The Tasty Edits Creator Study on

Creator Burnout, Mental Health, and Stress Coping Strategies

We reached out to 29,000 content creators and conducted an in-depth, semi-formal survey to learn about the mental health and stress challenges they face, as well as the strategies and networks they use to cope.

Our Questions

1) How many creators face stress or burnout?

2) What strategies do creators use to cope?

3) How do creators' professional networks impact stress?

These are burning questions in the creator economy, especially for creators looking to build a sustainable career.

Below are key findings from our full 20 page report.

The Creators We Talked To

Who are the creators?

60% are based in the US, and between 26 and 35 years oldMale creators are in the majority, with 62%. Almost all of them (98%) are active on YouTube and most (54%) have between 50 and 250 K subscribers. 

How much do the creators earn?

37% of YouTubers we interviewed make a full time income from their creation activities. 19% even earn over $5,000 a month

What do successful creators have in common?

Unlike what you'd expect, channel size is not the most important success factor.

Instead, high-earning creators have been active for longer periods (57% of them for over 6 years), are active regularly (70% of them spend more than 4 hours a day creating), and use diverse monetization strategies (63% have 4+ income streams).

Creator Burnout in 2023

How many creators face burnout?

79% of YouTubers say they've experienced creator burnout. Interestingly, there's only an 8% difference between burnout amongst low earners and high earners.

How many creators face stress and anxiety?

22% of creators say they are stressed "very often" or "constantly". Three out of four are stressed at least some of the time.

Creator Coping Strategies in 2023

How do creators deal with stress personally?

To deal with stress, 98% of successful creators regularly take time off, 93% rely on physical exercise, 92% integrate self-care into their daily schedule, and 56% meditate. In addition, 45% regularly see a mental health professional.

How do creators deal with stress in business?

The majority of creators (63%) say that delegating tasks is a key stress coping strategy.

Creator Networks in 2023

How do creators' professional networks impact stress?

36% of creators utilize their professional networks to outsource outsource against stress. Specifically, they outsource to freelancers and companies specialized in creator economy services. 3 in 5 creators say that outsourcing has had a direct positive impact on their mental health. 80% said they are now equally or less stressed, despite increasing their content output.  


We have many more insights and infographics to share in our full report, available to download for free.

Key Findings FAQs

79% of creators have experienced creator burnout. 

Almost all successful creators (98%) regularly take time off to prevent creator burnout. 93% use exercise as a stress coping strategy. 92% schedule daily self-care time. And 56% use meditation techniques to center themselves. 

The symptoms of creator burnout are total apathy and exhaustion. You may feel constantly frustrated, angry, or unable to summon the will to do anything creation-related.

Yes. For 3 in 5 creators, outsourcing had a direct positive impact on their mental health. 80% are equally or less stressed, even when their channels kept growing.