What is Vlogmas? Your Guide to the Ultimate YouTube Christmas Tradition

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With 2022 slowly drawing to a close, YouTubers are gearing up for one of the most popular seasonal content traditions: Vlogmas

But what exactly is vlogmas? How did it start? And how can you do it as a YouTube creator? 

Here’s your full run-down.


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What is Vlogmas?

Vlogmas is a YouTube holiday tradition in which creators post a Christmas-themed video every day in December leading up to the 25th. It’s like an advent calendar, with a new daily treat for their audience. 

The name vlogmas is a mash-up of vlog (video blog) and Christmas

Vlogmas content can vary hugely. Some YouTubers document their holiday preparations – decorating their home, buying and wrapping gifts, or taking a seasonal road trip. 

Others tweak their regular content to include the Christmas spirit. Makeup YouTubers test looks for office holiday parties, cooking creators bake Christmas cookies, and unboxing channels go wild with presents.

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Who Started Vlogmas?

But who created vlogmas? And when did it start? 

Vlogmas was started in 2011 by Ingrid Nilsen, a long-time YouTube vlogger already then. She was the first to have the idea of posting a video every day in the run-up to Christmas, as an advent calendar for her audience. 

At the time, daily vlogging wasn’t a thing yet. Most YouTubers engaged with the platform on a casual basis. Videos were spontaneous and mostly unedited. (Check out Nilsen’s first vlogmas video below!)

Still, the idea of posting daily vlog content was a huge hit and in the years that followed hundreds of creators picked it up. 

One of the first was English creator Zoe Sugg, who had her vlogmas debut in 2013, earning well over a million views for each daily video. She continued her tradition into 2020! 

Other vlogmas enthusiasts include creators such as Aspyn Ovard, Meredith Foster and Alisha Marie. Now, vlogmas is a regular holiday content staple that many followers have come to expect of creators.

the comment section under zoe's vlogmas video

These days, though, many creators do a slightly modified version of vlogmas. 

Producing YouTube videos in 2022 is much more work than it was back in 2011 – between scripting, editing, and promoting content on other channels like Instagram, doing daily updates can easily become too much.  

Instead, many YouTubers post a vlogmas video every few days or surprise their followers with weekly vlogmas reels. Many also take the opportunity to do collabs with brands and other YouTubers. Back in 2018, for example, Emma Chamberlain, the DolanTwins, and James Charles posted a joint Christmas project. 

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When Does Vlogmas Start?

Traditionally, vlogmas starts on December 1. That’s the day that most creators upload their first vlogmas video. They often post an announcement or teaser a few days before, though. 


However, most professional YouTubers start planning for vlogmas way in advance. 

Posting daily content is a serious challenge, and you need a plan

So how does vlogmas work? 

If your goal is to post a daily video, you need to start brainstorming ideas early on. The start of November is a great time to launch your vlogmas planning. 

Depending on what niche you’re in, you can even film some content in advance. You’re a Yogi YouTuber? Think cozy fireside flows and stretches for skiers. Your niche is home improvement? Then a safety review of holiday decor or a Christmas light how-to guide should be on your list. 

Even if you’re planning to create your content during vlogmas, you can prepare. Draw up a content schedule and make sure you have all the resources you need. Purchase props and products well in advance to avoid the holiday crush – especially considering the current supply chain issues.

Importantly, think about which parts of the workload you can share with others. Consider outsourcing processes like video editing, channel management, and social media promotion. 

After all, vlogmas isn’t just for your audience, but should be fun for you too. And you’ll enjoy the most wonderful time of the year much more if you’re not stressing out about meeting your content goals.

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Should You Do Vlogmas?

With all the challenges that come with doing vlogmas, many creators ask themselves if it’s still worth it

While it is a daunting task, doing vlogmas has many advantages. 

For one thing, posting daily content is a major plus point with YouTube’s algorithm, which rewards frequent uploads. Similarly, viewers appreciate a consistent posting schedule. Many love vlogmas content in its own right and are happy to give new creators a shot if they hit their Christmas sweet spot. 

One of the most important reasons why vlogmas is worth it, though, is the YouTube Partner Program. As many YouTubers know, AdSense revenue fluctuates seasonally. And during the Christmas season it’s at its peak. 

By posting consistently during the holiday season and getting views and subscribers, you can boost your earnings thanks to high RPM rates. This was confirmed by Google itself!

The Bottom Line

Vlogmas is one of the oldest YouTube holiday traditions. And it continues to offer creators fantastic opportunities in 2022. 

If you want to do vlogmas and benefit from the algorithm push and increased AdSense earnings, planning is key. Posting a daily video in the lead-up to Christmas is a challenge, but one that you can absolutely master with the right preparation and help! 

Merry vlogmas!

Vlogmas is a holiday tradition on YouTube in which creators post one video every day in December during the run-up to Christmas. Many videos have seasonal themes, from baking Christmas cookies to buying gifts.

YouTuber Ingrid Nilsen started vlogmas back in 2011, as a type of “advent calendar” for her viewers.

YouTubers usually map out the content they want to create for vlogmas a few weeks in advance. Posting daily content is a challenge and many outsource parts of the process, such as video editing, to keep up with the workload. That way, they can post one daily video throughout December in the lead-up to Christmas.

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