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John LaMorte: Johnny Fishalot

Saving Time, Responsiveness, and Channel Management

We interviewed YouTuber John LaMorte about his channel Johnnyfishalot and his experience with his channel managers and video editors here at Tasty Edits. 

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Creator: John LaMorte

Channel name: Johnnyfishalot

Based in: U.S.

Channel launched: 2021

Videos: 170+

Subscribers: 175,000+

Working with Tasty Edits since: 2023

John LaMorte is a US-based creator specialized in everything fishing. He teaches the fundamentals of fishing, fishing strategies, and the good, the bad and the gully of each fishing trip. His goal? To support his Fishalot community in their journey to catch more!

John began working with Tasty Edits in June 2023, when his channel had 116K subscribers and 111 million views. Today, it’s a bigger fish: Growing by about half, it now stands at 175K subscribers and 176 million views.

Our Work for Johnnyfishalot

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Here are some of the highlights of our interview with John:

Why did you start working with Tasty Edits?

The thing I was looking for was time savings. To be a professional editor takes years of experience and practice. I have a job where I work like a million hours a week and I just don’t have the time, the energy, and the bandwidth to edit, organize, and package videos.

I actually did a little bit of research. It was between you and like three or four other companies. I actually hired a company before you, but I stopped working with them a year ago. I enjoy the fact that you guys charge per video and not on a monthly basis, because I’m busy and sometimes I can’t submit a video every week.

“I have a job where I work like a million hours a week and I just don’t have the time, the energy, and the bandwidth to edit, organize, and package videos.”

— John LaMorte @Johnnyfishalot

I also love that you don’t charge extra for things like basic animations. I asked my editor for some elements like a picture of fish moving in water, something that gives visual stimulation to the audience, and you guys were able to do that without any issues. Whereas other companies I contacted, they charged you extra for things that I would think are pretty simple for an editor.

As for YouTube channel management, it’s a hard nut to crack for me. So I actually did need an outside perspective on some things.

What has been your experience working with the editors and channel managers at Tasty Edits?

One thing I really do enjoy is the flexibility you guys have.

For example, we were having an issue with the thumbnails, and from my understanding, nobody on your staff actually fishes, so we had to sort out the nuances. I asked to have a conversation and that’s been helpful – a week later, my channel manager had implemented everything.

Now we talk every week, and that’s super helpful for the overall packaging of videos and the direction we want the channel to go.

Also, I appreciate that you have VOMA. The other company I had was all over. With VOMA, all I have to do is keep an eye on team chats and my dashboard and I always know what’s going on.

My editor right now is remarkable at getting edits done quickly. It’ll take her two days for the initial draft and then I’ll submit edits and she’ll have the second draft ready within like 24 hours, which is pretty impressive.


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