The Best Minecraft YouTubers in 2024

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Quick Facts

  • The biggest Minecraft channel is Jelly (23+ million subs).
  • Runners-up are SSundee, Aphmau and PrestonPlayz.
  • Early big Minecraft YouTubers were PewDiePie, Yogscast and DanTDM.

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The Minecraft community on YouTube is huge, with thousands of YouTubers posting content about the game and the worlds they build.

But which ones are the best among them?

In this article, we’ve rounded up the best Minecraft YouTubers on YouTube – those who produce the most engaging gaming content, have grown the most active communities, and amassed the biggest following.

Before we get to our top ranking, here are the criteria we used to include and exclude channels.

First, we only took into account English-language channels that regularly upload Minecraft content in 2024. Minecraft also had to be a major content type.

This excludes gaming channels that occasionally post Minecraft-related videos, such as DanTDM and MrBeast Gaming. It also excludes YouTubers who haven’t posted in a while, such as PopularMMOs, and channels that post popular Minecraft content in other languages, like Authentic Games and Mikecrack.

That said, here are the best Minecraft YouTubers for 2024.


number 1 one icon
jelly's youtube channel page with minecraft banner and content
Jelly's YouTube channel page makes it pretty clear that he's all about Minecraft.

Next up on our list of the best Minecraft YouTubers is Jelly, with 23.5 million subs. Jelly, a pseudonym for Dutch YouTuber Jelle Van Vucht, also started his YouTube career in 2014, when he was just 17. His channel grew rapidly, hitting 1 million subscribers by mid-2015. 

Jelly stands out as a Minecraft YouTuber thanks to his energetic and quirky videos, which are extremely popular with younger players. Plus, he uploads content regularly, with multiple new videos every week

One of Jelly’s signature quirky Minecraft videos.

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number 2 two icon
ssundee channel screenshot
If there's one Minecraft YouTuber who's tried every mod, it's SSundee.

In fourth place on our list of the best Minecraft YouTubers is SSundee, with a whopping 23.4 million subscribers. Ssundees’s best known for his deep-dive into Minecraft mod packs. He’s practically tested every new and unique mod pack.

SSundee also makes videos about Among Us. 

Want to know who the top YouTubers in general are? Check out our regularly-updated list of the 50 most-subscribed YouTube channels! (Hint: They start at about 45 million subs.)

number 3 three icon
aphmau youtube channel screenshot
Aphmau is one of the most famous Minecraft roleplayers.

Aphmau aka Jessica Bravura is famous for her Minecraft role-play videos, which pit her characters and her friends in different scenarios and worlds. These hilarious and imaginative stories that mix romance, drama and comedy have earned her millions of fans

Jessica also plays other games like Among Us and Roblox, where she showcases her personality and skills to great effect. Most of her channel consists of Minecraft content, though.

number four new icon
prestonplayz channel screenshot
Preston playz ... Minecraft!

Coming in third is PrestonPlayz, with over 15 million subscribers. Preston’s full name is Preston Blaine Arsement. He’s based in the US, joined YouTube back in 2012, and is part of the Minecraft community “The Pack”. 

Besides Minecraft, he also produces content about Among Us and Roblox, making him a versatile gaming YouTuber

number 5 five icon
wiederdude youtube channel screenshot
WiederDude: From zero to hero in every build challenge.

Next up, there is WiederDude, a Minecraft YouTuber par excellence who shines through his tutorials and “Noob vs. Pro” videos

We don’t know much about WiederDude’s personal life, but his content couldn’t be more distinctive. He completes the same challenge in Minecraft at different skill levels – showing, for example, how a noob, a pro, a hacker, and a god-level player would complete a Super Mario house build challenge.

WiederDude is known for extremely thorough Minecraft building challenges.

number 6 six icon
eystreem youtube channel screenshot
EYstreem's particularly keen on Minecraft tips and tricks.

Jordan Barclay is the Australian gamer running EYstreem. His channel provides Minecraft content for all ages. He himself has been active on YouTube since 2012, when he was only 9

EYstreem’s signature content is testing Minecraft tips and tricks to see if they actually work or if they are only clickbait. Some of his videos also feature fellow Minecraft YouTuber Ella, who is also his girlfriend.

number 7 seven icon
ldshadowlady, a long-time minecraft-focused youtuber
LDShadowLady – Minecraft YouTube served brightly and colorfully.

Next up in our list is LDShadowLady, another iconic Minecraft YouTuber. Elizabeth “Lizzie” D. joined YouTube back in 2010 and founded the female gaming collective “Pixel Pact” in 2012. Since then, her channel has been growing steadily

Now, her content includes a variety of games that she plays with her husband, but Minecraft still forms the heart of her channel.

number 8 eight icon
mumbo jumbo minecraft youtuber screenshot
Oliver likes fiddling with redstone builds and feature tests.

Next up, Mumbo Jumbo plays Minecraft with verve. Mumbo is an English Minecraft YouTuber (real name: Oliver ‘Oli’ Brotherhood) who specializes in Redstone builds, often with how-to-build-details, and testing new features. 

Plus, he joined the Hermitcraft SMP server in Minecraft at the start of Season 2.

number 9 nine icon
grian minecraft youtuber channel screenshot
Grian is another huge name in the MCYT space.

Next up, there’s Grian, rounding out our list of the best Minecraft YouTubers. Grian is the pseudonym of Charles Batchelor, an English YouTuber, who also helped create WynnCraft, an insanely popular Minecraft MMORPG.

Grian’s content is often centered around series, such as his wildly popular Hermitcraft series, which is currently in Season 10.

No matter if you’re a Minecraft beginner or a seasoned pro looking for new tips, Grian has you covered.

numbers icons 10 ten
youtube homepage of captainsparklez, one of the best minecraft youtubers
CaptainSparklez currently runs a comparison series with early-2010s Minecraft.

Another contender for the title of best Minecraft YouTuber is Jordan Maron, aka CaptainSparklez. He launched his channel back in 2010 and has since been producing wildly popular content about Minecraft, as well as reaction videos and covers of popular songs. 

Recently, he’s produced a series of videos looking back on his long Minecraft career, including reviewing old screenshots and comparing what the game looked like in the early 2010s vs. now.

CaptainSparklez reacts to Minecraft screenshots from earlier in his long career.

number icon 11 eleven
jeromeasf youtube minecraft gaming screenshot
Jerome's a regular Minecraft mythbuster.

Another excellent source of Minecraft content is JeromeASF, run by Jerome Robert Aceti. One of his trademark content types are survivals challenges in which he makes it through 100 days in Minecraft as a Norse God, a Superhuman, or in Minecraft Wizards.

Plus, there are also plenty of crazy challenges and myth-busting videos. If you love Jerome’s gaming content, he also runs a variety gaming channel, JeromeACE, and a Roblox channel (JeromeASF – Roblox).

number icon 12 twelve
skip the tutorial minecraft youtube channel screenshot
Skip is always good for a hefty dose of Minecraft facts.

Relatively speaking, Aiden – the face behind Skip the Tutorial – is a MCYT newcomer. He ‘only’ started uploading in mid-2018, but has made it to over 8 million subscribers since.

Aidan chiefly discusses cool mods that have interesting effect on Minecraft play mechanics, as well as many horror-themed ones. Skip the Tutorial also features many feature and build compilations, such as the one below about Minecraft experiments.

Aiden aka Skip takes us through a few dozen Minecraft experiments in a single video.

All in all, Skip the Tutorial is a fun-to-watch Minecraft channel that’ll always leave you with a few more facts about the game and its mods than you started with.

number icon 13 thirteen
stacyplays minecraft channel screenshot
Stacy's Minecraft content radiates relentless positivity.

Rounding out our list of the best Minecraft YouTube channels is StacyPlays, run by Stacy Marie Hinojosa, an American content creator.

One of the signature features of Stacy’s videos is how positive she is in all of her videos and how much she appreciates her fans, who she calls “Potato Flakes”. Occasionally, she even uses her main series Dogcraft to showcase fanart that they submit.

number icon 14 fourteen
unspeakableplays youtube channel screenshot
Unspeakable's gameplay channel is just as zany as his main.

Another amazing YouTuber who produces Minecraft content is Nathan Johnson Graham, aka Unspeakable. His main channel, Unspeakable, contains fun challenges, pranks, and experiments. The side channel UnspeakablePlays, though, is a treasure trove of Minecraft content. 

Are you looking to prank your friends in Minecraft? Want to learn hacks only Minecraft pros know? Or do you want to see what happens when you cook Minecraft food in real life

Unspeakable has your back!

number icon 15 fifteen
iballisticsquid minecraft gamer youtube channel screenshot
Squid is known for long-running collab series.

David Spencer, better known as Squid from his channel iBallisticSquid is an English gaming YouTuber who’s famous for collaborating with other creators, like Stampy and L for Leeeeee x. He’s also part of a joint channel, the MagicAnimalClub

In terms of Minecraft content, Squid gives his viewers regular challenge videos – including the quick build and scrap mechanics challenge. He also features tons of Pixelmon and Crazy Craft content.

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Honorable Mentions

There are Minecraft YouTubers who – for one reason or another – are no longer active, but have left an unforgettable mark on the MCYT community. We’re taking a little moment here after the main list to pay some respect.


channel screenshot of Dream, the single most subscribed minecraft youtuber
Though inactive, Dream's is the biggest Minecraft YouTube channel.

Dream, with a massive 32 million subscribers, easily topped this list until recently. He is still one of the most influential Minecraft video creators.

Dream aka Clay was on YouTube for a decade – from 2014 to late 2023, in fact. His rapid rise to Minecraft fame started in summer 2019, when he set out to find the seed for PewDiePie’s Minecraft world. 

Over time, he amassed a huge following of his own with his skillful gameplay and world record-setting playthroughs. Some of his most iconic content includes his manhunt series, which had him striving to complete Minecraft while being chased by hunters.

Dream also successfully ran a series of side-channels with several million subscribers each, including DreamXD, Dream Team Gaming, and Dream Shorts.


technoblade in memoriam minecraft youtube channel screenshot
Technoblade's channel is now maintained by his family.

Finally, no list of Minecraft YouTubers would be complete without Technoblade, a giant among gaming creators.

Technoblade, aka Alex, launched his channel back in 2013 and quickly became one of the most popular Minecraft creators in the world. His most popular videos have well over 50 million views. Some of his greatest hits included the Skyblock: Potato War series and Hypixel content. He was also involved in the Dream SMP.

In 2021, he was diagnosed with metastatic sarcoma. In the months that followed, his videos often included fundraisers for cancer research. Following several unsuccessful treatment attempts, he died in 2022. His last video, “So long nerds”, featured a goodbye message read by his dad:  

“I hope you guys enjoyed my content and that I made some of you laugh. And I hope you all go on to live long prosperous and happy lives. Because I love you guys. Technoblade out.”

His family continues to maintain his channel.


Hands-down the most famous Minecraft YouTuber is DanTDM, though it’s no longer his main focus. The biggest names in the community today include Jelly, Ssundee, Aphmau, PrestonPlayz. Dream, another huge Minecraft creator, is no longer active.

The best Minecraft YouTubers include Jelly, Ssundee, PrestonPlayz, CaptainSparklez, and LDShadowLady. They all regularly upload unique and entertaining Minecraft content. 

If you’re looking for good Minecraft channels, check out Jelly, Ssundee, PrestonPlayz, CaptainSparklez, and LDShadowLady. All of these regularly add new, unique and entertaining Minecraft videos. 

With over 23 million subscribers, Jelly is hands-down the biggest active Minecraft YouTuber. Other big YouTubers like DanTDM, MrBeast and PewDiePie have also produced Minecraft content, though it’s not at the heart of their channels. Other big names, like Dream, are no longer active.

Yes, both Unspeakable and their gaming channel UnspeakablePlays are kid safe and a lot of fun. No swearing, no hard sells, and no other content that ought to be reserved for older players and viewers.

The first Minecraft YouTube video was uploaded by the user jwaap in 2009. Among the first to succeed by making it the focus of their channel, though, were PewDiePie, Ethoslabs, and Yogscast.

Some Minecraft YouTubers hire developers to create them. A few of the big names, like Fundy, write their own. Otherwise, Minecraft players get their mods from a range of sites, including PlanetMinecraft, Curseforge, or various forums.

Alex, better known as Technoblade, died of metastatic sarcoma in 2022. He was one of the most popular Minecraft YouTubers in the world. His final video, “So long nerds”, featured a goodbye message read by his father.


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