How to Hire a Video Editor: The Pros and Cons of the Four Best Options

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You never thought you’d need to hire a video editor before. But here’s the thing — we know that creators are busy.

You’re learning tons of new skills. You’re managing your own business. And all that while constantly coming up with fresh ideas for videos. It’s a lot of work!

But you don’t need to do all that work yourself, actually. One of the most essential secrets to growing any business is knowing what tasks you can delegate. For video content creators, one of them is obvious: Video editing.

Hiring a professional video editor frees up time so that you can focus on doing what you love. And with fast, high-quality video production, you’ll more than earn back the cost.

There are several ways to hire video editors, each with their pros and cons. Choosing between those options can be tricky. Here, we’re going to break the four most important options down for you.

1. Do-It-Yourself Video Editing

do-it-yourself video editing

Before we talk about how to actually hire a video editor, let’s discuss the merits of doing it yourself. After all, most creators start out by editing their own videos

And in terms of learning about video content creation, that’s great! Before you go down this route, though, you need to consider the hidden costs.

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Pro: You learn a brand-new, valuable skill.

Early on in your creative journey, learning a new skill is exciting. Wanting to edit your own videos makes sense in this context.

After all, you’ll depend on income from your videos. It’s quite useful to know the basics in this area.

You might even find you love editing, and want to make a career out of it.

Pro: You have total control.

Doing it yourself of course also means that you can edit your stuff exactly the way you want to – within your abilities.

Pro: You don't need to pay anyone for video editing.

Most new creators prefer to edit their own videos because you don’t need to pay anyone else. True, it’s – technically – cheaper. 

However, there is at least one problem with this idea: It eats up a ton of valuable time.

drawbacks of the video editing option

Con: Time is money.

When you run a channel, you’re both a creator and an entrepreneur. Your schedule can be difficult to manage, if not overwhelming. 

Editing just a single video takes hours out of your day. And that’s not considering how long it takes to actually learn to use professional software

Every minute you spend editing is a minute you aren’t focusing on what’s really earning you moneydeveloping new content.

Con: Video editing quality.

Let’s face it. You’re a creator – not a video editor. Editing is a craft, and pro editors have spent years honing it. You don’t have the time to get to that skill level. 

If you want to attract the biggest audience possible, you need to put out the best videos possible – fast. And that means professional editing.

the verdict

The Verdict

DIY video editing is acceptable when you’re just getting your feet wet as a content creator. If you want to get serious about it, leave editing to the specialists.

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2. Hire a Freelance Video Editor

hiring a freelance video editor

Freelancers are the first thing that comes to creators’ minds when they think about outsourcing their video editing. Today, this is quite simple. 

Popular platforms like Upwork and Fiverr put the world’s freelancers at your fingertips. 

This option has a lot going for it – but also a few critical downsides.

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Pro: No contract - no committment.

Freelancers are usually hired per project, in this case per video. You don’t need any fancy contracts to do so. When you have videos to edit, you just send them over.

If you don’t like their work, or you find someone else you prefer, you’re not tied down. You can just move on to the next freelancer.

Pro: High-quality, professional video editing services.

Some of the best video editors in the game are freelancers

This means that you can find top-notch video editing on freelance job boards and platforms. Given enough time and vetting, you will find them.

drawbacks of the video editing option

Con: Finding the right person takes time.

A single freelance job proposal can attract dozens of responses, but the overwhelming majority will be from unqualified amateurs. Increasingly, we’re also seeing scammers try to pass off cheap AI video editing for their own.

The tricky part is sifting through all the bad ones to find the great one. This can take a lot of time. There’s no guarantee that they’ll be a good fit. You’ll only know whether you’ve been lucky after the job is done.

As we found out for our Upwork vs. Tasty Edits comparison, even top client ratings on freelancer platforms aren’t entirely reliable.

Con: Inconsistent availability.

Freelance video editors depend on a large roster of clients for their living. This means that your job isn’t always going to be their first priority

You’ll have to get used to waiting in line until they have the time to work on your video. Plus, if your editor is sick or on vacation, you’ll simply have to wait it out.

Con: Costs.

Low-quality freelancers can be ridiculously cheap. Of course, they won’t provide the quality you’re looking for. Good freelancers are almost never cheap.

After all, they’re paying taxes on their income – besides all their living costs. Their rates are high because they need to cover all that.

If you’re looking for a truly high-quality video editor, rates can reach hundreds of dollars – per hour. And editing even a short video can take a while.

the verdict

The Verdict

Freelancers are great in certain circumstances. For instance, if you plan your content way, way ahead – because then availability isn’t so much of a problem.

The more videos you publish, though, the less efficient they become. Scheduling can get tricky. If you plan to post videos regularly, then this inefficiency is a deal-breaker.

3. Hire a Video Editor Full-Time

Hiring your own full-time video editor is a less common option. It does have huge advantages that other options don’t. The cons are just as large, though – so only few creators opt for this approach.

hire a full-time video editor
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Pro: Smooth workflows, fast turnaround.

In terms of workflow and speed, hiring a full-time editor is fantastic. A full-time editor becomes part of your business.

They work according to your schedule, giving you a finished product in as little time as possible. If you need a video ready to upload by the evening, then you can have a full-time editor prioritize it to ensure that it gets done on time.

Pro: You have greater control over the end product.

An editor who’s focused entirely on your business is much more attuned to your needs. This means that they’ll know just what style of editing you like. They’ll grow skilled at bringing your visions to life.

You can direct them to pick up new skills where needed, and you will have more input on how they do their work. Their priorities are clear, and you won’t ever have to fight for their time and attention.

drawbacks of the video editing option

Con: Hiring a full-time team member is costly and complicated.

Of all the options on this list, in-house video editors are the most expensive by far. A high-quality video editor can demand a hefty salary. On top of that, hiring your own employees  involves lots of tricky tax and legal obligations

You’ll have to provide full-time employees with benefits like health insurance and paid time off. Part-time employees, on the other hand, will have a strict cap on the hours they can work in a week. Hiring an employee is full of hidden costs.

Con: Finding the right person takes time and energy.

Finding the right person will always be a challenge, but at least with freelancers, it’s easy to cut ties and move on. 

Hiring a dedicated internal editor, though, can easily set you back weeks if you do it right. And if you get it wrong, months. Firing someone on your payroll, after all, is more complicated than switching to another a freelancer or video editing service.

the verdict

The Verdict

Hiring a full-time video editor is excellent if you are pumping out dozens of videos a month, but it requires deep pockets and a lot of commitment. If you don’t have the volume, the money, or don’t want to be tied down, steer clear. 

4. Outsource to a Dedicated Video Editing Company

A final option is to outsource your editing to a professional video editing company. Despite the word “outsourcing”, these companies are local and will do the work themselves. It’s just that instead of you hiring individual people, such a business employs a whole team of them.

Like the other options, there are cons to this approach. Still, working with a dedicated company has a lot of significant advantages.

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Pro: They're efficient industry professionals.

Video editing companies are industry specialists.

Editing is their business – and running a business requires a higher level of organization and professionalism.

This means that these companies will be the most efficient of any of the options. They have systems in place to work with multiple clients and to do it in a way that makes life easier for you, the content creator.

Often, though not always, you’ll get a dedicated editor who handles your orders. Even if they’re taking time off, the company has a whole roster to ensure things still get done on time. 

Pro: You benefit from a wide range of editing services (and more).

Video editing businesses build up a lot of experience with all kinds of editing demands. Their teams will have people who excel at various particular tasks, and some that go beyond classic video editing. 

Most video editing services will, for example, also do your thumbnails, or remix a teaser for your latest YouTube video to post on TikTok. Some are happy to take over a lot of the routine work of running a YouTube channel, like posting videos on schedule, handling comments, or do video analytics.

Pro: Predictable costs and value for your money.

In terms of what you get for your money, video editing companies tend to hit the sweet spot .

Their consistent pricing will give you clarity on how much it will cost, and you’ll save hours of your own time that you can dedicate to your own work.

You don’t have to sign any complicated contract, but you get the dedication of a full-time employee.

All things considered, outsourcing to a video editing company is the most cost-effective strategy.

drawbacks of the video editing option

Con: The risk of opting for the wrong company.

There are still some risks involved when you outsource your editing.

First of all, you want to be sure that they are professional and consistent.

Second, you want to take a good look at their work. Make sure they have a high-quality website. Check for a portfolio of their work and testimonials from past clients.

If the video editing company you’re looking at has all of these things, then it’s a fairly safe bet that they will deliver that same quality to you.

Before you opt for a candidate, of course, you should also look at reviews and comparisons. We’ve begun a whole series of these, starting with two very popular services: How does Video Husky stack up against Tasty Edits?

the verdict

The Verdict

Outsourcing to a professional video editing company is the best option for most creators. No other option balances the cost savings, efficient workflows, and quality of editing as well.

Best Option: Hire a Video Editing Company

All things considered, the best way to hire a video editor for your YouTube channel is to find a dedicated, professional video editing company and outsource your work to them. They’ll produce quality results in a timely fashion, and all at a price that won’t break the bank.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what our clients have said before. 

Working with a company like Tasty Edits will streamline your entire workflow. This gives you back time – and cash – you can use to recharge, get inspired, and create.


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