Tasty Edits Managing Editor


In a nutshell, the Managing Editor is responsible for making sure that our creators have the best experience possible and receive the highest quality deliverables on time. To do this, the Managing Editor must coordinate editors and creators, answer questions and solve problems, and quality check all messages and deliverables. The Managing Editor must be customer-oriented, attentive to detail, knowledgeable about all styles of video editing, proficient in PP and AE, and generally available to solve problems at all hours of the day.

Responsibilities (not exhaustive)

  • Quality Check
    • All Messages
      • Tone of voice
      • Spelling & grammar
      • Check for unanswered questions or problems
    • All deliverables (watched all the way through)
      • Simple errors
      • Spelling & grammar within text popups and captions
      • Suggest improvements
  • Order Management
    • Make sure style guidelines are followed
    • Check for raw footage upload errors
    • Make sure we hit all deadlines
    • Transfer orders between editors if needed
    • Help editors replicate style guidelines on transferred orders
    • Check parsed messages
  • Creator Management
    • Answer all questions and concerns within 1 hour
    • Follow up with creators about ratings under 4
  • Train new editors
  • Calls with editors and creators
  • Weekly 1 on 1s
  • Hours: Monday through Saturday