The 15 Best Cooking Channels on YouTube in 2023

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YouTube is a fantastic source of culinary inspiration. No matter if you’re a rookie cook just learning the ropes, or if you’re a veteran chef on the search for new ideas, there are dozens of channels out there with exactly the delicious content you need. 

In fact, it can be hard to pinpoint the best cooking channels on YouTube, considering just how many of there are. We’ve done the research for you. 

Here are the 15 best cooking channels on YouTube, for every skill level and every taste!


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Heading our list ist emmymade, a versatile and quirky channel that features a wide array of tasty content. 

In her videos, Emmy tries out viral TikTok recipes, resurrects 100-year-old chocolate cakes, and takes viewers on a culinary tour around the world – from Ukrainian garlic bread to Canadian poutine. 

Plus, if you’re in a hurry, Emmy has your back. Not only does her channel feature YouTube Shorts for a quick inspiration fix. She also has a series of videos that focus on quick’n’easy, delicious everyday recipes, such as ramen, pot roasts, and fried rice. 

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Next up is a name that most amateur cooks have come across before – Jamie Oliver. Of “Naked Chef” fame, Jamie launched his YouTube channel a whole twelve years ago. 

It now provides a wide array of videos for cooks at any level. On one end of the spectrum, there are the basics – how to cook a steak, destone an avocado, and chop an onion. On the other, it features recipes such as French onion soup, pork loin, and roast leg of lamb. 

Even these more complex recipes, though, are broken down into manageable, easy-to-follow steps

In addition to recipe videos, Jamie’s channel also features clips from his popular series, School Dinners and Ministry of Food. 

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On his channel, culinary YouTuber Joshua Weissman recreates all-time food favorites, from Girl Scout cookies to Wingstop chicken sandwiches. But better!

Another fun and delicious staple are his food comparisons, like New York vs. Italian pizza or American- vs. Korean-style corn dogs.

If you’re cooking on a budget, the channel also features a series of videos of wallet-friendly recipes, from $2 spaghetti and meatballs to $1 cinnamon rolls.

Finally, Joshua also releases cooking challenges, pitching himself against opponents such as Brie Larson, Emma Chamberlain, and his own mom.

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The New York Times’ cooking section has been invaluable for practitioners of the culinary arts for decades. So it’s little surprise that the NYT Cooking channel on YouTube is an equally useful resource. 

Here, viewers can get the run-down on baking the perfect French croissant, making pasta from scratch, and creating a sumptuous Thanksgiving feast in a small kitchen. 

Many videos feature guest stars and their favorite recipes, from Jamie Oliver to Queer Eye’s Antoni.

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Babish is another channel with a wide range and a twist, created by pro chef Andrew Rea. On the one hand, this YouTuber will give you well-founded introductions to classics like spaghetti carbonara and falafel.

On the other, he recreates a huge range of dishes from movies, TV shows, books, and other media. Ichiraku ramen from the manga Naruto, boeuf bourguignon from Julie & Julia, and Turkish delight from The Chronicles of Narnia are just a few of the fabulous fictional dishes he’s brought to life.

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The 15 Best Cooking YouTube Channels at a Glance

Rank Channel Subs
1 emmymade 2.94M
2 Jamie Oliver 5.83M
3 Joshua Weissman 8.1M
4 New York Times Cooking 620K
5 Babish Culinary Universe 10.1M
6 Bon Appétit 6.31M
7 Tasty 21.1M
8 Laura in the Kitchen 3.88M
9 Peaceful Cuisine 2.45M
10 Pro Home Cooks 4.01M
11 Internet Shaquille 575K
12 ChefSteps 1.18M
13 HowToCookThat 4.93M
14 Rainbow Plant Life 1.1M
15 Tasting History with Max Miller 1.38M
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Many foodies will know Bon Appétit as a staple culinary magazine with a tradition reaching back to the 1950s. Since 2013, it has been publishing videos on YouTube to help readers master its recipes. Today, Bon Appétit’s channel is one of the most popular in the niche, with over 6 million subscribers. 

No matter if you want to learn how to make a Mojito or hand-craft 29 different pasta shapes, this channel has you covered. It features a wide range of recipes, from the everyday to the gourmet. 

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Are you looking for instant meal ideas or plain culinary entertainment? Then Tasty is the right address for you. 

Thanks to Buzzfeed, many of Tasty’s recipes and cooking experiments have gone viral. Plus, this channel is also leaning heavily into YouTube Shorts.

Content ranges from basics like making the perfect chocolate chip cookie to challenges such as baking a 30-pound donut – truly Making It Big.

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If you’re searching for feel-good recipes, kitchen comfort, or your new favorite dish, Laura in the Kitchen is a fantastic address. 

From homemade meatloaf to eggs Benedict, Laura provides her viewers with thorough instructions, cozy vibes, and delicious recipes. 

Plus, her recent Shorts content offers invaluable kitchen tips, from choosing the best tomatoes to the easiest way of de-cobbing your corn.  

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Are you interested in environmentally-conscious cooking? Or vegan recipes? Then don’t miss out on Peaceful Cuisine! This channel has made it its mission to promote delicious, planet-friendly recipes, ranging from vegan caramel ‘butter’ to matcha sesame balls.

The videos are also literally peaceful. Cooking content is frequently colorful and hectic, but Ryoya Takashima’s clips offer a calm, almost meditative counterpoint.

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Finally, another fantastic repository of culinary knowledge is Pro Home Cooks. Mike’s channel gives you everything from mind-blowing 15-minute lunches and handy Mediterranean meal prep to zucchini flower inspiration and viral pizza recipes.

number icon 11 eleven

Next up on our list of the best YouTube cooking channels is Internet Shaquille. If you’re looking for short and sweet videos to help you level up your cooking skills – even as a beginner – this channel has you covered.

From how to start enjoying wine to making DIY granola, you’ll find solid, bite-size tips, tricks and hacks. With a quirky and outspoken twist.

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ChefSteps’ ultimate mission is to help you reach your full potential as a cook. These guys test dozens of different ways of making the same dish, all to provide you with the canonical recipe – and insider tips on what pitfalls to avoid. Overall, they’ve developed well over a thousand recipes this way, from pork chops to cherry pie. 

Plus, ChefSteps also has a variety of top-notch cooking series – from a vegetarian and vegan collection to seafood and sushi. Plus: lots and lots of coffee-making.

number icon 13 thirteen

Another YouTube cooking channel you can’t miss if you’re looking for culinary entertainment is HowToCookThat. On this channel, YouTuber Ann Reardon offers viewers a colorful assortment of cooking-related videos.

From making a crazy Instagram chocolate mousse to debunking fake kitchen advice and how-tos, Ann has you covered. 

number icon 14 fourteen

Are you looking for a cooking channel specifically for vegan recipes? Then Rainbow Plant Life is the right address for you.

On this channel, YouTuber Nisha makes it her goal to help you master vegan cooking at home. She’ll walk you through the secrets of making the best hummus of your life, baking amazing vegan brownies, and how to make quinoa taste fantastic every single time. 

Another plus: Nisha also shares some meal-prep tips, budget meal ideas, and hacks for cutting your grocery bill.

number icon 15 fifteen

Have you ever wondered what Celtic druids ate? What it would be like to taste a 2,000 year old pizza from Pompeii? Or how it felt to have a first-class breakfast on the Titanic? 

Wonder no more. Tasting History with Max Miller has all the answers. 

This channel dives deep into the history of different meals and takes you back in time to a huge variety of settings. From re-creating the original fettuccine Alfredo to making medieval mead, Max will take you on a culinary adventure through the ages.

And cut!

YouTube is an amazing repository of recipes and cooking skills – and how-tos are among the things that just don’t get old on the platform. 

With a look at the channels above, you can rediscover childhood favorites, get to know a pro chef’s skills, and learn all kinds of tricks and kitchen hacks. Watch with gusto!

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Our top 10 cooking channels on YouTube are emmymade, Jamie Oliver, Joshua Weissman, NYT Cooking, Babish Culinary Universe, Bon Appétit, Tasty, Laura in the Kitchen, Peaceful Cuisine, and Pro Home Cooks. 

Some famous TV chefs like Jamie Oliver run successful YouTube channels. When you’re talking about chefs who started out on YouTube, though, Emmy from emmymade, Joshua Weissman, and Babish are in the top three. 

Yes. Cooking channels earn creators about $2.50 per 1,000 views (CPM). Plus, many YouTube chefs also have brand partnerships, harness monetization platforms like Patreon, and produce their own merchandise and cookery books. 

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