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No matter if you want to learn to code or get the inside scoop on the latest iPhone, tech YouTubers are an amazing source of information.

They unbox, review and test every gadget under the sun, from cameras to cars. They share great applications and hacks for any software from Excel to AI image generation.

But who are the top contenders out there? Which tech YouTubers offer solid information rather than just wasting your time?

We’ve done a deep dive into the tech YouTube sphere and rounded up the cream of the crop.

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Here are the 5 best tech channels on YouTube in 2023.


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channel screenshot for top tech youtuber Marques Brownlee
Marques Brownlee famously doesn't do sugarcoating.

Heading the list is Marques Brownlee, a 29-year-old US-based black YouTuber also known as MKBHD.

His channel, with almost 17 million subscribers, is centered around reviewing gadgets.

From iPhones and laptops over smartwatches all the way to Teslas: You want an in-depth look under the hood? MKBHD has got it.

And he’s not just sticking to big-name brands either, but also testing the products of lesser-known players in the field.

What makes his channel stand out are his unbiased and honest opinions. He won’t sugarcoat if an appliance is simply no good. Plus, his expertise is unparalleled among his tech YouTube cohort – his content can boast comprehensive analyses and meticulous attention to detail.

Another distinguishing characteristic of MKBHD’s channel is its focus on user experience. He tests how various appliances perform in real-world situations, rather than just doing a superficial unboxing and running through the technical specs.

Marques Brownlee doesn’t hold back.

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sara dietschy's tech youtube channel screenshot
Sara Dietschy does vlogs, tech reviews and often lets you look behind the scenes.

Next up is Sara Dietschy (rhymes with peachy!), who has been active on YouTube since 2011. Her content ranges from reviews of various products to in-depth software tutorials.  

Want to learn more about cutting-edge camera gear or how to leverage AI tools to boost your productivity? Sara has you covered. 

Plus, her channel also features content about the entrepreneurial side of the tech world. She regularly interviews major tech players, such as Mark Zuckerberg and Gary Vanderchuck for her Creative Life Series

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screenshot of linus tech tips, one of the biggest tech youtube channels out there
Linus Tech Tips (LTT) has been a major source of tech content since all the way back in 2008.

Another major tech channel on YouTube is Linus Tech Tips. Active since 2008, it provides massively informative reviews and tutorials as well as behind-the-scenes insights into the tech industry.

Linus’ content is engaging, original and incredibly well-researched. Plus, his charismatic and captivating personality will draw you in – no matter if you’re watching a PC building challenge or an explanation of why connectors have so many pins.

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unbox therapy tech youtuber channel screenshot
Unbox Therapy - for when you want to enjoy getting new gadgets without buyer's remorse.

With over 18 million subscribers and over 2,000 videos, Unbox Therapy is the largest tech channel out there. As you probably guessed, it features a huge range of unboxing videos

Its channel description is “Where products get naked,” and that’s no exaggeration. Each video gives viewers a thorough look under the hood of products, from LG screens to folding smartphones. 

And gel blasters.

Every once in a while, Lew’s channel takes a turn for the irreverent.

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channel screenshot of kevin stratvert, a top tech youtuber
Kevin Stratvert specializes in practical tips, tricks and productivity hacks.

Rounding up our list is Kevin Stratvert, a Microsoft Office certified tech expert whose channel features a huge variety of content, from how-to guides to software reviews. Plus, you’ll also find videos on time management and personal and professional development. 

If you’re looking to supercharge your office productivity and dive deeper into various applications, this channel is a great address for you. For instance, you can learn all about how to boost your Excel skills with ChatGPT, or go 3D in Powerpoint. 

The Bottom Line: These Are The Best Tech YouTubers in 2023

If you want to keep up with consumer tech – from the mundane to the outlandish – learn more about the tech industry or level up your software skills, tech YouTubers are here to help. 

MKBHD, Sara Dietschy, Linus Tech Tips, Unbox Therapy and Kevin Stratvert are probably the 5 best YouTube tech channels.

Together, they cover a massive range of tech topics. By following them, you’ll stay on top of the latest trends, learn useful hacks and get valuable industry insights. 


The top YouTube tech channel is Marques Bronlee’s, AKA MKBHD – at least if you’re looking for honest product and gadget reviews and care about details. He does meticulous product analyses that focus on the customer experience.

Tech YouTubers focus on reviewing appliances and gadgets, from smartphones and laptops to cameras and tablets. Many of them also provide insights into the tech industry or share tips and tricks on how to get the most out of software products. 

Overall, Marques Brownlee is the best tech YouTuber out there if you’re looking for product reviews and insights into gadgets. He provides detail-oriented analyses centered around customer experience. 

With over 18 million subscribers, Unbox Therapy is the most-subscribed tech channel on YouTube. 


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