How does the YouTube algorithm work in 2024?

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YouTube’s algorithm drives 70% of all views on the platform.  Its recommendation system determines which videos go viral and which disappear into obscurity. Who succeeds as a creator, and who fails.  But how does it work? And how can you harness it to grow your YouTube channel?  In this post, we’ll take a closer look […]

The Top 5 2024 YouTube Trends Creators Need to Know About

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Keeping up with the latest YouTube trends is crucial for creators. It helps you craft viral content, keep your monetization strategy up to scratch, and stay ahead of the curve. To give you a head start, here are the top 5 2024 YouTube trends that you need to adopt today. Contents Leveraging AI Responsibly First […]

The 7 Best True Crime YouTube Channels

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True crime stories hold an undeniable fascination. Often tragic, grotesque, and twisted, they give shocking insights into the abysses of the human mind.

Here are the best true crime YouTubers – channels that dig deep and provide their audience with well-researched, detailed run-downs of unsolved cases, appalling murders, and the psyche of the most revolting criminals.

The 5 Best Travel YouTube Channels

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Whether you’re actually planning a trip around the world, or are looking for someone to inspire you, travel YouTubers are a fantastic source of inside information and wanderlust.
So, we’ve rounded up the 5 best travel YouTube channels going into 2024. These creators are wandering all four corners of the world and letting you share in their adventures.

The 5 Most Famous Black YouTubers

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The YouTube creator community is more diverse than its most famous members suggest. Here, we’re spotlighting the most famous Black YouTubers out there.

The 15 Best Gaming YouTube Channels

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want to get the run-down on new releases? Learn the latest gameplay hacks? Find recommendations for what games or mods you can’t miss?

For this article, we’ve rounded up the best gaming YouTube channels out there.

The 5 Best Science YouTube Channels

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Science YouTube channels are a fantastic way of keeping up with new discoveries and learning more about the amazing planet we live on. And being wowed by captivating experiments, innovative research, and daring field work.

We did the vetting for you. Here are the five best YouTube science channels.

The 5 Best Yoga YouTube Channels

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not all yoga channels are created equal. Some creators are licensed yoga teachers, others merely enthusiastic amateurs. Especially if you’re just starting out, you need to be careful which yoga YouTubers you follow.

To help you, we’ve rounded up the best yoga YouTube channels for every level, type of yoga, and kind of practice.

What's a Reformat?

A Vertical Reformat is a highlight or teaser video designed for vertical platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. It’s an Add-on to a Video Order.

For example, if you want a horizontal video for YouTube and a 60 second vertical version for Instagram Reels then you’ll add 1 Vertical Reformat Add-on to your Video Order.

Vertical Reformats are cheaper than vertical videos by themselves because we’ve already edited the horizontal video so we’re not starting from scratch.