How to Hire a YouTube Writer for Your Channel ​

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How to hire a YouTube writer for your channel

Hiring a YouTube writer for your channel frees up your time and makes the filming and editing process more efficient. Ultimately, it can help you  increase your rankings. 

Finding content ideas for your channel takes time and lots of creative energy. So does writing a video script, as well as the title, description, and captions.

To take some work off your hands and streamline your content creation workflow, you could consider hiring a writer for your channel. 

This article looks at what a writer can do for you, how you can find one, and how to best work with them for maximum efficiency. 

YouTube writer at work

How Can a You Tube Writer Help Your Channel Grow?

The most basic task of a writer is to find content ideas – or help you develop them – and to then write a video script on this basis. 

A well-structured, detailed script is essential for producing captivating, well-flowing video content. It can help you cut down on filming and editing time. Consequently, it increases the volume of content you can produce. 

YouTube writers are experts in finding engaging ideas, and creating a script that will hook viewers from the get-go. Typically, they will be able to recognize your unique voice and write your scripts accordingly. 

However, a writer can do much more for your channel than providing scripts. They can also draft titles and descriptions for your videos that convince both viewers, and YouTube’s algorithm

Plus, they can create custom captions for your videos. This helps you increase your SEO rankings, and makes your channel more attractive to anyone who prefers to watch videos with the sound off.

youtube writer

How to Find a Writer for Your You Tube Channel?

YouTube writers are typically freelancers. 

To find a writer, you can either take the initiative and and ask around your network for recommendations and check LinkedIn. 

Or you can have people reach out to you by posting a job offer. You can do this on general freelancer platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. Alternatively, you can use specialized writing platforms like Contena or Freelance Writing Jobs. 

To select the best candidate, check out their website, their portfolio, as well as client testimonials. 

If you’re undecided between top contenders, ask them to do a (paid) trial job to assess the quality of their work. This will also gauge how well you get along with them on a personal basis. 

Look for candidates who are detail-oriented, and are focussed on the needs of their clients. Ideally, they will be able to adapt to your unique voice right off the bat and hit the ground running. 

How to communicate with your new writer

How to Work with Your You Tube Writer Efficiently

When you’re starting to work with a new writer, prepare a concise brief for them. 

This doesn’t have to be fancy or extensive. But it should include some comprehensive information on:

  • your audience
  • your goals for your channel
  • the types of content you’re looking for in general
  • the video length you’re aiming at
  • the call-to-action you want to include at the end of your video


If possible, also provide your writer with examples of the type of content that you want, as well as a list of things to avoid. 

Most crucially, explain what your expectations are in terms of timing and output. For example, some writers do content research and then get back to you with an outline. Others will deliver a very detailed, almost screenplay-like draft. 

Specify what video elements you would like them to include in their work. 

Just the basics, like a title and your spoken text? Or would you also like them to include descriptions of visuals? Those might cover things like camera angles, the kind of footage to shoot, suggestions for stock footage to insert, or ideas for graphics and animations. 

Most writers will also be happy to include copy for overlays, annotations, and your video descriptions, as long as you give them a heads-up.

youtube writer

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Writer for Your Channel?

Generally, there are three different pricing models. 

Some YouTube writers charge on the basis of the length of finished videos (on average $50 per minute). 

Others charge by the word, with average prices starting at around $70 per 1000 words for serious offers. In addition, some writers also offer package deals. 

A third pricing model is the classic hourly rate. You can expect this to apply if you’re looking for a writer to do a lot of SEO, audience, and content research before actually getting started on the writing. Rates typically range between $30 and $50 per hour.

The Bottom Line

Hiring a writer for your YouTube channel can be a great way to make your content creation process flow more smoothly and give your productivity a boost. 

By spending some time and effort to find the right writer for your needs, and clearly communicating your expectations, you’ll be able to gain an invaluable asset. At the end of the day, this will be reflected in the quality and quantity of your content – and your channel’s success.

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