The 25 Best Video Editing Services in 2023

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Finding the best video editing service for your unique needs is worth some time and effort.

Video is the number one medium in marketing, entertainment, advertising, and even education.

There are good reasons for that. People are 85% more likely to remember what they see in a video than what they read about. And in 2023, online videos make up more than 82.5% of all internet traffic.

Also, in 2021, TikTok actually outstripped Google as the world’s most visited site! Since then, it’s steadily held the #2 spot.

Not to mention the way the entire creator economy just keeps on expanding. Today, countless people are earning a part- or even full-time income off platforms like YouTube and TikTok. Some YouTube stars even make millions.

However, editing videos takes time and skill – lots of it. That job can bog down your production process and make video creation a pain. This is where video editing services come in. By letting the pros handle it, you can make the best of your footage, fast.

It’s the age of video – and by outsourcing the editing, you can get creating without wasting a ton of time and nerves.

In this article, you’ll learn what to look for in a good video editing service, and which are the best on the market right now.


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Why Do You Need Video Editing Services?

There are several reasons to outsource video editing, but they boil down to two main benefits: Time and quality.

Let’s talk about time first. It takes some 30 minutes to an hour to edit a single minute of video. And that’s not counting the hundreds of hours you’d spend to become a pro at editing footage. 

If you’re serious about your YouTube channel or TikTok profile, you’re running a business. Wile you’re working on monetizing or on coming up with content ideas, you just don’t have that kind of time. Professional editors, on the other hand, can work efficiently and within tight time limits, which makes for fast and smooth production

Quality is the other big reason. Video editors will consistently produce high-quality content, even if your footage isn’t ideal. And this quality can make all the difference between building your audience and losing it.

If you want to upload several videos per month, what you gain in time and in the quantity of your creative output quickly outweighs the cost of hiring a video editor.

Next, let’s discuss what the signs of a good video editing service are.

Impatient? Skip straight to the list of the best video editing services in 2023!

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When you’re searching for a good video editing service, there are a few things to look at. The most important are:

  • what features and services they offer,
  • the quality of the work,
  • what the reviews and testimonials look like,
  • and, of course, pricing.

First, make sure your candidates’ features fit your requirements. For example, some video editing services will happily give you branded intros and outros, animations, voice-overs, subtitles, royalty-free music and stock images. Others do not.

In the following example video, you can see a few of these in use:

Next, take a close look at the quality of their work and the reviews past clients have left.

Reputable video editing services will have a portfolio on their website. You should look out especially for:

  • high-resolution videos,
  • color correction,
  • smooth transitions, and
  • clear sound editing.

Then, check on sites like Trustpilot and Google ratings to see if people praise a certain company, or have complained about problems. Many established video editing services proudly display testimonials from satisfied clients.

Image to show that good reviews are important in video editing services
Video testimonials from satisfied creators are a great sign.

Finally, check the fine print for things like:

  • How fast can the editors deliver a first draft?
  • How many revisions of that first draft are included in the price?
  • How much footage can you upload? 

For instance, quite a few companies advertise “unlimited video” – then apply a bunch of restrictions. They will likely set a maximum length for your final video. Others place limits on the length and size of the footage you can upload. 

In terms of pricing, there are two main models: video editing subscription services and video editing packages

A video editing subscription can pay off in the long run if you want to upload a set number of videos a month. Then, they may be the more economic choice for you. 

However, if you need more flexibility, opting for packages is better. Here, you pay per video, though there’s often also a bulk discount. 

That said, here are our 25 top picks for the best video editing services in 2023.

The 25 Best Video Editing Services in 2023

Alright! Before we jump into the 25 best video editing services of 2023, here’s a brief overview of what you can roughly expect in terms of pricing, editing speed, and services offered: 

# Name $/video $/month Speed Niche Extras
1 Tasty Edits $190/video
48h videos
24h shorts
social media creators and SMB royalty-free assets, motion graphics, platform reformats, thumbnails, dedicated team
2 Replayed $279 same-/next-day creators & business needs
3 Video Husky $549 24–48h talking head videos direct upload
4 Flocksy $995 24h business needs any digital creative material
5 Vimerse $13/h varies creator needs native verticals
6 Dava Marketing $2,695 2–3 days social media creators channel management, thumbnailing
7 CutYeti $597 48–72h business needs, creators
8 Vidpros on request overnight–48h business needs, creators thumbnailing
9 Vidchops $325 2 business days business needs, creators thumbnailing, channel services
10 Video Caddy $12–$15/h no info all video, including wedding video audio editing, 2D/3D animation
11 Viddedit $80
$50 (short)
7 days business and home video
12 Be Creatives $899 1–2 business days business needs
13 Veedyou On request 5–7 days all video, including wedding video animation
14 FixThePhoto $80 no info all video
15 Spivo $149 7 days travel/adventure specialist editing
16 VideoZeus $149 2–3 days creator needs vertical reformatting
17 $100 $50 basically instant business social media AI-only editing
18 Unbound Video Productions $530 48h business needs vertical video
19 Visugu $199 $499 1–5 business days all video, including wedding video thumbnailing
20 Irisbits $395 1–2 business days business and creator needs, no personal video any graphic design needs
21 Motion Edits On request variable all video, including wedding video 2D/3D animation
22 Phixer $475/month + $65/video 48h real estate photo editing, virtual staging
23 CutPro Media $250 24h weddings, real estate, commercial in-depth briefing
24 Havah Edits Ask for quote 24h real estate photo editing, virtual staging
25 Flatworld Solutions $12/h 24h all video lots of add-ons, eg. SFX, music, subtitles
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The team at Tasty Edits takes pride in producing high-quality videos. Their experienced editors handle your projects with a personal touch

They also stand out for their flexibility with plans and prices. Whether it’s a simple jump cut or complex editing packages, traditional clip or vertical short video – Tasty Edits has you covered.

Additionally, the company has also put a lot of effort into making the whole process painless. VOMA, their custom-coded Video Order Management Application, centralizes the entire workflow of ordering a video edit: submitting the initial order, uploading files, communicating with editors, checking out drafts, and payment – all on a single, hassle-free platform.

This makes for a much more efficient production process, giving you back valuable time for your creative business.

Tasty Edits Pricing

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London-based takes second place on our list because they are well-suited for highly complex edits where price isn’t an issue. To make sure that what you get is what you actually wanted, they also offer a short sample edit.

Replayed’s pricing is based on raw footage length. If you’ve got less than 15 minutes, they’ll charge you $49 per hour of work. 15–50 minutes are a flat $279, 50+ minutes are $559. 

There are no subscriptions or discounted bundles. Depending on the edit complexity, turnaround ranges from same-day and up.

Replayed Pricing

replayed homepage screenshot
number 3 three icon

Video Husky specializes in ‘talking head’ videos and is one of the more affordable video editing services on this list. 

They also offer to upload your videos directly to your website or social media profile. 

Plus, Video Husky provides a project management portal to help you keep an overview of your orders, as well as a video commenting feature to help you give feedback on drafts. 

Video Husky, like other subscription services, will work on videos one-at-a-time. If you need many videos fast, you’ll need to add extra subscriptions.

Curious about what working with them is like? Check out our in-depth Video Husky review and full comparison!

Video Husky Pricing

video husky homepage screenshot
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Flocksy is a well-established creatives service. Besides video editing, it also offers graphic design, custom illustrations, copywriting, voice-overs, animations, and web design. They’re also great if you decide you don’t just need an editor, but go big with a full team for your project.

Flocksy works as a monthly subscription, and video-editing is only included from the middle pricing tier up (“Gold”). On the plus side, you get just about every feature you could want. It’s not a budget option, though – Flocksy is geared towards small and mid-size businesses rather than YouTube beginners.

Flocksy Pricing

flocksy homepage screenshot
number 5 five icon

Next up on our list is Vimerse, a new contender in the video editing arena – and one specialized in editing footage for creators

Vimerse has an extensive portfolio when it comes to editing videos for YouTubers and TikTokers. They’re seasoned pros at editing vertical and horizontal content in niches ranging from fashion and meditation to cooking and gaming. 

Plus, Vimerse offers a first video edit for free, including a free thumbnail and one revision. 

One downside of Vimerse is that its team is very small – it currently only consists of four editors. That means their capacity for taking on clients and delivering orders on time is limited. 

Also, pricing is hourly, with rates starting at $13. So budgeting your projects is a little more tricky. 

Vimerse Pricing

vimerse video editing service homepage screenshot
number 6 six icon

Dava offers a pretty large range of video editing offers and related services. This includes thumbnails, end screen animations, and motion graphics. Furthermore, Dava is generous with cloud storage – and there’s a big portfolio of past videos to check out.

That has its price: Dava is the most expensive on our list of 2023’s best video editing companies.

Dava Pricing

dava homepage screenshot
number 7 seven icon

CutYeti swears by high editing quality and personalization for their clients.

One of their major selling points is having US-based editors – all with a minimum of three years’ experience.

The trade-off: Final video length is pretty short at 5 minutes maximum, and given that limit they’re not exactly cheap.

CutYeti Pricing

cut yeti homepage screenshot
number 8 eight icon

One of Vidpros’ key selling points is “overnight” editing – submit an order before the end of the US business day, and you’ll get your draft on the next (as long as it’s not too complex). 

They also have an internal limit of four clients per editor. This lets the editors dedicate more time to each project. As a result, you can expect a more personalized service.

The first time we put together this list, Vidpros used to provide pretty flexible packages. This then changed to a one-size-fits-most subscription model, priced at $700/month. As of now, they want you to book a sales call to tell you about it.

Vidpros Pricing

vidpros homepage screenshot
number 9 nine icon

Vidchops is a no-nonsense editing company – you’ll get your edits quickly and without paying an arm and a leg, but don’t expect any bells and whistles.

Their editors will work on your videos one-at-a-time. The maximum number depends on your subscription, and on how many revisions you ask for. 

The cheapest “weekly Chops” plan, for instance, gives you 4 videos (up to 15 min long) per month. Compared to the others they offer, the included features are limited – no unlimited revisions, for instance.

Vidpros also offers what they call a “YouTube helper” service, which takes care of thumbnailing, tagging, description writing and similar YouTube housekeeping.

Vidchops Pricing

vidchops homepage screenshot
numbers icons 10 ten

Video Caddy is an Indian video outsourcing service. Apart from video editing, they also offer audio editing, storyboarding, and 2D/3D animation.

The company is geared more towards businesses than individual creators – some specialities are product videos and real estate tours – but their range is huge. For instance, they’re one of few general editing companies that cut wedding videos.

There are no packages or subscriptions. Instead, pricing is based on hourly rates starting at $12. If you don’t require in-depth edits, Video Caddy could be your budget option.

Video Caddy Pricing

videocaddy homepage screenshot
number icon 11 eleven

Like Video Caddy, Viddedit is a generalist video editing service. The service isn’t exactly tailored for the needs of YouTubers and other creators, but it can be a good budget choice if your needs are basic. And: With a 7-day standard turnaround, be prepared to wait a little.

Viddedit works with a large number of video editors, among them people with experience in videos from GoPros, drones, and other less common sources of footage.

Pricing is based on raw footage length. It starts at a $80 minimum, and every 30 minutes added will cost you roughly $60 (the precise amount varies slightly). That makes it a bit more predictable than Vimerse’s or Video Caddy’s hourly rates. Extras are charged separately.

Viddedit Pricing

viddedit homepage screenshot
number icon 12 twelve

Lithuania-based Be Creatives have a good range of features, though some of them are pricey add-ons. They can boast of a large roster of testimonials from well-known entrepreneurs. They’re best suited for vertical videos, not complex or high quality horizontal edits.

BeCreatives Pricing

becreatives homepage screenshot
number icon 13 thirteen

Romania-based Veedyou is another good all-round video editing company. They’re geared towards personal and small business needs, though they also have some solopreneur and enterprise clients.

They favor a personal touch – you won’t find pre-calculated packages here, and they’re always ready for a chat about your needs.

Note that while Veedyou does not list pricing on its website, they do say in a blog post that across their 2022 projects, the average video cost is $325.

Veedyou Pricing

veedyou homepage screenshot
number icon 14 fourteen

As the name suggests, FixThePhoto is actually better known for its budget photo editing service

This agency employs a large number of editors, which means that they’ll always have a specialist for your niche on hand. However, you’ll actually mostly communicate with their managers.

If you can live with that, they might be a decent budget pick.

FixThePhoto Pricing

spivo adventure video editing homepage
number icon 15 fifteen

Spivo is a bit of an outlier on this list – they specialize in travel and adventure video editing, and they take it very seriously. They run their own blog and have designed their own camera gear in the past.

You shot hours and hours of footage on your last trip, but it’s a bright mix of phone, drone, 360° or action-cam footage and a high-end camera? Spivo’s editors have you covered. 

Combining various formats with fluid transitions and adventure storytelling is their bread and butter. 

Spivo Pricing

spivo homepage screenshot
number icon 16 sixteen

VideoZeus launched its editing service in 2020. The company’s offer is geared towards content creators, including YouTubers and course creators especially.

Apart from editing, VideoZeus also offers channel managementthumbnail creation, and useful video content creation resources.

Pricing is simple and transparent, if not very flexible: There’s one flat fee that covers 60 minutes of raw footage and 10 minutes of finished video, with a few extras such as a 30-second remix for different platforms.

VideoZeus Pricing

best video editing service,best video editing services,best video editing services 2023
number icon 17 seventeen

Are you an AI enthusiast? Want to do more than generate a bunch of thumbnails? Then you might want to check out when it comes to editing your videos. 

A stand-out on this list, this company harnesses artificial intelligence to edit and upload videos. Users can upload raw footage and audio and receive an AI edit almost immediately. This distinguishes it from the more common AI tools human video editors use in their workflow.

The algorithm uses takes popular videos as an inspiration when it comes to selecting cuts, transitions, effects, and music. 

You can also specify a video you want the AI to use as a blueprint. Plus, you can submit the resulting video for revisions until you’re satisfied. Pricing

rav ai homepage screenshot
number icon 18 eighteen

Next up, Unbound Video Productions is an unlimited video editing services based in Bali, Indonesia. Not only do they edit for big industry clients like Samsung and Spotify.

Unbound also has a solid range when it comes to social media video, especially vertical formats like YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok. 

There are some limitations: If you want more than 30 minutes of finished video per order, you can extend it to 60 minutes with an add-on subscription. 

Unbound Pricing

unbound homepage screenshot
number icon 19 nineteen

Visugu is another versatile video editing service. Their offer ranges from editing travel and YouTube videos to wedding videos and training videos. 

Like other services on this list, Visugu offers unlimited video editing, though they also have per-project pricing, at $199 per video. Turnaround times vary depending on the complexity of edits and the pricing tier, but start at 24h. 

If you’re looking for a solid all-purpose video editing service, Visugu is a reliable choice. If you need specialized niche work, you might want to look elsewhere.

Visugu Pricing

visugu homepage screenshot
number icon 20 twenty

Another solid video editing option in 2023 is Irisbits. This UK-based video editing and graphic design company offers a wide range of services, from 4K video editing to thumbnail and banner design. 

Their unlimited video editing offer includes a 1-2 day turnaround time and unlimited revisions. Apart from businesses and agencies, Irisbits particularly caters to the needs of content creators.

Irisbits Pricing

irisbits homepage screenshot
number icon twentyone 21

Do you want to include complex 2D and 3D animations in your videos? Then Motion Edits, the last service on our 2023 list of picks, is a good video editing option for you. This company offers not just regular video editing, but a wide range of animation services as well. 

Their portfolio includes explainer videos, educational videos, infographics videos, and even 3D character animation. 

They offer a pretty wide range of genres and niches when it comes to video editing. Even if you only need no-frills, straightforward edits, Motion Edits is a solid option for you.

Motion Edits Pricing

motionedits homepage screenshot
number icon twentytwo 22

Phixer has a very specific niche: It provides digital services for real estate companies. This notably includes video editing for realtors, but also photo editing and virtual staging.

In order to access Phixer’s video editing services, you need to sign up for an account and purchase a monthly plan. These start at $475 per month for the Standard plan and range all the way to $2,550 for the Professional plan. The first month is usually discounted.

Included in the plan are credits for photo editing, but you need to pay extra for video edits. This fee is typically $65 for an HD video export, and an additional $29 for Ultra HD 4K.

Standard turnaround time is 48 hours, though you can get the rush option for $15 and have a first draft after 24h.

Phixer Pricing

homepage screenshot of phixer, a real estate service provider offering photo and video editing
number icon twentythree 23

Next up is CutPro Media, a company that specializes in video editing for weddings, real estate, and commercial purposes.

They provide a $250 flat-rate video editing package that includes up to 5 minutes of edited video, color correction, and a 24-hour turnaround. In addition, users can specify parameters such as the video editing software they want editors to use, the editing style, frame rate, and expected delivery date.

A small downside is that wedding video editing makes up a major part of the company’s business and many of their systems – such as add-ons for “entrances and first dances” are geared towards it.

If that’s what you’re looking for, though, you’re in luck – wedding videos are a bit cheaper, starting at $200.

CutPro Media Pricing

homepage screenshot of cutpro media, one of the best real estate video editing services
number icon twentyfour 24

Next on the list is Havah Edits, another real estate video editing company. Much like Phixer, it offers multiple additional services. Beside video editing, they also work with you on virtual staging, virtual dusk and twilight, and photo editing.

They boast a 24-hour turnaround period and allow customers to provide style examples.

Havah Edits Pricing

homepage screenshot of havah edits, a vietnamese realty video editing service
number icon twentyfive 25

Flatworld Solutions, finally, is a global company offering a range of business outsourcing solutions. That said, they do offer specialized services in many specific niches, including video editing. With global delivery centers in India and the Philippines, they can work as fast as editing 2 videos in 24 hours. 

Video stabilization, color and light correction and noise removal are all part of their standard video editing offer. You can also purchase add-ons such as subtitles, special effects, and background music. 

One downside: Pricing is on an hourly basis, starting at $12/hour. That means it’s difficult to calculate your video editing budget in advance. 

Flatworld Solutions – Pricing

flatworld solutions offers gopro video editing services

The Bottom Line

All the video editing companies on this list offer a solid set of services. Now it’s up to you to pinpoint the offer that best suits your needs! 

Are you looking for flexible pricing – or a predictable subscription? Do you have only basic needs, or are you aiming for the maximum amount of features? Do you want a service that specializes in a particular kind of video, or one that has a larger repertoire? 

Here at TastyEdits, we pride ourselves on providing a great customer experience, with high-quality edits, fast turnover times, and affordable prices. Plus, our VOMA portal helps you save time on communication and file uploads.  

But don’t just take our word for it – check out what we do for yourself!

The best video editing services in 2023 for creators, entrepreneurs, and businesses, are Tasty Edits, Replayed, and Video Husky. 

Video editing services need to have an extensive portfolio, fast turnaround times, professional editors, transparent pricing, and reviews or testimonials from past clients. 

Start by checking out the portfolio of different services and make sure that they’ve edited projects like yours before. Then compare pricing and verify there are no hidden costs, such as fine print on “unlimited” video editing or additional charges for exports in different formats. 

What's a Reformat?

A Vertical Reformat is a highlight or teaser video designed for vertical platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. It’s an Add-on to a Video Order.

For example, if you want a horizontal video for YouTube and a 60 second vertical version for Instagram Reels then you’ll add 1 Vertical Reformat Add-on to your Video Order.

Vertical Reformats are cheaper than vertical videos by themselves because we’ve already edited the horizontal video so we’re not starting from scratch.

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