The Biggest YouTubers With OnlyFans

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In the creator economy, one of the challenges YouTubers face is how to monetize their channels, generate multiple income streams, and make a living. 

Apart from signing up for the YouTube Partner Program and negotiating brand deals, many creators also leverage external platforms like Patreon or Ko-Fi

A growing number of (mostly female) creators, though, go a slightly different way. They set up OnlyFans accounts, posting NSFW content to often massive financial success. 

Here are their motivations and strategies.


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Why do YouTubers use OnlyFans?

OnlyFans started out as a tipping, subscription and membership platform similar to Patreon and Buy Me a Coffee. However, it soon set itself apart from the crowd by allowing explicit material – and standing by it. Now, many creators on OnlyFans post tantalizing images and videos for their paying adult followers. Some also offer private chats, calls and other perks at an extra fee. 

For physically attractive YouTubers – especially young women – OnlyFans offers an attractive way of generating an extra income

Many have made the experience that videos in which fans can see a lot of them do well in terms of analytics. At the same time, they’re limited by the YouTube community guidelines prohibition against explicit material. 

OnlyFans, of course, does not impose any of those restrictions. 

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Why do OnlyFans creators post on YouTube?

Not every video creator with an OnlyFans account started out on YouTube, though. There’s also a growing number of NSFW creators who are leveraging more conventional social media to grow their reach and attract new fans. 

In many cases, famous OnlyFans creators build their fan base by cross-posting teasing but SFW content on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and the somewhat more lenient X.

That said, who are the biggest YouTubers with OnlyFans? 

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One of the biggest YouTube creators with an OnlyFans account is Amouranth

The cheeky red-head is famous for her try-on hauls, from wet vs. dry bikini comparisons to sheer lingerie sets.

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Amouranth doing a signature lingerie review.

Another specialty of Amouranth is that she’s also active in the fan and gaming sphere. She has a Twitch account and posted an entire cosplay video series

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Next up is Tana Mongeau. She’s one of the most controversial YouTubers – and that’s without even taking into account her presence on OnlyFans. 

Mongeau is best known for her storytime content, from blackout drunk vlogs to travel extravaganzas in Ibiza and Costa Rica. 

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Tana Mongeau is (in)famous on YouTube for her vlogs – and in another way on OnlyFans.

Multiple videos of Mongeau have been demonetized. She often uses offensive language and isn’t afraid to broach sensitive subjects, including making a video on ‘The N Word’. 

Another element of her YouTube infamy are her open relationships with other creators, from Bella Thorne and Mod Sun (with whom she was in a throuple for a while) to Jake Paul. The latter, she married in a Las Vegas ceremony that turned out not to be legally binding. 

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Next up is Corinna Kopf, a high-profile creator with millions of followers on X, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and OnlyFans. While she doesn’t post on YouTube frequently – and her last video was uploaded almost three years ago – Kopf is still highly active on other platforms.

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A very hands-on chapstick review by Corinna Kopf and Elle Mills.

Notably, she’s been very open about her OnlyFans earnings. When she launched her account in June 2021, she said she made $1 million within 48 h, even though she was struggling with the issue of underage fans cross-posting explicit content to Twitter. 

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Another YouTube celebrity with a presence on OnlyFans is Ashly Schwan. Active since 2013, she’s one of the longest-serving video creators on this list. Her content ranges from try-on hauls and life-update vlogs, to makeup tutorials and tips for how to pick up guys. 

One thing all of her videos have in common? Schwan looks incredible and often teasing, giving her viewers an extra incentive to explore her OnlyFans page. 

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Ashly Schwan’s content is relatively subtle, but nonetheless enticing for many.

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Finally, there’s Lena Nersesian, AKA Lena the Plug. As her username already suggests, she’s very much specialized in NSFW content, and one of the biggest creators in this niche.

Since she launched her channel in 2016, the content she’s posted to YouTube has varied massively, from sexy vacation vlogs and vibrator reviews to pregnancy logs. She has also run an X-rated podcast, Touchy Subject.

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Quite a few videos of Lena’s have been age-restricted and demonetized – like this one.

Some of her most viral – and controversial – content has included her sleeping with another man with her husband’s permission and having sex while pregnant.

The Bottom Line

For attractive YouTubers – but not just – OnlyFans is a tempting way to earn an extra income. And for OnlyFans creators, YouTube offers an accessible way to reach a broader audience and attract new fans. 

For both types of influencers, the biggest challenge is to walk the line between X-rated and SFW content, to avoid being demonetized on YouTube and disappointing fans.


The biggest YouTubers with OnlyFans are Amouranth, Tana Mongeau, Corinna Kopf, Ashly Schwan, and Lena the Plug. 

For attractive YouTubers – especially young women – OnlyFans offers a tempting opportunity to earn an extra income.

For OnlyFans creators, YouTube offers an accessible way to reach a broader audience and attract new fans. 

Tana Mongeau is the most-subscribed OnlyFans video creator on YouTube: She has over 5 million followers.

Yes, Amouranth maintains a steady presence on OnlyFans.