The 10 Most Profitable YouTube Niches in 2023

the 10 most profitable youtube niches

When you’re launching your YouTube channel, picking your niche is one of the most crucial decisions you have to make. 

It will determine everything from your target audience to the kind of brand collaborations you can aim for. 

And of course it plays a huge part in how much money you can earn on YouTube

While it’s theoretically possible to generate an income in any kind of YouTube niche – from history to sewing – it’s much harder in some than in others. 

Measuring which niches are the most profitable is difficult. It ultimately depends on individual YouTubers’ monetization strategy, their audience’s engagement, and the quality of the content they produce. That’s also why how much YouTube pays you for a million views can be wildly different.

As a benchmark, though, it’s possible to use CPM – Cost Per Mille. This is a metric for how much YouTube’s Partner Program pays creators for 1,000 ad views.

CPM shows how interested advertisers are in investing in content in a certain niche and accessing YouTubers’ audiences. The stronger this interest, the easier it is to monetize your channel, both through ads and avenues such as brand collaborations. 

Here are the 10 most profitable YouTube niches, based on their CPM rates.


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Making Money Online

To start with, the single most profitable YouTube niche is strategies for making money online. Countless people flock to YouTube to find out how to generate income in the digital sphere. 

On average, creators in this niche see a CPM of $13.52. Given both that and the topic, it’s not surprising that many of these channels are obviously monetizing.

Some sub-niches are even more profitable. Content centered around making money through affiliate marketing can reach CPM heights of up to $22.

Ali Abdaal’s video on passive income ideas has earned over 10 Million views since being released in 2021. 

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Digital Marketing

Next up, digital marketing has the second-highest income potential on YouTube. Social media marketing channels, for instance, see average CPM rates of $12.52.

Latasha James gives viewers a run-down on developing a social media strategy.

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Personal Finance and Investments

In third place is another money-related niche: personal finance and investments. Channels in this niche give advice on anything from stock market terminology to making money through crypto. Creators see CPM rates of up to $12.

Brian Jung’s crash-course intro to crypto has over 4.5 million views. 

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Educational Content

Next up is a fairly broad category – educational content. Some of the most-subscribed YouTube channels out there focus on education content for kids. But also adult topics are in hot demand, ranging from history to how to use Microsoft Office. On average, YouTubers in this niche see CPM rates of $9.89.

Cocomelon’s nursery rhymes is one of the most-subscribed channels on YouTube. This video has over 4.3 billion views.

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Tech, Cars, and Gadgets

Another high-earning niche is the anything to do with technology, especially cars and gadgets. Whether it’s a review of the new MacBook Air, a comparison between Nikon and Fuji cameras, or a test drive in a new Ferrari, advertisers love content in this niche. 

Within it, there’s a range of CPM rates. Photography YouTubers, for instance, can see rates as high as $7.31, while average CPM rates for car channels lie at $4.32. General tech channels can expect $2.39 per 1,000 clicks. 

One thing you need to take into account if you’re thinking of joining this niche, though, are the associated costs. Even if your earnings are higher, you often need to invest in the tech you review or compare before you can start earning an income.

Car content is very profitable on YouTube. But it also requires a considerable budget to make.

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One of the most popular types of YouTube content is the lifestyle niche. Viewers love to follow other people’s travels and their careers, glimpse into their homes and stay tuned on their relationships. And advertisers know this. On average, lifestyle YouTubers can expect CPM rates of $3.47.

Mikaela Long gives her audience a tour of her home.

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Fashion and Try On Hauls

It used to be the likes of Vogue and Cosmo that set the trends and shaped popular opinion on fashion. Now, it’s creators on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. 

Fashion YouTubers are among the most popular influencers, and content such as try on hauls can earn them average CPM rates of $3.13.

Over 11 million people have tuned in to Kat Wonders’ bikini try on haul.

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Especially during the pandemic, cooking channels saw an incredible boost. More and more people are turning to YouTube for recipe inspiration, to level up their kitchen skills, or to watch others’ amazing creations. 

Cooking channels are fairly profitable in terms of CPM rates, with average values at $2.50.

Emmymade’s cooking channel has over 2.8 million subscribers. 

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Fitness and Bodybuilding

Like cooking channels, fitness and bodybuilding content has seen a significant rise in popularity. From beginners’ yoga to weighted jump ropes for muscle growth, YouTuber audiences flock to channels that help them reach their body goals

Advertisers acknowledge that, with average CPM rates of $1.60.

Goal Guys features a series of fitness challenges, from going vegan for 30 days to getting a six pack in six weeks. 

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Video Games

Finally, there’s video games – one of the biggest niches on YouTube. Whether it’s reviews, advanced walkthroughs, streaming or simply gameplay with engaging commentary, gaming content can earn passionate YouTubers several million views.

Many gaming expos now dedicate space to video content creators, making them into some of the biggest YouTuber events as well. 

In fact, several of the most-subscribed channels and highest-earning YouTubers, such as PewDiePie, fall into the gaming niche. On average, creators in this niche see CPM rates of around $1.40.

Some of the most active communities are those of Minecraft YouTubers (MCYT) and Roblox players.

Gaming content attracts both kid and adult audiences – and creators!

Final Thoughts

Not all niches are created equal. If your primary goal on YouTube is to generate an income, you need to take that into account when you start your channel

However, you also need to factor in how much you need to invest in creating content in each niche, and how fierce competition is

At the end of the day, you need to weigh all these factors carefully against your own passions and interests. Only then can you choose the niche that’s perfect for you.

Think about your hobbies, your professional experiences, and your passions. What skills do you have that you could share with your audience? Check out popular niches on YouTube and how profitable they are. Then, weigh each option against your budget and your own interests.

The most profitable niches on YouTube are currently related to generating additional income streams, digital marketing, and personal finance. Each of them has an average Cost Per Mille (CPM) of over $10.

Some of the highest-paying YouTube niches are how to make money online (CPM = $13.52), digital marketing (CPM = $12.52), and personal finance and investments (CPM = $12).

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