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Integrating yoga into your everyday life has fantastic benefits for your mental and physical health. Countless studies have shown that yoga helps lower your stress and anxiety, boost your flexibility, and ease tension-related issues such as lower back pain. Additionally, it can reduce the risk of heart disease.

YouTube has a trove of resources if you want to learn and practice yoga. Numerous creators out there are sharing their passion, helping you find your flow and build your yoga practice. And all that for free.

However, not all yoga channels are created equal. Some creators are licensed yoga teachers, others merely enthusiastic amateurs. Especially if you’re just starting out, you need to be careful which yoga YouTubers you follow. 

To help you, we’ve rounded up the best yoga YouTube channels for every level, type of yoga, and kind of practice. 


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Topping our list of the best yoga channels on YouTube is Boho Beautiful, launched by Mark and Juliana a decade ago in 2014. It has a huge variety of yoga and Pilates videos, no matter if you’re a beginner or are looking for an intermediate or advanced practice. Whether you’re trying to clear your head, or just want a serious workout.

Part of what makes Boho Beautiful magical is that Mark and Juliana film their yoga videos on location. Want to enjoy a 10-minute morning meditation with a waterfall rumbling in the background? Or release tension in your hips against the backdrop of an ancient Cambodian temple? Boho has you covered. 

Juliana teaching yoga practices for hip flexibility, shot – as usual – in a beautiful setting.

Something else that makes Boho special is that Juliana recently had a baby and shot an entire series of prenatal yoga videos during her pregnancy. 

Videos are arranged in playlists by difficulty level, length, and different yoga challenges. Plus, if you still want more variety, you can download the Boho Beautiful app to get access to premium content. 

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Next up on our list of the best YouTube yoga channels is Yoga With Adriene. Adriene’s motto is “find what feels good,” which perfectly encapsulates her channel’s philosophy

Instead of asking you to go further, try more, constantly challenge yourself, she provides a gentle and loving practice that encourages you to find what feels best for your body. This makes Adriene’s channel an especially great resource for yoga beginners

Adriene’s gentle introductions are perfect for beginners.

Another feature of Yoga With Adriene that’s incredibly beloved by viewers: frequent guest star Benji, Adriene’s adorable dog, who often wanders onto camera and flops in the background. 

Adriene has extensive playlists that organize videos by duration and challenges. If you’re looking for some extra motivation to get started, keep an eye out for Adriene’s annual New Years’ challenge, during which she releases one video every day in January. 

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Bird is a certified yoga instructor living in Canada. Her channel makes our list thanks to its massive variety of videos and its huge range of different video lengths, difficulty levels, and practice focuses. 

No matter if you’re looking for a session to target period pain, to help your digestion, or to release tension in your lower back, Bird has you covered. She’s also arranged her 800+ yoga videos in an extensive selection of playlists to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.  

Bird has a video – and often a whole playlist – for every yoga need and occasion.

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Kassandra is another fantastic YouTube yogi who’s made it her mission to help you build your practice. On her channel, she offers over 800 free videos that fulfill pretty much any yoga wish you could have. 

Like other yoga YouTubers, Kassandra has released very targeted classes (yoga for anterior pelvic tilt anyone?) and a large array of playlists, differentiating by class level and duration. 

One thing that makes her stand out is her focus on being in tune with nature and spirituality. She’s released classes focused especially on the summer solstice, or the needs of different zodiac signs.  

Kassandra’s practices often have a more spiritual focus, such as this video from a zodiac sign playlist.

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Finally, rounding out our list of the best yoga YouTube channels is Charlie Follows, another great channel that provides classes for all types of yogis.

One thing that makes Charlie’s channel stand out are her many specialty series, like an injury-friendly yoga series, or a set of videos focusing solely on arm balance. 

Charlie, finally, has shot a number of specialty yoga videos, notably injury-friendly ones that avoid stressing certain areas of your body.

The Bottom Line

When you’re aiming to integrate yoga into your life and build your practice, finding the right teacher is crucial. Give the channels on this list a try and see which YouTube yogi best suits your level, your needs, and your personal preferences.

With all the fantastic content out there, you’re sure to pinpoint someone who matches your vibes and can help you embark on your own yogi journey. 


Some of the best yoga channels on YouTube are Boho Beautiful, Yoga With Adriene, Yoga With Bird, Yoga With Kassandra, and Charlie Follows. All offer a huge range of practices for different levels.

If you’re a beginner, Yoga With Adriene is a great choice. Her motto “find what feels good” encourages rookie yogis to explore yoga and gently build a practice that matches their unique bodies. 

Yes. A huge number of yoga instructors create YouTube content to help anyone who’s interested build a practice from scratch. Boho Beautiful, Yoga With Adriene, Yoga With Bird, Yoga With Kassandra, and Charlie Follows are among the best. 

All in all, Juliana and Mark of Boho Beautiful are some of the best yoga instructors on YouTube. They have extensive experience, and you will be able to learn everything from basic poses to intermediary flows. 

All things considered, Juliana and Mark of Boho Beautiful offer some of the best yoga classes on YouTube. Their videos address the needs of beginners and seasoned yogis, and help you build a well-balanced practice. 


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