Thumbnail Artist – Tasty Edits

We’re currently looking for teammates for our remote thumbnail artist position. As a thumbnail artist, you’ll work directly with multiple creators and your managing editor to create a variety of thumbnails (mostly for YouTube) on a weekly basis.

About Tasty Edits

Tasty Edits is a video editing company for content creators, entrepreneurs, and businesses. We’ve edited thousands of videos for hundreds of creators. We pride ourselves on having the most talented team and creating the best videos & thumbnails on the internet; high quality and consistency are what we strive for with every video. Our goal is to help our creators save time and grow faster.

What We're Looking For

Passionate thumbnail artists who are capable of creating extremely high quality and unique thumbnails for YouTube. 

A great fit for this remote role is someone:

  • With at least 1 year of active experience with Adobe Photoshop
  • With at least 6 months of experience creating thumbnails for others
  • Who is familiar with YouTube trends, social media, and content creation
  • Who is dependable – meeting deadlines comes as second nature
  • Who has the ability to communicate fluently with English speakers
  • Who is persistent as hell and extremely ambitious
  • Who can create thumbnails to at least this quality:
tasty edits thumbnail 4
tasty edits thumbnail f 2
tasty edits thumbnail j

*You should be able to create thumbnails comparable to the quality shown above


We’re growing fast so your role might evolve over time, but here’s what we’re expecting today:

  • Creating engaging thumbnails that are unique to each creator’s individual style
  • Communicating directly with your creator(s) and updating them throughout the thumbnail creation process
  • Delivering the first thumbnail draft within 24 hours of receiving the order
  • Delivering revisions within 3 hours of receiving them (if needed)


We have the best team on the planet. Here are some of the benefits they say they like most:

  • Flexible hours
  • Performance bonuses
  • Full version of Photoshop
  • Access to premium assets
  • Access to an amazing team who’s dedicated to helping you learn and grow


If you think you’re a good fit for this remote thumbnail artist position, then fill out the form below and we’ll reach out to you. Thank you in advance — we can’t wait to meet you!