Launching VOMA 2.0 – More Features and Higher Speeds to Get Your Videos Edited Faster

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Tasty Edits’ Video Order Management Application (VOMA) has been saving creators tons of time since its release last year. Instead of having you hop between platforms to purchase video editing packages, submit files, and communicate with editors, VOMA centralizes and simplifies all these workflows. 

Now, we’re launching VOMA 2.0 for you. Here’s what to expect. 


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What is VOMA 2.0?

Like its predecessor, VOMA 2.0 strives to make life easier for creators and save them time. Just better, faster, and with more features

VOMA was overhauled after extensive user feedback. The revamped version offers faster up- and download speeds, a more nuanced video order process with more add-on options, plus access to additional services such as channel management

Let’s run through these one by one. 

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Customized Order Submissions

To start with, VOMA 2.0 offers you a more streamlined order submission process. You can now rapidly pick and choose what you need. Maybe that’s horizontal, square or vertical video, or maybe you’re after channel assets.

voma selection screen for video type, with options for vertical, horizontal and square video, and others.
Selecting the video type as part of the order flow.

Going through the order process, you can also easily select add-on deliverables, like thumbnails, vertical reformats, and the Premiere Pro project your editor worked on.

options for addons, such as vertical exports, thumbnails, or burned-in captions
Selecting add-on deliverables for a video editing order.

Plus, you can now finish orders you left incomplete in the past. If you got interrupted, just pick up right where you left off.  

All in all, this lets you submit your orders faster and with more personalization than before, making the entire process a breeze. 

quick options for pacing and tone in voma
VOMA lets you rapidly select a pacing and tone for your video.
upload download file transfer speed icon

Faster Up- And Download Speeds

Another advantage of VOMA 2.0 is that it now provides faster uploads and downloads. Video files are large and often take ages to transfer. Ain’t nobody got time for that. 

To speed things up, we improved the back-end for file transfers by switching to MASV. They’re a specialized provider for large file transfers (up to 15 TB – yes, that’s terabytes). It guarantees top-notch speeds through its distributed server infrastructure and proprietary file acceleration technology. 

You need to transfer several dozen GB of 4K raw footage or a two-hour twitch stream? In VOMA 2.0, that’s now a matter of minutes, sometimes seconds.

the upload screen in the voma video order flow
We now use MASV for file transfers - it's an enterprise-grade service also used by the likes of Disney.
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Additional Features

Rounding things out are the additional features that the new VOMA now simplifies or gives you access to.

For one, there’s now a dedicated tab to let you purchase and manage credits for all your video orders.

voma's overview table of your current and past video orders
The dashboard shows you the status of all your orders – and you can easily access all features, from chat to payments.

Plus, there’s also a dedicated team chat space. At Tasty Edits, you don’t just have a dedicated video editor for each project, you also have a manager who keeps track of these editors for you. If you have any high-level questions or want to discuss your overall order strategy, your manager is the person to talk to.

the team chat screen for video orders on voma
Once you make an order, here's where you can talk to your editor and manager about it.

Finally, VOMA 2.0 also gives you access to Tasty Edits’ channel management service

Once you subscribe, your channel manager will take over keyword research, uploading and scheduling videos, video SEO, and responding to comments. They’ll also handle community tab posts, channel analytics, and brand deal negotiations. Plus, you’ll get a free thumbnail with every horizontal YouTube video, as well as a free vertical reformat

VOMA 2.0 – Because We've Got Your Back

At Tasty Edits, we’re constantly striving to make your life easier. VOMA 2.0 is the product of this process. By working closely with creators, we’ve crafted a platform that helps you save even more time and streamline your workflows.

Not convinced yet? Give it a whirl yourself and submit your first video order today! 


VOMA is Tasty Edits’ Video Order Management Application. It centralizes all video editing workflows – from submitting an order to giving your editors feedback. By providing creators a single dashboard for all-round access, it simplifies workflows and saves you time. 

On VOMA, your editors will let you know the status of your project. Whether they’re currently editing, need feedback, or have your final edit ready for you. If you have any questions, you can also message your editors directly in the chat window. 

Yes. VOMA allows you to upload your files lighting-fast directly within the application. 

You can give feedback to your editor directly in VOMA. Either use the chat to message your editor, or leave comments on the draft of your edit that they shared with you. 

VOMA is short for Video Order Management Application. This is Tasty Edits’ proprietary software that provides a central dashboard for creators to handle all their orders, submit files, and communicate with editors. 


  • Alex Lefkowitz

    Alex Lefkowitz is the founder and CEO of Tasty Edits. He's an experienced video editor, having edited hundreds of videos for dozens creators before turning to entrepreneurship and launching his own video editing company. Since then, he has directly managed thousands of video and thumbnail orders. Now, he draws on his experience working with professional creators to write about video editing, the creator economy, and video marketing. You can also read his work on Hackernoon and Medium. Plus, he's contributed several expert opinions in interviews and articles as a guest on platforms like Jotform.