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Rudyard Lynch: WhatifAltHist

Appreciating Speed and Reliability

We talked to Canadian YouTuber Rudyard Lynch about his channel WhatifAltHist and his experience with his video editors here at Tasty Edits. 

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Creator: Rudyard Lynch

Channel name: WhatifAltHist 

Based in: Canada 

Channel launched: 2013

Videos: 500+ 

Subscribers: 600,000+

Working with Tasty Edits since: 2022

Rudyard Lynch is a Canadian creator specializing in alternative history and “what ifs”, as well as a broad range of topics related to anthropology, history, philosophy, and culture. 

He’s been working with Tasty Edits since June 2022. Since then, he’s produced over 60 videos and gained 200K subscribers.

Our Work for WhatifAltHist and Rudyard Lynch

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Why did you start working with Tasty Edits?

I’ve been doing the channel professionally for a bit over four years now, and I used to do all the work by myself. I did the filming, the edits, the business contracts. Over time, I’ve subdivided a lot of the business to different people – for instance, I have someone who manages emails and contracts. 

A couple of years ago, I also started outsourcing my video edits, but it did not go well at first. 

I hired freelancers to do the editing, but they often submitted their work late. I tried to be understanding, since they were switching apartments and everything, but in the end I decided I needed a certain degree of professionalism. 

That’s why I started working with Tasty Edits.

“What I love most about working with the editors at Tasty Edits is how reliable and fast you guys are.”

— Rudyard Lynch @WhatifAltHist

What do you appreciate most about the editors at Tasty Edits?

What I love most about working with the editors at Tasty Edits is how reliable and fast you guys are. The turnaround rate is very quick. You always complete videos within 48 hours, really within 30 hours. 

I remember the time before – when it took the people I was working with a week to release a video. I thought this is b*******. And that’s why I jumped over.

I like to have the videos done fast. I run a tight schedule with my YouTube production and my sponsors want results within certain deadlines. You guys are generally very responsive and follow any instructions I give you, and you always stick to the same style and speed, no matter which editor is working on my content.

Plus, your video order management platform does exactly what I need it to. It’s very streamlined. The worst thing you could do is change it. I see a lot of businesses that have a good product but make it overcomplicated. So there’s a reason I’ve used your platform so much – I appreciate the simplicity.

How has your content improved since you started working with Tasty Edits?

The quality of my content has improved tremendously since I started working with you guys.”

— Rudyard Lynch @WhatifAltHist

I have been in my own learning process of becoming a better YouTuber and my audio quality has improved, and the video quality has improved. The quality of your edits has always stayed the same!

I’ve done a lot of business hacking for my channel, including statistical surveys. I’ve also worked with various consultants. The most important thing I’ve learned is to tailor your strategy to your individual channel and your audience, rather than follow any abstract advice. 

I’ve gone through rough patches with the channel, also financially, and so I had to enhance my content in a bunch of different ways. It was a blessing in disguise, though – because once the view counts are on the line, you have to improve. Now I’m back! Sometimes a little bit of hardship is good because it forces you to improve your game.

Having reliable video editors at my back during the process was invaluable. 


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