What’s Logan Paul’s Net Worth?

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As of 2024, Logan Paul’s annual income is estimated to lie between $20 million and $38 million. His official net worth lies between $75 million and $260 million, with a probable figure of $150 million. However, depending on the valuation of his energy drink company Prime Hydration, he could plausibly even be the first YouTube billionaire!

Want to know more? Here’s the full run-down.

The Biggest YouTubers With OnlyFans

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A key challenge YouTubers face is how to monetize their channels and make a living.
A growing number of creators are seeing considerable success by setting up OnlyFans accounts and posting NSFW content.

The 7 Best True Crime YouTube Channels

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True crime stories hold an undeniable fascination. Often tragic, grotesque, and twisted, they give shocking insights into the abysses of the human mind.

Here are the best true crime YouTubers – channels that dig deep and provide their audience with well-researched, detailed run-downs of unsolved cases, appalling murders, and the psyche of the most revolting criminals.

The 5 Best Travel YouTube Channels

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Whether you’re actually planning a trip around the world, or are looking for someone to inspire you, travel YouTubers are a fantastic source of inside information and wanderlust.
So, we’ve rounded up the 5 best travel YouTube channels going into 2024. These creators are wandering all four corners of the world and letting you share in their adventures.

The 5 Most Famous Black YouTubers

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The YouTube creator community is more diverse than its most famous members suggest. Here, we’re spotlighting the most famous Black YouTubers out there.

The 15 Best Gaming YouTube Channels

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want to get the run-down on new releases? Learn the latest gameplay hacks? Find recommendations for what games or mods you can’t miss?

For this article, we’ve rounded up the best gaming YouTube channels out there.