What to Look for in a Professional Video Editing Company

looking for a video editing company

You’ve probably come across unlimited video editing services. Those sound pretty great, right? But – are they worth it in the long run?

In this article, we’ll walk you through what unlimited video editing subscriptions actually are, their pros and cons are, how much they cost, and whether they’re right for you.

How to Increase the Visibility of YouTube Videos – 7 Crucial Hacks

how to increase the visibility of your youtube vidoes

It’s a question that both new and seasoned content creators face at some point: How do I increase the visibility of YouTube videos?  After all, you’re producing killer videos. You’ve invested in great equipment, captivating scripts, and professional editing. On that end, you’ve done just about everything in your budget. But you’re still not getting the […]

The 10 Best Freelance Video Editors For YouTube

best freelance video editors

As a YouTube creator, outsourcing your video editing is a fantastic way to reclaim your time and get your creative groove back. 

But what kind of editor should you hire? A company or a freelancer? Someone on a per-project basis or on a retainer? 

If you’re leaning more towards freelancers, we’re here to help you decide. We’ve rounded up ten of the best freelance video editors for YouTube, along with their portfolio pieces and hourly rates. 

Here’s the run-down.

Should You Hire a Video Editor for YouTube?

should you hire a video editor for youtube? benefits

Should You Hire a Video Editor for YouTube? When you want to grow your channel, hiring a video editor for YouTube is something you’ll have to consider sooner or later.  Countless lists and how-to guides for video creators suggest outsourcing certain parts of your production process. Editing especially takes up lots of your time, and […]

How to Outsource Admin and Legal Aspects of Your YouTube Channel

how to outsource legal aspects of your youtube channel

As a professional YouTuber, you have to deal with the administrative and legal aspects of your YouTube channel – sooner rather than later. 

Once you generate an income from the platform, having someone on hand to help you handle your financials, file your taxes, and clear up any legal questions is invaluable. It will help you avoid running into trouble, and support you if trouble does come your way. 

In practical terms, this means adding a lawyer and an accountant to your YouTube team. 

Here’s what you need to know, and how to find the right people. 

How to Hire a Videographer for Your YouTube Channel – An In-Depth Guide

hire a videographer

At one point or another, successful YouTubers have to decide if – and how – to hire a videographer. 

When your channel starts to take off, and you have to up your content production, outsourcing certain tasks is inevitable. Channel management, video editing and content research are obvious candidates.

However, many video creators are reluctant to hand off videography to someone else. Filming is, after all, at the core of what you do as a YouTuber. 

Here’s why it might be a good idea to hire a videographer for your YouTube channel, and how to go about it while keeping creative control. 

How to Hire a YouTube Channel Manager – And What They Can Do For You

How to hire a YouTube channel manager.

How to Hire a YouTube Channel Manager – And What They Can Do For You Sooner or later, most successful YouTubers run into the same question: How do you hire a YouTube channel manager to take care of video admin?  Anyone who runs a successful channel knows that content production is just a fraction of […]

Outsourcing YouTube Video Creation: Free Up Your Time, Keep Creative Control

Outsourcing YouTube video creation can help you increase your productivity

Outsourcing YouTube video creation – or at least some parts of it – is inevitable for most successful YouTubers.

Your YouTube channel is taking off. Your subscriber numbers are steadily climbing, and your view counts are hitting new records. Fantastic!

At this stage, though, you’ve probably run into one major challenge: time.

Or rather, lack of time.