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Jonathan Bennion & Jeremy Jones: Institute of Human Anatomy

Speed, Communication, and Hassle-Free Channel Management

We talked to the creators behind the Institute of Human Anatomy about their experience with the YouTube channel managers and video editors here at Tasty Edits.

institute of human anatomy
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Creators: Jonathan Bennion, Jeremy Jones

Channel name: Institute of Human Anatomy

Based in: U.S.

Channel launched: 2019

Videos: 550+

Subscribers: 7.25M+

Working with Tasty Edits since: 2023

Jonathan Bennion and Jeremy Jones are the creators behind The Institute of Human Anatomy, a private human cadaver laboratory.

Their mission: To educate as many people as possible around the world about the anatomical wonder of the human body.

They began working with Tasty Edits in August 2023, producing 50+ long-form videos and gaining 1.1 million subs since. Apart from video editing, they also use the thumbnailing and YouTube channel management services.

Our Work for the Institute of Human Anatomy

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Here are some of the highlights of our interview with Jeremy and Jonathan:

Why did you start working with Tasty Edits?

Jeremy: We started out editing our own videos, learning on the fly, trial and error – all that kind of stuff. But we knew that there were people out there who were better and more efficient at it. And so as we grew and were making more content, we needed to get help with the editing side of things.

Overall, the experience has been really good, and it’s just gotten better. Not only because we added additional things to your plate – channel management and thumbnail design – but because we got to know you and trust you.

“We love our channel manager. I hated adding chapters and descriptions and the tags. Having him do that has been super awesome.”

— Jonathan Bennion @The Institute of Human Anatomy

What do you enjoy most about working with the editors, channel managers, and thumbnail artists at Tasty Edits?

Jeremy: I love our channel manager. He’s super great. I think he’s attentive. I think he does what we ask him to do. I think all of the things are there. I totally appreciate him.

From an editing perspective, you guys have made your mark with us. We’re very comfortable with Tasty Edits, we’re very comfortable with the style and communication and all. I think the system works really well as far as VOMA (Video Order Management Application) and notifications are concerned.

Jonathan: I feel very confident at least from the editing perspective that you guys are gonna get it done in time. I feel like that is something that’s obviously really important that you can count on.

Also, we love our channel manager. I hated adding chapters and descriptions and the tags. Having him do that has been super awesome. And he’s a geek in a different way than I am. I’m an anatomy science geek, but I feel like he’s a data geek. He finds all the YouTube analytics and all the tagging and all that stuff that I don’t even want to think about!

I also appreciate your availability for communication and your openness and adapting to different things. I think every creator probably has their own little unique ways of doing things and so that’s been helpful!

What challenges did you have working with Tasty Edits, and how did you overcome them?

Jeremy: I think there was a learning curve for sure, on our side just as much as yours. I think that’s going to happen with any new editor with any content, stuff like that.

Jonathan: The video editor we were working with before was a former student of mine, so it was easy for him to know my nuances. He would just instinctively know what images would go because he was obviously trained in anatomy and physiology.

With our editor at Tasty Edits, I’ve had to be more explicit (with some things.) I can’t expect an editor that’s not an anatomist to know everything from the get-go. Over time, though, our editor has figured it out. There’s been a lot of stuff that he’s learned and a lot of intuitive things that are pretty cool. There have been videos where I didn’t really feel like I had to give any notes at all!


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