The Best Real Estate Video Editing Services

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Video is key in real estate.

Recent statistics show that for 51% of home buyers, YouTube is the #1 source for real estate research, and that including videos in your listings can boost inquiries by 400%.

For instance, Century 21 increased their sales rate by 20% by running a targeted video campaign on social media.

However, at the same time, only 10% of recent home sellers say their realtors used effective video content.

To get the kind of stunning clips that make home buyers fall in love with your listings and have them mentally move in by dinnertime, you need two things: Solid footage and outstanding editing.

The footage part of the equation is straightforward nowadays. Regular smartphone cameras can capture high-resolution videos, and even drones are fairly easy to come by if you want to include aerial shots.

Video editing is more tricky. It’s not just a skill, but an art that professional video editors hone over years, even decades.

It’s well worth outsourcing your video editing to leverage this experience, rather than cobbling together an edit yourself.

Here are the 5 best video editing services to elevate your footage, and produce amazing video content to supercharge your listings.


The 5 Best Real Estate Video Editing Services

Before we move into the details, here is a brief overview of what you can roughly expect in terms of pricing, editing speed, and services offered


1Tasty Edits$190/video
48h video,
24h short
business and social creator needsroyalty-free assets, motion graphics, platform reformats, thumbnails, dedicated team
2Phixer$475/month + $65/video48hreal estatephoto editing, virtual staging
3CutMedia Pro$250/video24hweddings, real estate, commercialin-depth briefing
4Havah EditsAsk for quote24hreal estatephoto editing, virtual staging
5Video Caddy$12–$15/hno infoall videoaudio editing, 2D & 3D animation
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Topping the list is Tasty Edits, a solid all-round video editing company with an extensive portfolio in real estate, social media content, and business video.

Their hand-picked editors guarantee high-quality results with a 48-hour turnaround time. Using their video order management app (VOMA), you can submit detailed briefs for the tone and style of your edits. Plus, you can easily give feedback on draft clips and request revisions to get the perfect result.

Here’s an example edit for a 5-bedroom Texas property:

No matter if you need short-form clips to spice up your social media presence, from Instagram to YouTube, or if you want long-form content for your listings, Tasty Edits is a great choice.

Tasty Edits – Pricing

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Next on the list of the best real estate video editing services is Phixer. Apart from video editing, the company also offers photo editing and virtual staging for realtors.

In order to access Phixer’s video editing services, you need to sign up for an account and purchase a monthly plan. These start at $475 per month for the Standard plan and range all the way to $2,550 for the Professional plan. The first month is usually discounted.

Included in the plan are credits for photo editing, but you need to pay extra for video edits. This fee is typically $65 for an HD video export, and an additional $29 for Ultra HD 4K.

Standard turnaround time is 48 hours, though you can get the rush option for $15 and have a first draft after 24h.

Phixer – Pricing

homepage screenshot of phixer, a real estate service provider offering photo and video editing
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Next up is CutPro Media, a company that specializes in video editing for weddings, real estate, and commercial purposes.

They provide a $250 flat-rate video editing package that includes up to 5 minutes of edited video, color correction, and a 24-hour turnaround. In addition, users can specify parameters such as the video editing software they want editors to use, the editing style, frame rate, and expected delivery date.

A small downside is that wedding video editing makes up a major part of the company’s business and many of their systems – such as add-ons for “entrances and first dances” are geared towards it.

CutPro Media – Pricing

homepage screenshot of cutpro media, one of the best real estate video editing services
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Next on the list is Havah Edits, another real estate video editing company. Much like Phixer, it offers multiple additional services. Beside video editing, they also work with you on virtual staging, virtual dusk and twilight, and photo editing.

They boast a 24-hour turnaround period and allow customers to provide style examples.

Havah Edits – Pricing

homepage screenshot of havah edits, a vietnamese realty video editing service
number 5 five icon

Finally, there is Video Caddy, a generalist service that also features on our list of the best overall video editing services, and is also suitable for the needs of real estate agents.

Video Caddy’s real estate video editing services include color grading and light enhancement, 2D and 3D effects, and 360-degree editing.

One considerable downside: Pricing is calculated on a per-hour basis, with hourly rates ranging from $12 to $15 for plain video editing. That means it’s difficult to budget videos in advance unless you can estimate very precisely how long it will take to edit your footage. To get an exact price, you’ll need to request a quote.

Video Caddy – Pricing

videocaddy homepage screenshot

The Bottom Line

Today, people demand more from listings than a description, pictures and a floor plan. Even short clips draw attention effectively. Yet to sustain that interest, your teasers, virtual tours or long-form video could benefit from professional polish.

Professional editing can elevate your video content and help your listings stand out. With the help of the list above, you’ll be able to pick the real estate video editing service that best suits your unique needs.


The best real estate video editing services are Tasty Edits, Phixer, CutPro Media, Havah Edits, and Video Caddy.

Yes. Professional video editing can make even mediocre footage look stunning and will help your listings stand out.

Pricing for real estate video editing starts at around $240 for a single standard video, though vertical short video can be had for as little as $50.

Turnaround time for real estate video editing services starts at 24 hours. However, that is the time until the first draft. After that, you might have to factor in revisions if you want your editor to make changes or improvements.


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