The Best GoPro Video Editing Services

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To save yourself time and nerves while still get a stunning end result, outsourcing your GoPro video editing is the best option.

Here are the best GoPro video editing services to turn your raw footage into a viral-worthy final clip.

The Best Real Estate Video Editing Services

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Video editing is not just a skill, but an art that professional video editors hone over years, even decades.

It’s well worth outsourcing your video editing to leverage this experience, rather than cobbling together an edit yourself.

Here are the best video editing services to elevate your footage, and produce amazing video content to supercharge your listings.

The 7 Best Vertical Video Editing Services in 2023

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Vertical video is one of the hottest content formats on social media – from YouTube Shorts to Instagram Reels to TikTok. In fact, vertical video is known to drive higher audience engagement and creator income. Instagram Reels, for example, have 22% higher engagement rates than other types of content on the platform. So making visually […]

What's a Reformat?

A Vertical Reformat is a highlight or teaser video designed for vertical platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. It’s an Add-on to a Video Order.

For example, if you want a horizontal video for YouTube and a 60 second vertical version for Instagram Reels then you’ll add 1 Vertical Reformat Add-on to your Video Order.

Vertical Reformats are cheaper than vertical videos by themselves because we’ve already edited the horizontal video so we’re not starting from scratch.

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