Why Is My YouTube Channel Not Growing?

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You’ve launched your YouTube channel and uploaded videos. You’re well on your way to become a YouTube star – or are you? 

Unfortunately, many channels’ video views and subscriber counts stagnate for months or even years. Sooner or later, their owners will have to ask themselves the question: “Why is my YouTube channel not growing?” 

There are a few common reasons behind this lack of growth. In this article, we’ll walk you through them – and how you can fix them.

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You Don’t Have a Niche

One of the most common growth problems of YouTube channels is that they don’t have a real niche. That is, a particular topic that you focus on. 

Most successful YouTube channels are built around a singular focus – no matter whether that’s vegan cooking, watercolor painting, wood turning, or gaming. 

The advantage of that is that these channels grow an audience that’s interested in that one particular subject. And that means that every subscriber knows exactly what to expect from the channel. 

Many new channel owners think that it’s better to make videos about a broader range of topics in the beginning, to attract a wide variety of viewers. 

However, it’s easier to grow a loyal audience if they can be sure that every one of your videos is about something they’re interested in

YouTube Studio actually offers you a lot of metrics to check out exactly how long people stay with you – and what else they tend to watch.

Fix-it: Choose one particular niche to focus on in your content. Not sure how? Check out our niche guide!

Which of these two channels has a clearer niche?

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You’re Not Producing Enough High-Quality Content

Another common reason why YouTube channels don’t take off is that they post too little content – or that their content is too low-quality

To start with, it’s a well-known fact that YouTube as a platform favors consistent content production. That’s why most successful channels post at least weekly. Often, they upload videos several times a week – some even daily. 

Many others aim to do that at least in bursts, as with seasonal events like vlogmas.

Otherwise, it’s hard to be recognized by YouTube’s algorithm and to show up in recommendations. 

In terms of quality, it’s crucial to deliver valuable information. And to entertain your audience while you’re at it. 

Recycling information that’s already been covered in tons of other videos won’t do the trick. Nor will low-quality footage or bad editing. Otherwise, viewers will nope right out of there.

This is the reason why practically no successful YouTuber flies solo – keeping up the pace and production quality is extremely difficult without outsourcing.

Fix-it: Draw up a regular content creation calendar – and stick to your posting schedule. Improve your content quality through thorough research, high-quality footage, and professional editing

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Home RenoVision posts around 3x/week - one in-depth guide and two Shorts.
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You Don’t Implement YouTube SEO

You regularly post fantastic content, but it still doesn’t get the views you expect? Then the problem may be YouTube SEO – or rather a lack of it. 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. And a search engine is exactly what YouTube is – the world’s second largest, in fact. Its 14 billion monthly visits place it right behind Google. 

SEO is a set of practices to help your content get found and indexed by YouTube’s algorithm and displayed in search results and recommendations. 

These practices range from doing keyword research to know what your audience is searching for, to adjusting the title and description of your videos to better reflect their topic. 

Fix-it: Systematically implement YouTube SEO. Want to find out how? Check out our guides to increasing your videos’ visibility and harnessing YouTube chapters.

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Keywordtool helps you get keywords for a bunch of platforms in one place.
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Your Branding Is Not Recognizable

A final reason why many YouTube channels don’t grow is that they don’t have recognizable and professional branding

Most successful YouTube channels are instantly recognizable. That’s because they have signature colors and fonts, an eye-catching logo and icon, a custom-tailored header, and bespoke opening and closing sequences for their videos. 

Having these graphical elements gives your channel a huge lift. They instantly help your videos appear more professional and memorable

Plus, anyone who’s seen one of them once will recognize your channel if it shows up in their search results and recommendations. 

Fix-it: Spend some time and resources on developing professional branding for your channel. Either do it yourself using tools such as Canva or Photoshop, or get a professional graphic designer and video editor to help you stand out.

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Alanna Pearson's channel shows her characteristic palette and branding.
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Final Thoughts: Why Is My YouTube Channel Not Growing?

Many creators have to face the question of why their YouTube channel isn’t growing sooner or later. 

But only those who really want to succeed on the platform will make the necessary changes to overcome this challenge. 

By picking a niche, regularly producing high-quality content, implementing YouTube SEO, and getting professional branding, you can do just that. And watch your channel take off

Ready to give professional video editing a shot?

The most common reasons for weak YouTube growth are that you don’t have a clear niche, that your branding and SEO is off, or that you simply aren’t creating enough high-quality content for YouTube’s algorithm to boost your channel.

Audiences like watching more of what they already like. That generally means you need to produce a lot of high-quality content around the same rough topic, or niche.

Researching what YouTube users are looking for and adding these keywords to your titles and descriptions is key to increasing your channel’s visibility. With attention-grabbing thumbnails and branding, you can get more people to actually click to view your videos.

Niching down is essential to really grow on YouTube – or any other creator platform. It’s what audiences expect and what the algorithm favors. Plus: It also makes you more of an authority on your subject.

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