The 5 Best Video Editors for YouTube Shorts

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Over 1.5 billion YouTube users watch Shorts every month. 

For YouTubers, this means that short-form content is a huge opportunity. Especially since Shorts are now officially monetized, and offer an avenue towards joining the Partner Program if you haven’t already. 

But how can you make your Shorts stand out from the competition? What’s the secret sauce that successful YouTubers use to spice up their short-form content? 

A YouTube Shorts editor

Handing Shorts editing off to a seasoned pro has multiple benefits. For one thing, they know exactly what cuts, effects, and edits make viewers stick around. Plus, they can spin footage into solid viral gold extremely fast – often in less than 24h. 

Overall, hiring a YouTube shorts editor lets you boost your content quality and quantity

But which one should you go for? We’ve done the research for you. Here’s our round-up.


The 5 Best Video Editors for YouTube Shorts

Before we deep-dive into details, here is a quick overview of our top contenders. Including their pricing, editing speed, and services offered.


1Tasty Edits$190/video
48h video,
24h short
royalty-free assets, motion graphics, thumbnails, dedicated team
2Motion EditsOn requestVariesLarge range - you name it, they edit it.
3Unbound Video Productions€495/month48hDedicated account managers & editors
4Dava MarketingOn request2–3 daysBig range of marketing services
or from $699/month
2–3 daysUnlimited revisions; subs, captions and thumbnails
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To start with, we have Tasty Edits, a video editing company that specializes in YouTube content, including Shorts. 

The turnaround time for Shorts at Tasty Edits is 24h or less. Plus, effects like motion graphics, royalty-free assets, color correction, audio enhancement, and subtitles are included. 

All orders at Tasty Edits are handled via its proprietary VOMA platform. That means you can handle your entire Shorts editing workflow in one place – submitting your order, giving feedback to your editor, handling payments, and downloading the final clip. 

In terms of pricing, Shorts edits start at $40. If you just want a horizontal video reformatted to a vertical clip, pricing starts at $25. 

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Next in line among the best YouTube Shorts editors is Motion Edits. With consistently positive reviews and a large range of services, they’re a solid choice for content creators. Motion Edits’ staff are known for being responsive and flexible. You name it, they edit it. 

One major downside, though: Motion Edits doesn’t publicly list any pricing on their website. If you want to find out how much you’d end up paying to have your YouTube Short edited, you need to reach out yourself. 

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Another great choice when it comes to YouTube Shorts editors is Unbound Video Productions. Unlike some other entries in this list, Unbound is a subscription service. That means you pay a flat rate of $530 per month to have access to a dedicated editor. 

Another differentiating factor – they’re specialized in addressing the needs of businesses rather than individual creators. 

Unbound’s guaranteed turnaround time is 48h, though – since they’re based in Bali – Indonesian office hours apply. 

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Coming in fourth place is Dava Marketing, another subscription video editing service specialized in social media content. 

Their “unlimited” video editing package buys you 2–3 video edits per week. They offer a wide range of extras, including animations, thumbnails, and motion graphics. If you need complex effects for your YouTube Short, Dava is a solid choice. 

Dava’s major downside is their pricing, which starts at $2,694 per month. Also, their turnaround time – at 2–3 days on average – could be better. 

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Finally, rounding out our list is Visugu, another versatile editing service. This one offers both subscription-based and per-project pricing. The former starts at $699 (for 4 videos per month), the latter at individual pricing of $249 per video

Thanks to their wide range of services, they have fantastic editing experience across different niches

A downside to Visugu is that turnaround can be slow – up to 5 business days. 

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The Bottom Line

Overall, Tasty Edits emerges as the best choice when it comes to YouTube Shorts video editors. It offers tailor-made short-form pricing, a simple-to-use platform, and unbeatable turnaround times. 

Ready to take the leap? Give Tasty Edits a whirl today! 


Some of the best video editors for YouTube Shorts are Tasty Edits, Motion Edits, Unbound Video Productions, Dava Marketing, and Visugu. All these video editing services are specialized in handling social media content, including short-form.

Pricing for having a YouTube Short edited starts at around $40. 

Hiring a YouTube Shorts editor comes with several benefits. Saving time and stress on editing yourself. Having a pro at hand to consistently turn your raw footage into clickable clips. And, of course, being able to scale up your content production. 

Among the best YouTube Shorts editors, you’ll get guaranteed turnaround times of 24h or less. 

All things considered, the best YouTube Shorts video editor is Tasty Edits – with a simple-to-use, central interface, guaranteed turnaround times of 24h or less, and pricing starting at $40.