained extensive experience filming and editing a massive range of content. Dave also heads a movement called Hot Wasabi where he has filmed, directed, and produced viral music videos for YouTube. At Tasty Edits, he's also a regular contributor to our Creator's Blog.

Esteban, YouTube Channel Manager

Esteban is a YouTube Channel Manager at Tasty Edits. He has worked with dozens of high-profile and up-and-coming content creators and businesses to grow their channels with personalized strategy plans and recommendations. He is a seasoned pro at finding video ideas, boosting YouTube audience engagement, and diving deep into YouTube channel analytics. Videography and cinema are also his personal passions. He regularly contributes his expertise to our Creator's Blog, sharing the insights he's gained managing dozens of creators' channels.

Luiz, Trainer​

Luiz is a seasoned professional in the realm of video editing, with a background in computer engineering and network administration. He has amassed over ten years of experience in video editing, motion graphics, and graphic design, and possesses extensive expertise in automating workflows and streamlining post-production pipelines. Currently a trainer at Tasty Edits, Luiz is dedicated to crafting comprehensive training curriculums that take our editor's expertise to new heights and let them work more efficiently.

Phat, Developer

Phat is a web developer with over three years of industry experience. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Finance and Investment Banking and specializes in building SaaS and management applications. At Tasty Edits, he's the lead developer for our Video Order Management Application (VOMA). Here, his aims are to continuously improve and upgrade our services to maintain optimal user experience for both our creators and our team.

Our Editors

We hand-select our expert team of video editors from thousands of candidates — only 0.1% of applicants make the cut! And once they’ve joined our team, they undergo a rigorous training process, developed by our trainers and video managers to fine-tune their skills to Tasty Edits standards. As a result, your personal video editor is guaranteed to be a seasoned pro at spinning raw footage into pure viral gold. Here’s a look at some of our editors and what our creators had to say about them:


4.98 / 5 Creator Rating

Dude it's so good! This is my favorite video you've ever edited! It had the perfect amount of special edits, not too many, not too few. I was watching it with my girlfriend and she laughed out loud when Cooper Jr. came on screen!
— Cooper

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4.88 / 5 Creator Rating

Great work on this project. These are all good.
— Andrew

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4.96 / 5 Creator Rating

It looks great. Thank you for getting this done so quickly and for doing the revisions!
— Jeremy

Play Video about anthony #77 the risks of getting a tattoo


4.93 / 5 Creator Rating

I love the review. Really great job. Those small details mean a lot to me, I know it takes substantially longer to do and the effort all of you at Tasty Edits put in is noticed and appreciated. Cheers.
— Joel

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4.94 / 5 Creator Rating

I am SO SO impressed with your quality of work. With our past editors we would have to add so many comments... I really appreciate your attention to detail, and I'm excited for us to continue to collaborate together... Thank you so much for all of your hard work!
— Adam

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4.81 / 5 Creator Rating

Dude it's perfect! I'm really happy with how it turned out. Onto the next project soon!
— Adam

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4.94 / 5 Creator Rating

Terrific - thanks Mary!
— Darryl

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4.87 / 5 Creator Rating

Well done, team! 1st drafts look solid. The thumbnail looks good as well as the vertical/horizontal edits!
— James P IV

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4.99 / 5 Creator Rating

Wow, enjoy the tip you earned! You did such a great job. Thanks, fam!
— Michael

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4.89 / 5 Creator Rating

This is perfect! Thank you Shannen for the great work on the video. We look forward to creating more case study videos soon."
— Josh

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