The Best Minecraft YouTubers in 2023

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The Minecraft community on YouTube is huge, with thousands of YouTubers posting content about the game and the worlds they build. 

But which ones are the best among them? 

In this article, we’ve rounded up the best Minecraft YouTubers on YouTube – those who produce the most engaging gaming content, have grown the most active communities, and amassed the biggest following. 

Before we get to our top ranking, here are the criteria we used to include and exclude channels.

First, we only took into account English-language channels that regularly upload Minecraft content in 2023. Minecraft also had to be a major content type. 

This excludes gaming channels that occasionally post Minecraft-related videos, such as DanTDM and MrBeast Gaming. It also excludes YouTubers who haven’t posted in a while, such as PopularMMOs, and channels that post popular Minecraft content in other languages, like Authentic Games and Mikecrack

That said, here are the best Minecraft YouTubers in 2023


number 1 one icon
channel screenshot of Dream, the single most subscribed minecraft youtuber
Dream's is the biggest Minecraft YouTube channel.

Easily topping the list is Dream, with a massive 31.5 million subscribers. 

Dream, also known as Clay, is one of the most influential Minecraft video creators. He has been on YouTube for almost a decade – since 2014 in fact. His rapid rise to Minecraft fame started in summer 2019, when he set out to find the seed for PewDiePie’s Minecraft world. 

Since then, he’s amassed a huge following of his own. Dream’s audience appreciates his skillful gameplay and world record-setting playthroughs. Some of his most iconic content includes his manhunt series, which has him striving to complete Minecraft while being chased by hunters. More recently, he’s posted a Minecraft hostage simulator. 

Dream also has a series of successful side-channels with several million subscribers each, including DreamXD, Dream Team Gaming, and Dream Shorts. 

Want to know who the top YouTubers in general are? Check out our regularly-updated list of the 50 most-subscribed YouTube channels! (Hint: They start at about 45 million subs.)

number 2 two icon
jelly's youtube channel page with minecraft banner and content
Jelly's YouTube channel page makes it pretty clear that he's all about Minecraft.

Next up on our list of the best Minecraft YouTubers is Jelly, with 23.4 million subs. Jelly, a pseudonym for Dutch YouTuber Jelle Van Vucht, also started his YouTube career in 2014, when he was just 17. His channel grew rapidly, hitting 1 million subscribers by mid-2015. 

Jelly stands out as a Minecraft YouTuber thanks to his energetic and quirky videos, which are extremely popular with younger players. Plus, he uploads content regularly, with multiple new videos every week

One of Jelly’s signature quirky Minecraft videos.

number 3 three icon
prestonplayz channel screenshot
Preston playz ... Minecraft!

Coming in third is PrestonPlayz, with a whopping 14.4 million subscribers. Preston’s full name is Preston Blaine Arsement. He’s based in the US, joined YouTube back in 2012, and is part of the Minecraft community “The Pack”. 

Besides Minecraft, he also produces content about Among Us and Roblox. 

number four new icon
ssundee channel screenshot
If there's one Minecraft YouTuber who's tried every mod, it's SSundee.

In fourth place on our list of the best Minecraft YouTubers is SSundee, with 11.2 million subscribers. Ssundees’s best known for his deep-dive into Minecraft mod packs. He’s tested every new and unique mod pack.

Like PrestonPlayz, he also makes videos about Among Us. 

number 5 five icon
youtube homepage of captainsparklez, one of the best minecraft youtubers
CaptainSparklez currently runs a comparison series with early-2010s Minecraft.

Another contender for the title of best Minecraft YouTuber is Jordan Maron, aka CaptainSparklez. He launched his channel back in 2010 and has since been producing wildly popular content about Minecraft, as well as reaction videos and covers of popular songs. 

Recently, he’s produced a series of videos looking back on his long Minecraft career, including reviewing old screenshots and comparing what the game looked like in the early 2010s vs. now.

CaptainSparklez reacts to Minecraft screenshots from earlier in his long career.

number 6 six icon
ldshadowlady, a long-time minecraft-focused youtuber
LDShadowLady – Minecraft YouTube served brightly and colorfully.

Rounding up our list is LDShadowLady, another iconic Minecraft YouTuber. Elizabeth “Lizzie” D. joined YouTube back in 2010 and founded the female gaming collective “Pixel Pact” in 2012. Since then, her channel has been growing steadily. 

Now, her content includes a variety of games that she plays with her husband, but Minecraft still forms the heart of her channel.


Hands-down the most famous Minecraft YouTuber is Dream. However, other big-name YouTubers like MrBeast and PewDiePie have also produced Minecraft content, though it’s not their main focus. 

The best Minecraft YouTubers include Dream, Jelly, Ssundee, PrestonPlayz, CaptainSparklez, and LDShadowLady. They all regularly upload unique and entertaining Minecraft content. 

If you’re looking for good Minecraft channels, check out Dream, Jelly, Ssundee, PrestonPlayz, CaptainSparklez, and LDShadowLady. All of these regularly add new, unique and entertaining Minecraft videos. 

With over 31 million subscribers, hands-down the biggest Minecraft YouTuber is Dream. Other big YouTubers like MrBeast and PewDiePie have also produced Minecraft content, though it’s not at the heart of their channels.

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