The 15 Best Gaming YouTube Channels

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YouTube is one of the best hubs for gamers out there. 

You want to get the run-down on new releases? Learn the latest gameplay hacks? Find recommendations for what games or mods you can’t miss? 

Gaming YouTubers have you covered. 

For this article, we’ve rounded up the 15 best gaming YouTube channels out there. 

The criteria we used to decide who makes the list are fairly straightforward. They need to regularly post captivating gaming content, have an engaged audience, and be up to date with the latest developments in their niche

As a result, you’ll see some big names missing on this list. PewDiePie? Not on here. He’s still posting occasional personal clips, but his last gaming video was over a year ago.

In return, though, you’ll probably discover some awesome new gaming channels you haven’t come across before. 

That said, let’s dive right in. 


number 1 one icon

Heading our list of the best gaming YouTube channels is someone you probably expected: Mark Edward Fischbach, AKA Markiplier

With over 35 million subscribers and 5.5K+ videos, he’s one of the biggest YouTubers in generally, and definitely the biggest active gaming YouTuber in the English-speaking world. His popularity has also made him one of the richest YouTube creators. Considering that he joined the platform in 2012 and has since been making amazing videos, that’s hardly surprising. 

Markiplier explores FNAF’s Ruin in a super-popular part series.

One of the stand-out features of Markiplier’s channel is the huge variety of content he posts. His original MO was playing indie horror video games, like FNAF. Now, he features a fantastic mix of scary games, interactive movies, reactions, reviews, animations, horror games, challenges, and cryptic lore. As he says himself: 

“Whatever you’re into, I’m sure there’s something for you down in the briny deep of my video page. So why not dive in? Or don’t. Life is yours to choose after all.”

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number 2 two icon

Next up is UK-based YouTuber Daniel Middleton, AKA DanTDM. He’s been around just as long as Markiplier and has gathered an impressive catalog of 3.6 K videos and almost 28 million subscribers. 

Back when he originally launched his channel, then called The Diamond Minecart (TDM), he was still working at Tesco’s and playing Minecraft in his free time. By now, Dan is a full-time YouTuber with a massive range – and a major-league income. His content features games from Roblox to Sonic the Hedgehog. 

Daniel still enjoys the odd bit of Minecraft, of course.

Unlike Markiplier, though, DanTDM’s audience used to skew very young, so he kept his channel very kid-friendly for a long time. That said, his audience has also grown up, and he’s recently done Let’s Plays of slightly scarier games such as FNAF and Poppy Playtime. 

number 3 three icon

In third place of our list of the best gaming YouTube channels is VanossGaming, a channel run since 2011 by Canadian YouTuber Evan Fong. It can boast 1.7 K videos and almost 26 million subscribers. 

VanossGaming is known for straightforward authenticity and heavy collaboration with other gaming content creators, like H20Delirious. In terms of games, content tends to focus on games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. 

Evan’s a big fan of GTA V. Vanoss focuses on just a few games, usually in casual play with friends.

number four new icon

Next, we have our first international contender, JuegaGerman. This channel is run by Chilean gaming YouTuber Gérman Aranis. 

Launched in 2013, it now features over 2K videos and over 48 million subs, even though content is exclusively in Spanish. That puts him among the top 50 most subscribed channels worldwide.

One signature feature of JuegaGerman is that most of his content is humorous. Not surprising considering that besides being a famous YouTuber, Gérman is also a comedian, writer, and singer-songwriter

Gérman Aranis in one of his attempts at setting a gaming world-record.

The games Gérman plays range from Roblox and Minecraft to The Last of Us 2 and Far Cry 5. 

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number 5 five icon

Another hugely popular gaming YouTuber is Ninja, Richard Tyler Blevins IRL. Like many other creators on this list, he’s been around for a while – since 2011, in fact. He’s uploaded over 1.7K videos and has more than 23 million subs. 

Ninja currently focuses on Fortnite, Valorant, and Warzone. Plus, he’s an award-wining Battle Royale Player and top Twitch streamer with over 18 million followers there. 

Ninja is heavily into Fortnite and has a lot of fun with Season 4.

Originally, Ninja started streaming content through eSports teams for Halo 3. Today, he can boast his own massive audience. And he’s played with big names like Drake, Travis Scott and JuJu Smith-Schuster, smashing Twitch’s peak viewer counts.

Alongside Markiplier and DanTDM, Ninja is the third gamer (fourth, if you count PewDiePie) among the 10 highest-earning YouTubers. This shows that gaming isn’t just enjoyable, but also a very lucrative niche.


number 6 six icon

Like JuegaGerman, Fernanfloo is an astronomically successful Spanish-language gaming channel. Since 2011, Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado from El Salvador has amassed more than 46.3M subscribers. This makes him one of the 50 most subscribed YouTubers in the world!

He started out posting special-effects action videos. Later, he switched to gameplay for games like Mortal Kombat, God of War III, and Call of Duty. Today, his content centers around GTA V, Call of Duty, Poppy’s Playtime, and Minecraft

Heads-up, though, Fernanfloo’s upload schedule is irregular! 

FNAF is one of Luis’ favorites, and a huge thing in the Spanish gaming world as well!

number 7 seven icon

Are you looking for an amazing YouTube gaming channel to give you your daily Minecraft fix? Then Jelly is right for you. 

Based in the Netherlands, gaming YouTuber Jelle Van Vucht can boast over 23 million subs and a whopping 6.1K videos. 

Part of Jelly’s appeal is that his videos are consistently kid-friendly and accessible for gaming enthusiasts of any level or age.  

Minecraft all day, every day, for kids and everyone else – that’s Jelly.

number 8 eight icon

Another foreign-language entry in our list is Total Gaming, a Hindi-language channel run by Indian YouTuber Ajay, AKA Ajjubhai. 

One reason it made our list is that this is one of the fastest-growing YouTube gaming channels out there. Even though Ajay only launched his channel in 2018, he’s gathered over 36 million subs, with over 1.2K video uploads. 

His signature content is live-streaming the battle royale game Garena Free Fire. He’s also branched out into games like Grand Theft Auto 5, Spiderman, and Incredible Hulk. 

Beside being an award-winning YouTuber, Ajay is also a freelancer, software engineer, and growth hacker

Ajay / Ajjubhai having a factory full of fun.

number 9 nine icon

The second European entry on our list of the best-ever YouTube gaming channels is Jacksepticeye, a channel run by Irish YouTuber Sean William McLoughlin. 

He originally joined YouTube in 2007 but launched his channel properly back in 2012. Since then, he’s accumulated over 5.1 K videos and over 30 million subscribers. 

Jacksepticeye’s MO are deep-dives into trending games like Among Us and Resident Evil. His content is often hilarious, so prepare to lose his “try not to laugh” challenges!  

Jack / Sean likes straight-up horror games and is notorious for his off-color commentary.

numbers icons 10 ten

Another amazing gaming YouTube channel is LankyBox, run by US-based creators Justie Kroma and Adam McArthur. Launched in 2016, it now features over 9.4 K videos and has over 28 million subs. 

What makes LankyBox stand out is that they upload content several times a day! It includes fan favorites like Foxy, Boxy, Ghosty, Rocky, and Thicc Shark. Apart from featuring amazing gaming videos, focused especially on Roblox, LankyBox also upload zero-budget music video remixes and animations.

No budget, no problem – IRL play by LankyBox.

number icon 11 eleven

Next up is Preston Arsement, AKA PrestonPlayz, another amazing YouTube gaming channel. Preston has been active since 2018 and has since gained an audience of almost 15 million subs. 

In particular, he specializes in Minecraft, Among Us, and Roblox. He’s also part of The Pack, a Minecraft community made up of MrWoofless, Lachlan, Vikkstar123, JeromeASF, and Bajan Canadian. 

When he’s not in a gaming session himself, Preston also has a lot of fun watching others have a go.

number icon 12 twelve

After Total Gaming, TechnoGamerz is the second Hindi-language gaming channel on YouTube that makes our list. Run by Ujjwal Churasia, it has over 35 million subscribers. 

TechnoGamerz specializes in doing mobile-related games. He also has a long series of GTA V content, with well over 100 videos. He even created his very own storyline in the game. 

This little heist comes early in the GTA series, which by now is over 140 vids long.

number icon 13 thirteen

The only anonymous YouTuber on this list is Dream, also known as Clay. Even though he is perhaps the single most influential Minecraft YouTuber out there, with almost 32 million subs, his real name and face are unknown. 

Though he’s been around since 2014, Dream’s rapid rise to YouTube fame started in 2019, when he set out to find the seed for PewDiePie’s Minecraft world. 

Since then, he’s amassed a huge following of his own. Dream’s audience appreciates his skillful gameplay and world record-setting playthroughs. Some of his most iconic content includes his manhunt series, which has him striving to complete Minecraft while being chased by hunters.

The finale of Dream’s Manhunt series had viewers at the edge of their seats.

Dream also has a series of successful side-channels with several million subscribers each, including DreamXD, Dream Team Gaming, and Dream Shorts. 

number icon 14 fourteen

One of the oldest – and still one of the best – gameplay channels around is H20Delirious. Run by Jonathon Gorman Dennis, it features a series of amazing Let’s Play videos for games like GTA, Fortnite, Hitman, and Fallout 4. H20Delirous is also part of the VanossGaming crew. 

With over 3.7K videos and more than 13 million subs, he’s one of the most successful YouTube gamers out there. 

Like Evan of VanossGaming himself, Jonathan is a big GTA fan and plays it a lot with his friends.

number icon 15 fifteen

Rounding out our list is Jordan Maron, AKA CaptainSparklez. Since he started posting Minecraft videos in 2010, his channel has amassed more than 5.7 K videos and 11 million subscribers. 

CaptainSparklez signature content is anything and everything Minecraft. Also featured: reaction videos and song covers. 

Here’s Jordan’s complete Minecraft music video collection. Worth a view!

Recently, he’s launched a series looking back on his long Minecraft career, including reviewing old screenshots and comparing what the game looked like in the early 2010s vs. now.

Plus, also check out CaptainSparklez2 – a second channel filled with uncut gaming sessions! 

Conclusion: These Are the Best Gaming Channels on YouTube

If you’re looking for gaming inspiration, the channels above have everything you need. Hardly surprising that the global YouTube gaming community has been thriving! 

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Some of the best YouTube gaming channels are Markiplier, DanTDM, and VanossGaming. In Spanish, JuegaGerman and Fernanfloo are two amazing channels. 

Overall, Markiplier is the best and most popular English-language gaming YouTuber. Among the Spanish crowd, JuegaGerman takes that title. And among the Hindi-speakers, Total Gaming comes out on top. 

Some of the most popular YouTube gaming channels are Markiplier, DanTDM, and VanossGaming. In Spanish, JuegaGerman and Fernanfloo are two amazing channels. In Hindi, Total Gaming and TechnoGamerz take the top two spots of the best gaming YouTubers. 

The biggest active YouTube gaming channel out there is Spanish-language JuegaGerman, with 48.6 million subs.

The gaming YouTuber with the most subscribers is JuegaGerman, a Spanish-speaking YouTuber from Chile with 48.6 million subs. 


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