The Best GoPro Video Editing Services

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What are the best GoPro video editing services? 

You’ve filmed some awesome action cam footage. Fantastic! 

But who will edit it into a jaw-dropping final clip to help you go viral? 

Sure, you can give it a go yourself. There are plenty of video editing tools out there that can handle the MP4 and HEVC files that GoPro cameras generate. 

But as you know if you’ve ever given it a go, video editing is not just a skill. It’s an art. And professional editors spend years honing it to perfection. Even then, editing one minute of finished video takes roughly 30 minutes to an hour

To save yourself time and nerves while still get a stunning end result, outsourcing your GoPro video editing is the best option. 

Here are the best GoPro video editing services to turn your raw footage into a viral-worthy final clip. 


The 5 Best GoPro Video Editing Services

Before we dive into the details, here is a quick roundup of what you can roughly expect from these GoPro editors in terms of pricing, editing speed, and services offered

# Name Pricing Speed Niche Extras
1 Tasty Edits $190/video
48h video,
24h short
business and social creator needs royalty-free assets, motion graphics, platform reformats, thumbnails, dedicated team
2 Spivo $149/video 7 days travel & action takes special requests
3 Flatworld Solutions $12+/h 24h all video lots of add-ons, eg. SFX, music, subtitles
4 Viddedit $80 minimum, footage-based 3–7 days general, but with specialists 3 free revisions
5 Upwork expect $60/h* depends depends depends on freelancer

*Estimate based on professional editor's profiles.

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Kicking off this list is Tasty Edits, a specialized online video editing company for creators, businesses and entrepreneurs. They’re pros at handling GoPro footage, no matter if you’re a travel vlogger creating content about a downhill bike adventure in Indonesia, or if you’re a business owner who wants to give product clips some extra visual action panache. 

Tasty Edits’ video editing offer includes a 48 hour turnaround time, custom-tailored revisions, unlimited effects, and royalty-free music. Everything is handled smoothly via their Video Order Management Application (VOMA), from placing orders and submitting files to making notes on revisions and communicating with your editors. 

Tasty Edits – Pricing

tasty edits is the best action and gopro video editing service
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Next up is Spivo, a company specialized in travel and adventure video editing. From road trips across the US to snowmobiling in Alaska’s back country, Spivo can turn your action cam footage into a captivating final video.

Their video editing offer includes expert color correction, smooth transitions, and stabilization. 

Spivo – Pricing

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Flatworld Solutions is a global company offering a range of business outsourcing solutions. That said, they do offer specialized services in many specific niches, including GoPro editing. With global delivery centers in India and the Philippines, they can work as fast as editing 2 videos in 24 hours. 

Video stabilization, color and light correction and noise removal are all part of their standard video editing offer. You can also purchase add-ons such as subtitles, special effects, and background music. 

One downside: Pricing is on an hourly basis, starting at $12/hour. That means it’s difficult to calculate your video editing budget in advance. 

Flatworld Solutions – Pricing

flatworld solutions offers gopro video editing services
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Next up on our list of the best GoPro editing services is Viddedit, a generalist video editing company that also offers action cam editing. It can turn your skiing, rafting, rock climbing, and mountain biking adventures into clickable and visually impressive end results. 

Their video editing services include all the standard features as well as three free revisions. Pricing is based on the length of your raw footage, starting at $80 per 30 minutes.  

Viddedit – Pricing

viddedit is one of the best gopro and action cam video editing services
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Finally, there is Upwork, another solid source of GoPro video editing services. If you’d rather hire a freelancer instead of a video editing company, this is a great place to find a professional in the action cam niche. 

You’ll be able to pinpoint GoPro editing specialists and check out their portfolio and job rating by past clients. Pricing ranges and turnaround times vary. For seasoned pros, you can calculate about $60/hour (here’s an example). 

What you’ll also find are packages. We’ve actually investigated this option before – you’ll find our Upwork review here.

Upwork Freelancers

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Final Thoughts

Hiring a professional editor to spin your raw GoPro footage into solid video gold is the best way to go.

By picking one of the video editing companies above or heading over to find a dedicated pro on Upwork, you’ll be able to collaborate with an editor to meet all your individual needs. And make sure that your final travel and adventure videos reach their full viral potential.  


The best GoPro video editing companies are Tasty Edits, Spivo, Flatworld Solutions, and Viddedit. You can also find specialized video editors on Upwork who’ll gladly tackle action cam footage. 

Tasty Edits, Spivo, Flatworld Solutions, and Viddedit are the best video editing services to take on your action cam footage. In addition, Upwork also has some specialized freelancers who’ve made it their mission to edit GoPro footage. 

Pricing for GoPro editing varies depending on whether it’s based on the final clip, the raw footage length, or hourly rates. On average, you can calculate $120 – $360 per project. 

To find a professional video editor to polish your GoPro footage into a jaw-dropping end result, you can either opt for a video editing company, such as Tasty Edits and Videddit, that employs specialized editors. Or you can head over to Upwork and find a freelancer who’s made GoPro their niche there. 

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