How to Do Vlogmas – Gift Your Audience and Go Viral With YouTube Christmas Content

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Vlogmas is the ultimate YouTube Christmas tradition.
Since it was launched back in 2011, it’s been an opportunity for creators to harness the holiday spirit, grow their audience, and benefit from peak season AdSense rates.
But Vlogmas is also a challenge.
Traditionally, it means creators post a holiday-themed video every single day during the run-up to Christmas, starting December 1st. That’s 25 clips in as many days. Yikes!
So how do you keep up? How to do Vlogmas successfully with maximum benefit for your channel?

What is Vlogmas? Your Guide to the Ultimate YouTube Christmas Tradition

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With 2022 slowly drawing to a close, YouTubers are gearing up for one of the most popular seasonal content traditions: Vlogmas.  But what exactly is vlogmas? How did it start? And how can you do it as a YouTube creator?  Here’s your full run-down. Contents What is Vlogmas? Vlogmas is a YouTube holiday tradition in […]

Why Is My YouTube Channel Not Growing?

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You’ve launched your YouTube channel and uploaded videos. You’re well on your way to become a YouTube star – or are you? 

Unfortunately, many channels’ video views and subscriber counts stagnate for months or even years. Sooner or later, their owners will have to ask themselves the question: “Why is my YouTube channel not growing?” 

There are a few common reasons behind this lack of growth. In this article, we’ll walk you through them – and how you can fix them.

How to Plan Your YouTube Content: The Best Tools and Management Strategies

how to plan your YouTube content

Planning your YouTube content a few weeks or months in advance has a double benefit. It helps you to produce consistently high-quality videos. And it cuts back on the stress of living a creator’s life. 

Setting up a content calendar isn’t all that easy, though, and sticking to it can be a bit difficult. Especially if you’re used to following your instincts and coming up with content on the fly. 

This article takes a closer look at why content calendars are worth the hassle, and what the best strategies and tools are for maintaining one for your channel.

How to Find the Perfect YouTube Niche For Your Channel

finding the perfect YouTube niche for your content

How to Find the Perfect YouTube Niche For Your Channel Pinpointing the right YouTube niche for your channel is a challenge. It’s also an essential key to long-term success on the platform.  By definition, a niche is the particular (sub)topic that you specialize in: knitting or wartime history, vegan cooking or blockchain games. When you launch […]

The 10 Best Tools to Find YouTube Content Ideas in 2023

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When you’re looking for YouTube content ideas, there are tons of tools on the internet, promising to deliver amazing suggestions. 

Some of them give you insights into frequent user searches. Others help you identify the strategies of competing channels. And some specialize in providing keyword suggestions together with the metrics to assess them. 

To help you decide which of them are worth your time, here are the 10 best tools for generating and evaluating YouTube content ideas. 

What's a Reformat?

A Vertical Reformat is a highlight or teaser video designed for vertical platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. It’s an Add-on to a Video Order.

For example, if you want a horizontal video for YouTube and a 60 second vertical version for Instagram Reels then you’ll add 1 Vertical Reformat Add-on to your Video Order.

Vertical Reformats are cheaper than vertical videos by themselves because we’ve already edited the horizontal video so we’re not starting from scratch.