Hiring YouTube Channel Manager – Tasty Edits

We’re currently looking for teammates for our remote YouTube Channel Manager position. As a YouTube Channel Manager, you’ll work directly with multiple creator’s and handle the day-to-day operations of multiple YouTube channels.

About Tasty Edits

Tasty Edits is a video editing company for content creators, entrepreneurs, and businesses. We’ve edited thousands of videos for hundreds of creators. We pride ourselves on having the most talented team and creating the best edited videos on the internet. Our goal is to help our creators save time and grow faster in all areas.

YouTube Channel Manager Qualifications

We’re hiring individuals who have intimate knowledge of YouTube and YouTube Studio.

A great fit for this role is someone:

  • With at least 1 year of experience owning or managing an English YouTube channel with at least 100k subscribers
  • With advanced knowledge of YouTube Analytics
  • Who is fluent in written English and can produce good copy with catchy headlines
  • With experience researching trending topics and coming up with video ideas
  • With extensive knowledge of YouTube Shorts
  • Who is dependable and for whom meeting deadlines is second nature
  • Who is persistent as hell and extremely ambitious
  • Bonus: you have experience negotiating brand deals and sponsorships

YouTube Channel Manager Responsibilities

You’ll communicate directly with creators and work with multiple channels. You must maintain availability Monday through Saturday Pacific Standard Time in case of emergencies.

This role is still evolving and may change slightly over time. This is a mostly-complete list of the tasks you’ll perform for each channel:

  • Upload, schedule, and premiere YouTube videos and YouTube Shorts
  • Watch videos and make revision notes. Work with the video editor(s) to ensure that the creator receives the perfect video
  • Watch videos and optimize their specifications like chapters (key moments), titles, descriptions, keywords, hashtags, cards, and end screens
  • Work with our video editors to organize reformats for other platforms
  • Organize and update playlists
  • Engage with communities on behalf of creators via comments, likes, and hearts
  • Perform community moderation
  • Create community tab posts at least weekly
  • Prepare channel-wide analytics reports at least monthly
  • Facilitate collaborations between similar channels
  • Find opportunities for brand deals and sponsorships and negotiate terms

Job Benefits

We have the best team on the planet, and that comes with some perks. Here are the benefits teammates say they like most:

  • Flexible hours
  • Unlimited time off
  • An amazing team who’s dedicated to helping you learn and grow


If you think you’re a good fit for this remote YouTube Channel Management position, then fill out the form below. We’ll reach out to you. Thank you in advance — we can’t wait to meet you!