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James P IV:
Blueprint IV Prosperity Network

The Human Touch, Solid Technology, Creating More Content

We talked to YouTuber James P IV about his Blueprint IV Prosperity Network channel and his experience with his video editors here at Tasty Edits. 

james p iv blueprint iv prosperity network
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Creator: James P IV 

Channel name: Blueprint IV Prosperity Network

Based in: U.S.

Channel launched: 2022

Videos: 400+

Subscribers: 4.8K+

Working with Tasty Edits since: 2024

James P IV is a creator in the personal finance niche, and has more than 10 years of experience in retail banking under his belt. The mission of his channel, Blueprint IV Prosperity Network, is to empower viewers to take control of their financial future.

Since he started working with Tasty Edits, his content has seen a 14% increase in total channel views, a 69% higher click-through rate on long-form videos, and 18% more total watch time.

Our Work for Blueprint IV Prosperity Network

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Here are some of the highlights of our interview with James:

Why did you start working with Tasty Edits?

My original motivation was time efficiency. My skill set is in the content that I’m covering, not in the mechanics that make it into a quality video. So I was just trying to efficiently outsource. And it seemed like you guys were the most comprehensive offer out there.

I looked at a variety of options like Fiverr and I tried virtual assistants, trying to find an individual or smaller team that really specialized in YouTube itself, versus just the quality of the video. That led me to you guys.

I know there are other companies that do those kinds of things, but between your price point and what you offer, it was just the best value.

“I love the fact that you guys try to make it as human as possible […] like just the concept of a video meeting once a week.”

— James P IV @Blueprint IV Prosperity Network

What has your experience been working with Tasty Edits?

Obviously, the YouTube channel is one of my babies. So, I really wanted to observe if it was gonna be worth it, because it’s just an investment in the business.

It has been good. I love the fact that you guys try to make it as human as possible, intelligent efficiency aside, like just the concept of a video meeting once a week. 

I value those little things because when you’re operating your small business, and you’re looking to try to integrate a remote team into your operation, it’s an adjustment. You don’t have that direct accountability of walking into an office, working with that person in person. So I think you guys do a good job of offering the convenience of technology, but still giving some accountability and some kind of face-to-face.

I’m communicating with my channel manager the most on an actual in-depth basis. He’s been great. He seems like a genuine guy. He seems passionate about what he does.

All of the editors, channel managers, and thumbnail artists have been good about updating me and all the small changes and adjustments that I need. 

I know the demands of video editing, so I respect that it takes a few days to crank out a video. Especially with the type of editing that’s been done on them because they’ve been pretty impressive to me.

How has your channel been doing since you started working with us?

I feel like the channel has done really well since we’ve been working together. And my process of creating has changed because I get to focus a lot more on the content. I get to focus on making sure that I’m outlining well and covering topics a certain way. I have a lot less headaches and I get to produce more content because the hours it takes to try to put a video together are outsourced.

So yeah, I feel like we’re on a healthy trajectory. I would like to get to a point in the future where I will even put out a little bit more content. But I want to continue to develop the chemistry and the pace along the way. I appreciate you staying in touch, being present and accessible as a team. And the technology has been solid.


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