The Top 15 YouTube Family Channels in 2024

family channels on youtube

YouTube family channels are a fantastic and unique way of deep-diving into the adventure of raising kids. 

Sharing inspiration, uplifting stories, and advice on every aspect of parenting, family YouTubers are in a class of their own. They’ve built thriving communities and empowered countless other parents. 

If you’re wondering who to follow, look no further. We’ve curated a list of the 15 best family YouTube channels. Let’s launch right in.


number 1 one icon

Khoa and Keren’s daily adventures with their five kids are at the heart of their family channel. 

From major life events like the birth of their baby boy and outfitting their new house to everyday snapshots like birthday parties and fun pool games, the couple give their audience unique insights into their life. 

KKAndBabyJ has been tracking the little family since 2015, when Keren started vlogging her pregnancy progression. In a series of incredibly uplifting content, you can watch all the kids grow and thrive.

number 2 two icon

Finally, Family Fizz is another great channel filled with family love, vlogs, pranks, and challenges. Mom Georgie and dad Darren document their adventures with their daughters Mia, Sienna, and Karma. 

number 3 three icon

If you’re looking for fun and creative YouTube family content, then the Tube Family is right for you. This quartet of vloggers entertains their followers with tales of game nights, challenges, DIY projects, and vacations. Another adorable staple on the channel: their goldendoodle Chloe! 

Want to know about the most successful kid-centered channels? You’ll find several of them among the 10 richest YouTubers!

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With about 18.5 million people tuning in on a regular basis, the ACE Family is one of the most-subscribed family YouTube channels out there. 

Viewers can follow the lives of Austin McBroom, Catherine Paiz, and their two daughters. Originally, Austin and Catherine launched their channel back in 2016, when they were expecting their first daughter, Elle. 

Since then, their audience has followed the births of their kids, the move to their new house – and then another – and the adoption of their pets. Other viral content includes pranks and challenges.

number 5 five icon

Ohana means family! And the Ohana Adventure is a truly unique YouTube family channel. For one thing, this family has eight members: Rachel, Jase, Klai, Rykel, Shae, Wyatt, Evelin, and Cora. Follow them for tips on corralling large families, as well as spontaneous travels and adventures, fun games, and entertaining challenges.

The 15 Best Family YouTubers at a Glance

Rank Channel Subs The  kids
1 KKAndBabyJ​ 1.26M Jackson (7), Landon (6), Sutton(5), Hanson (1), Magnolia (0)
2 Family Fizz 2.7M Mia (18), Sienna (12), Karma (5), Koa (3)
3 The Tube Family 3.8M Evan (17), Jillian (14)
4 ACE Family 18.4M Elle (7), Alaïa (4), Steel (3)
5 The Ohana Adventure 4.4M Klailea (20), Rykel (18), Shae (16), Wyatt (14), Evee (13), Cora (11)
6 J House Vlogs 2.9M Isaac (15), Elise (13), Caleb (11), Laura (9), Janae (6)
7 SACCONEJOLYs 1.6M Emilia (10), Edie (9), Alessia (6), Andrea (4)
8 The Bee Family 10.4M Roberto (18), Gabriela (16)
9 Family Fun Pack 10.1M Alyssa (16), David (15), Zac (13), Chris (13), Michael (10), Owen (6), Chloe (1)
10 The LeRoys 1.6M Kesley (19), Rhett (15), Reese (13), Perri (12)
11 Roman Atwood Vlogs 15.3M Noah (18), Kane (11), Cora (6), Knox (2)
12 itsJudysLife 1.85M Julianna (10), Miya (9), Keira (9), Leah (3), Isabella (1)
13 Daily Bumps 5.1M Oliver (10), Finley (7), Brielle (1)
14 Elle and Jared 1.6M Jackson (9), Calvin (8), Tommy (5), Jennifer June (0)
15 The LaBrant Family 13M Everleigh (10), Carl (6), Posie (4), Zealand (4), Sunday (1)
number 6 six icon

Another amazing YouTube family channel that shows all the joy and insanity of having children and experiencing life together is J House Vlogs

Jeremy and Kendra from Kansas City document their adventures with their five kids: 

Isaac, Elise, Caleb, Laura, and Janae. Their videos feature typical family experiences, from Easter egg hunts and first days of school to birthday trips and getting a puppy. At the moment, the entire family is on a trip around the world, with new updates coming in from all across the globe.

number 7 seven icon

For 13 years, Jonathan Joly and Anna Saccone have been mapping their journey as a couple and as a family on their YouTube channel. Originally from the US and Ireland, the couple moved to England in 2014. 

In their weekly updates, the family gives their followers updates on the shenanigans of their four kids – Emilia, Edi, Alessia, and Andrea – as well as their six Maltese dogs. It features family trips, home tours, school plays, and bedroom makeovers. 

One of the things that stands out about SACCONEJOLYs’ channel is that one of their daughters is trans. Edi transitioned to identifying as a girl at age six, over three years ago, and the channel features her experiences, as well as those of her family.

number 8 eight icon

The Bee Family are one of the most popular family YouTube channels, with over 10 million subscribers. They’re also one of the most hilarious and entertaining ones. 

Originally, Andres and Rosanna started out sharing their family’s stories on Vine, as the Eh Bee Family. 

Later on, they moved to YouTube and now post viral content from Fortnite Dance Challenges to Adams Family and Disney costume transformations

The Bee Family is based in Toronto, Canada. Their two kids are known online as Miss and Mr. Monkey, keeping their first names mostly private.

number 9 nine icon

Another family YouTube staple is Family Fun Pack – and it has been around for a while. Since starting their channel in 2011, Kristine and Matt have shared their daily adventures with their viewers. Family trips, birthday drama, and major milestones in the lives of their six kids – subscribers can follow what it means to be a family.

Family Fun Pack posts practically daily, with lots of engaging YouTube Shorts thrown in.

numbers icons 10 ten

If you want to follow a family with older kids, The LeRoys are one of the best channels out there. It features parents Shanna and Corey as well as their daughters Kelsey (19), Reese (13) and Perri (12) and their son Rhett (15). Also mentioned in some videos is Logan, a son the family lost before they started their channel and who would be 17 now. 

The LeRoys’ channel follows the family through the challenges and joys of raising teenagers. Getting their first car, joining the cheerleading team, cell phone bans, sending their oldest off to college. You can follow all these experiences right along with Shanna and Corey.

number icon 11 eleven

The Atwood family can boast over 15 million subscribers who follow the antics and adventures of Roman, Brittney, Noah, Cora, and Cain. Their vlogs provide fun and family-friendly glimpses into their daily lives, from the kids’ hilarious pranks to getting a new puppy.

number icon 12 twelve

One of the most active family channels on YouTube is itsJudysLife, with updates five times a week. This amazing channel lets you follow the lives of Judy and Benji, a couple from Seattle, and their five daughters, Julianna, Miya, Keira, Leah, and Isabella.

Mommy-daughter date nights, trips to Vegas and Japan, chaotic grocery runs with toddlers, and creative movie nights at home – itsJudysLife features all these family adventures, and much more.

number icon 13 thirteen

Family life isn’t always easy or smooth – but offers plenty of excitement! Since 2013, Daily Bumps has kept audiences entertained with heartwarming and relatable tales of their day-to-day life, travels, and challenges. At the moment, Missy and Brian have two sons, a daughter – and another exciting addition to their family on the way. 

number icon 14 fourteen

Ellie and Jared started their journey on YouTube over 10 years ago, when they were struggling to conceive and start a family. They map their journey through various fertility treatments, and the stress and desperate hope that comes with them – until at last Elle got pregnant. 

Now, Elle and Jared chronicle their lives and those of their amazing children on their channel, from birthday surprises and family vacations to their struggles with health issues and pregnancy challenges.

number icon 15 fifteen

Next up, The LaBrandt Family follows the journey of Sav and Cole and their three adorable kids. Since they launched their channel seven years ago, the couple has given viewers an in-depth look at their family life. Memorable moments range from the birth of their kids over their first lost teeth to cutting their son’s hair and cheering at their daughter’s first dance competition. 

The Bottom Line

YouTube family channels are a treasure trove of fun, parental advice, and a side of vlogger drama. So, if you’re wondering how other people deal with their little ones – or what you can expect from your own later – tune into one of these channels!

With their family-friendly content, some of these family YouTubers might just win your heart.

Some of the best family channels out there are KKAndBabyJ, The Bee Family, Daily Bumps, and Roman Atwood Vlogs. 

ACE Family, Roman Atwood Vlogs, and The Bee Family are the most-subscribed family YouTube channels. 

Family Fun Pack has been documenting the life of couple Kristine and Matt with their six children since 2011. 

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