The Top 5 2024 YouTube Trends Creators Need to Know About

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Keeping up with the latest YouTube trends is crucial for creators. It helps you craft viral content, keep your monetization strategy up to scratch, and stay ahead of the curve. To give you a head start, here are the top 5 2024 YouTube trends that you need to adopt today. Contents Leveraging AI Responsibly First […]

How to Make Money on YouTube

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Becoming a YouTuber can be an extremely lucrative career move. In some cases, it can make you a multi-millionaire.
Think Mr Beast, PewDiePie, and even Ryan Kaji of Ryan’s World. Or simply check out our run-down of the richest YouTubers of 2023.
But how exactly do these YouTubers generate their income? And how can you start to cash in as well?

How to Be a YouTuber in 2023

how to become a youtuber

Becoming a YouTube content creator is a dream job. Posting videos, earning passive income, growing your audience. But how to be a YouTuber in 2023? Here’s the full run-down.

How Much Does a YouTuber with 100 K Subs Make?

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How much money can you actually make on YouTube? This is a question that most rookie YouTubers find themselves facing sooner rather than later.  It’s also a fairly broad one.  On the one hand, there are wildly successful YouTubers who make millions off the platform every year. On the other, there are countless channels struggling […]

YouTube Shorts Monetization: How to Earn Money on YouTube in 2023

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Going into 2023, YouTube Shorts monetization is offering huge income potential to creators.  These days, Shorts is one of the hottest features on YouTube. Currently, Shorts boasts over 30 billion daily views, with 1.5 billion users flocking to short-form content every month. For video creators, Shorts has been offering one main income opportunity so far: […]

How Much Does YouTube Pay You for 1 Million Views in 2023? [Calculator]

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When you’re thinking about becoming a YouTuber – or trying to figure out how to grow your channel – it’s often difficult to calculate your likely income.
Between different monetization strategies and YouTube’s variable ad income, it can be tricky to predict how many views you need to make a living.
In this article, we’ll take a look at a major benchmark: getting one million views on a video. And how much YouTube typically pays you for that milestone.

Who Is the Richest YouTuber in 2023 – And What Are Their Strategies?

richest youtuber strategies

With more than 2 billion users worldwide, YouTube is one of the biggest social media platforms out there. And one of the most lucrative. 

But who is the top-earning YouTuber in 2022? And what can rookie creators learn from them to boost their own success? 

Here are the answers.

What's a Reformat?

A Vertical Reformat is a highlight or teaser video designed for vertical platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. It’s an Add-on to a Video Order.

For example, if you want a horizontal video for YouTube and a 60 second vertical version for Instagram Reels then you’ll add 1 Vertical Reformat Add-on to your Video Order.

Vertical Reformats are cheaper than vertical videos by themselves because we’ve already edited the horizontal video so we’re not starting from scratch.