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Whether you’re actually planning a trip around the world, or are looking for someone to inspire you, travel YouTubers are a fantastic source of inside information and wanderlust. 

That said, not every travel YouTube channel is created equal. Some travel creators’ range is wider than others. Their focus varies, too: Some specialize in backpacking around the planet, while others live the van life dream, driving across the US. 

To help you, we’ve rounded up the 5 best travel YouTube channels going into 2024. These creators are wandering all four corners of the world and letting you share in their adventures. 

Heads-up: We only include travel YouTubers who are currently active! 


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Heading the list is Wolter’s World, a comprehensive travel channel with practical advice and insights based on personal experience. With 1 million subs and over 2.3 K videos, it’s also one of the biggest travel YouTube channels out there. For good reason. 

Wolter is, first and foremost, honest. While he shows you just how amazing traveling can be, he also gives you an unvarnished heads-up about the worst parts of it as well. This is great to help you prepare properly and enjoy your trip nevertheless. 

Wolter’s World has insightful advice for anything from navigating trains in Finland to avoiding tourist traps in Uruguay. Helpfully, Wolter also goes into the different cultures he’s experienced and how tourists can manage to avoid local annoyances in different places. 

Wolter shows tourist highlights… and their opposite.

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Next up in our list of the best Travel YouTube channels is The Endless Adventure. On here, Eric and Allison let viewers share their journey of leaving their 9-to-5 jobs behind to head off on a life of adventure as digital nomads. 

For the past seven years, their channel has been a reliable source of content on exploring foreign cuisines, enjoying breathtaking views, and discovering fun stories of travel adventures and misadventures

Eric and Allison post regularly, with new travel videos going online every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

Eric and Allison’s digital nomad life can get very exciting.

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Another excellent travel YouTube channel is Kate and Nate, with 3.6 million subs and well over 900 videos. 

This couple from Nashville, TN, launched their channel back in 2016, when they both took a year off to travel. One year turned into four – and in 2019, they hit their goal of travelling through 100 countries all over the world. 

During the pandemic, with international travel no longer on the table, they spent two years traveling around the US in a van. In early 2022, they once more packed their suitcases and returned to globe-trotting full-time. 

One stand-out feature of Kara and Nate is that they explore all the different facets of   traveling on any kind of budget – whether it’s slumming it in a truck in the Australian outback, or boarding a $28,000 luxury train in India. 

Shoestring budget or relentless luxury: Kara & Nate have it all.

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Are you a woman looking to travel solo? Then Eva zu Beck is the channel for you. 

For five years, Eva has been exploring the world solo. Notably, she’s a raw adventurer, travelling to little-known places from Pakistan and Oman to Tanzania and Antarctica. She usually gets around in her converted 4×4 and with her faithful dog as a companion. 

Also, Eva is originally from Europe, so her videos also provide fascinating outside looks at life in America

Eva, her dog, and her trusty 4×4 rarely follow the beaten path.

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Rounding out our list of the best YouTube travel channels is Karl Watson. While his channel can’t boast as many subscribers as others on this list, with 273 K subscribers and 124 videos, it stands out through its long-form content. 

Karl is a professional video editor who creates full-length YouTube travel documentaries. His videos combine escapism, entertainment, and fascinating insights into local cultures and ecosystems around the world. Join him on captivating trips to Thailand and Turkey, Iceland and Italy. 

Karl Watson brings you travel impressions with tremendous production value.


If you‘re looking for actionable travel advice and honest insights, Wolter’s World is the best travel channels out there. 

The most-subscribed travel YouTuber is Drew Binski, with around 4 million fans.

Some of the best YouTube travel channels are Wolter’s World, The Endless Adventure, Kara and Nate, Eva zu Beck, and Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries. 

Drew Binski has around 4 million subscribers, which makes him the biggest YouTube travel channel.

Some of the best YouTube travel channels are Wolter’s World, The Endless Adventure, Kara and Nate, Eva zu Beck, and Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries. 


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