Engage and Convert: Video Marketing Strategies for Social Media Growth

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  • Smridhi Malhotra

    Smridhi Malhotra works as a freelance/remote white-label digital marketing services professional. In her 12+ years of work experience, she has worked with some of the top brands in the industry with a special focus on Tech/SaaS/Marketing and the local businesses category.

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Social platforms are useful in marketing due to their vast numbers of users. As a marketer, you need to choose strategies that work for you. What makes any campaign on social channels succeed is engagement – when viewers share, comment, and take action.

Innovative marketing strategies lead to better engagement and thus a higher conversion rate. A good video marketing strategy is particularly important today. 

Here’s why:

Quick Facts: Social Video

  • Current Social Pilot statistics show that 78% of people engage with video content weekly. 55% of them view video content daily. 
  • Sprout Social reports that viewers are 95% more likely to recall a video message. Only 10% will recall a text-based message.
  • A report by Statista shows that 62.3% of the world’s population uses social media.

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have a great content strategy

Types of social media video marketing strategies that attract growth

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Let every piece of content that you post compel your audience. Creating engaging visuals for social channels requires planning, however. Marketers first need research to know the types of visuals to create.

Before you create videos for social media, you need to know your targeted market. Knowing your audience helps you create the right visuals for them. It enables you to speak directly to them based on their preferences. This means that you need to have goals for your campaigns – and know where to post. 

However, there are also some purely technical aspects to consider.

Graphics and video teams need to ensure they have enough space on their computers, for instance. A common choice is a MacBook, as it is powerful, resilient, and contains a lot of space.

Sometimes as a marketer, you may wonder why is my Mac so slow. Your Mac could be slow because too many marketing videos are taking up space. The health of the computer could be poor overall, which will affect its speed. You can search and get more information about how to diagnose and speed up a Mac. This ensures your computer is optimized for the production of marketing videos.

Optimized videos make it easy for your target market to search and access them. By creating engaging social media marketing videos, you can increase audience engagement and conversion rates. 

Here are five key strategies that can help your video content to attract growth.

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Target a specific audience

Gitnux report shows targeted ads can increase click-through rates by 670%. The report also shows many markers prefer this strategy.

Knowing your target audience is crucial for two reasons: Marketers save cost and their campaigns achieve higher efficiency. It is also much easier to create personalized visuals when you know your target.

Different methods can help you decide who your target audience is.

  • Use the available tools on social media analytics. The tools can help you learn more about your audience’s age and what they do.
  • Use research to discover specific pain points that certain audiences experience. Use videos to explain how your products can solve them.
  • Analyze the social media channels of your competitors. You can get clues about their main group of followers.
  • Create your perfect buyer personas to determine who you intend to target.
  • Conduct a survey to help determine which presenters or voice actors best fit your video marketing content.
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Create short and impactful videos

Videos for social media marketing vary in length, but audiences tend to prefer shorter ones.

Videos that run 30 seconds and shorter achieve higher engagement. A second Gitnux report shows most people love to watch videos that are less than one minute long. 

And according to Zight, short videos have the potential to increase conversion by 89%.

Therefore, if you have long videos, you may want to break them into shorter posts. This can help engage more people in your video marketing strategy, increasing attention and engagement.

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Image credit: Jason Goodman via Unsplash
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Focus on personalized videos

Marketers sometimes create videos that target a generalized audience, not unlike classic TV advertisements. 

Unfortunately, this leaves many viewers feeling detached from the message. Personalized visuals create a far stronger attachment to the content. Because of how much it strengthens engagement, personalization has become a vital digital video strategy. 

The result: Brands that personalize their videos stand out more. Organizations can achieve a higher conversion rate and strengthen loyalty. 

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Create attractive visuals for specific platforms

Social media platforms differ in what types of visual content are best suited for each – and that includes metadata such as descriptions as well.

It’s therefore a good idea to create media for those networks that your target audience uses.

For instance, sharable visuals could do better on Facebook and Pinterest. Stories might work well for Instagram. Video with SEO optimized titles could perform well on YouTube. TikTok relies more on trends and challenges. 

By understanding the types of graphics and videos that will perform well on each channel, you can increase engagement and conversion.

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Post optimized videos on different platforms

Engagement and conversion rates differ on different platforms. Therefore, marketers have to know how to attract the attention of your target market in each social media channel

As hinted at above, the optimal length and format of videos for each platform may vary. However, ensure the content for each campaign is similar – audiences should recognize them as belonging together, or to the same brand. That said, optimize your creative for engagement and post it across several platforms.

The Bottom Line

It is crucial to have a marketing plan for your social media channels. 

The plan must be attached to goals and a specific audience. Take time to create attractive visuals that engage audiences more. Statistics show shorter videos achieve higher engagement. 

The rate of conversion can increase when you post across different channels. Tailor the content both to your audience and the platform to boost your social media marketing.


Video marketing on social media is very effective. Currently, 86% of marketers use videos for social media. It helps create awareness and increase conversion due to higher engagement.

You need to know your target market and decide on the visual content types to use. Have a good plan for your content and optimize it for SEO.

You must never forget to tell stories about your products. Keep your content optimized for SEO and mobile. Never forget to call your audience to action. Be mindful about the length of your videos.


  • Smridhi Malhotra

    Smridhi Malhotra works as a freelance/remote white-label digital marketing services professional. In her 12+ years of work experience, she has worked with some of the top brands in the industry with a special focus on Tech/SaaS/Marketing and the local businesses category.

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