Hiring Video Manager – Tasty Edits

We’re currently looking for teammates for our remote Video Manager position. As a Video Manager, you’ll manage your own team of video editors, communicate with our clients, and handle the day-to-day operations of our video editing service. Related titles for this position might include Project Manager and Creative Director.

About Tasty Edits

Tasty Edits is a video editing company for content creators, entrepreneurs, and businesses. We’ve edited thousands of videos for hundreds of creators. We pride ourselves on having the most talented team and creating the best edited videos on the internet. Our goal is to help our creators save time and grow faster.

Video Manager Qualifications

We’re hiring individuals with experience in video editing, content creation, and team management.

A great fit for this role is someone:

  • With at least 3 years of professional video editing experience
  • Who is an expert in Premiere Pro
  • Who is proficient in After Effects
  • With intimate knowledge of YouTube video editing and trends
  • Who is familiar with content creation and social media overall
  • With experience working in and/or managing teams of 5+
  • Who has experience in content creation project management
  • Who is dependable where meeting deadlines comes as second nature
  • Who is persistent as hell and extremely ambitious

Video Manager Responsibilities

A Video Manager is the leader of their team. Here’s what we’re expecting today:
  • Communicating daily with your team (video editors & thumbnail artists) and your content creators
  • Studying your content creators’ style preferences and becoming an expert on their video needs
  • Coaching your team and improving their technical abilities
  • Quality checking every deliverable and sending revision notes
  • Quality checking all messages
  • Ensuring all deliverables are on time
  • Running team meetings and 1 on 1 meetings
  • Managing your inventory of video orders and distributing them amongst your team

Job Benefits

We have the best team on the planet. Here are some of the benefits they say they like most:

  • High autonomy & responsibility
  • Full versions of PP & AE
  • Quarterly performance bonuses
  • Opportunities to advance within the company
  • Being part of an amazing team who’s dedicated to helping you learn and grow


If you think you’re a good fit for this remote Video Manager position, then fill out the form below. We’ll reach out to you. Thank you in advance — we can’t wait to meet you!