5 Habits You Need to Become a Successful YouTuber

A roadmap to adopting the habits to become a successful youtuber.

Growing your channel and becoming a successful YouTuber is a long-term project. It takes time and dedication. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. 

To make it to the finish line, you need to adopt the right habits and integrate them into your daily routine. They’ll help you hit your stride, create fantastic content, and cultivate a loyal audience. 

We asked viral content creators what habits have helped them make it to the top. Here’s what they answered – five essential habits you need to become a successful YouTuber.


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Scheduling Content Creation

To start with, a key habit of successful YouTubers is to explicitly schedule time for content creation. If you want to become a full-time creator, you need to treat making content like a job, rather than a hobby you pick up and drop depending on what you feel like. 

Dedicating a set number of hours to content creation every week will help you achieve the consistency needed to grow your channel. After all, YouTube’s algorithm rewards creators who upload regularly.

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Checking Analytics, But Not Obsessively

Another essential YouTuber habit is to check your channel’s metrics regularly. And that doesn’t just mean keeping an eye on your subscriber numbers.

YouTube Studio offers extensive insights into each video’s performance. What audience watched it. Which parts they liked best. Whether your thumbnails are actually clickable.

Checking these metrics regularly helps you fine-tune your content and make sure it resonates with your audience.

That said, obsessively poring over analytics every day won’t do you any good either. Focus on creating content and schedule regular analytics check-ins, every week or at the end of the month.

youtube studio video analytics
A detailed look at what parts of a YouTube video viewers found most interesting.

Analytics is also a job you can outsource fairly easily. Regular reports are included with most YouTube channel management services. You might as well leverage them for other time-consuming housekeeping tasks such as comment management or playlist curation.

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Find Inspiration in Other Creators, Trends, and SEO

Many YouTubers eventually give up because they run out of ideas. You can avoid this by making a habit of thinking outside the narrow box of your channel and finding inspiration in other creators, trends, and keyword research. 

This doesn’t mean straight-up copying whatever content top YouTubers like MrBeast are currently doing. It’s about using leveraging their tried-and-true methods, which include a lot of research.

Checking what other creators in your niche are up to can help you generate new ideas and even spark amazing collabs. Similarly, keeping up with hot topics in YouTube’s trends tab and on other social media will let you stay ahead of the curve. 

Then, there’s keyword research. This is a core Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy and helps you pinpoint the terms that your viewers use to search for content on YouTube and Google. Using SEO tools like SEMrush and Keyword Tool, you’ll be able to find out what kind of topics most interest your viewers. 

By integrating this type of content research into your daily routine, you’ll never run out of inspiration.

keyword tool for youtube
Keyword Tool can scrape YouTube's autosuggest for you.
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Engage Your Audience

Next up, there’s engaging your audience. Especially when you’re just starting to grow your channel, this is a crucial habit to adopt. 

When you’re trying to build a loyal audience, engaging with viewers on a personal level is key. Reply to comments, like and pin them. Do livestreams and respond to comments in the chat. Harness polls and let your audience have a say in what content you create. 

All of this will make people feel that they’re part of a community – that they have a connection to you. And it will make them invested in your success.

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Make Time for Self-Care

Finally, one must-have habit of successful YouTubers is self-care. 

Content creation is stressful. At times, it can be overwhelming to keep up with filming, editing, and uploading your comment, keeping an eye on analytics and working out a monetization strategy. 

To make sure you don’t lose your passion and your spark, you need to factor in downtime. Breaks where you don’t have to think about making new videos or growing your channel. 

All the successful YouTubers we interviewed agree hands-down that this is a key habit when it comes to avoiding creator burnout and finding long-term YouTube success.

Final Thoughts: These Are the Habits of Successful YouTubers

Building the right habits from the start is invaluable to finding YouTube success. 

At first, it can be difficult to incorporate all the habits above into your routine. Give it a little time, though, they’ll become second nature. And a secret weapon on the way to going viral.

When it comes to building a successful YouTube channel, scheduling time for content creation, checking analytics, harnessing trending topics and SEO for inspiration, engaging your audience, and factoring in self-care are five of the most important habits.

To become and stay a successful YouTuber, scheduling time for content creation is hands-down the most important habit. YouTube’s algorithm rewards channels that upload regularly. Dedicating a set number of hours every week to creating videos will help you achieve that kind of consistency.

Successful YouTubers carve out a set number of hours every day for content creation. Most schedule tasks like filming, editing, and uploading content, as well as checking analytics and working on their monetization strategy. 

Content creation habits take time to develop. Start by setting achievable goals rather than being too ambitious and failing to meet your targets. Hold yourself accountable by keeping a habit tracker. Reward yourself for successes and even if you don’t manage to dedicate as much time as you wanted, be aware of your achievements.

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