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Rumi Robinson: imuRgency

Competitive Pricing, Personalized Editing, and Consistency

We talked to YouTuber Rumi Robinson about his channel imuRgency and his experience with his video editors here at Tasty Edits. 

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Creator: Rumi Robinson

Channel name: imuRgency

Based in: U.S.

Channel launched: 2016

Videos: 400+

Subscribers: 245,000+

Working with Tasty Edits since: 2022

Rumi Robinson is a US-based creator who specializes in movies, television, music, and general pop culture. He’s also known for his generational and social commentary.

Since he began working with Tasty Edits in August 2022, he’s produced over 70 videos and gained 120K+ subscribers.

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Here are some of the highlights of our interview with Rumi:

Why did you start working with Tasty Edits?

I love that Tasty Edits’ turnaround time is really fast and consistent, and that your price points are really, really competitive. I feel like you have some of the best price points for the quality of content that you produce on a regular basis, and I really like that. 

Plus, for most of the videos, I work with my dedicated editor who gets to know my style and gets to know my videos. I was working with a different editing company before, and they cycled me through a bunch of different editors, and that causes the turnaround time to be kind of inconsistent because people always have different workloads. 

I also appreciate the general receptiveness of y’all! You’re all very receptive and responsive to feedback and happy to change things when it comes to working with brands or different integrations. I love that you’re open to multiple rounds of revisions!

“I love that Tasty Edits’ turnaround time is really fast and consistent, and that your price points are really, really competitive.”

— Rumi Robinson @imuRgency

What do you appreciate most about the editors at Tasty Edits?

My editor, Carlos, is honestly like a superhero! I don’t know how he does it because he’s consistently put out really high quality work.

In the beginning there were some notes – in editor-client relationships you have to figure out what your style is, how the video should look, and what the vibe should be. But I want to say that after the tenth video working together, it was just so seamless.

Over time, there have been fewer and fewer notes and a lot of times I have no notes for revision. I think that is really impressive and something that I really enjoy about our working relationship.

How has your channel been developing since you started working with Tasty Edits?

Yeah, I’d say the channel has been great since then. It’s evolved a couple of times which I’ve been happy about. The editing also does play happily into that. 

I feel like as time has gone on since then, I’ve learned more and more, algorithmically, what performs better and how things should be placed to keep retention up and working with y’all has been really helpful in that. 

Each transition has been really relatively smooth. The relationship with the audience has been a little bit different, but the content itself has been really great.

I think that in order to really be successful and use your time efficiently, delegation is super important for content creators. It makes the job a lot easier and gives you more free time to be a creative and essentially focus on the fun part. It’s definitely a big help.


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