The Best YouTube Channel Management Services

A YouTube channel management service in action

Getting a channel manager can change your life as a YouTuber

Instead of spending hours every day uploading, scheduling, and SEO-optimizing your videos, keeping up with comments, and staring at analytics data, you’re suddenly free to focus on creating content. And seriously boost your video production volume

But what does a channel manager really do? 

And where can you find the best YouTube channel management service?


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What does a YouTube channel manager do?

At the most basic level, a channel manager handles all the key aspects of running your YouTube channel. As soon as you set up a manager access profile for them, they can rock’n’roll. 

They’ll take care of uploading your videos and Shorts as well as scheduling them. They’ll also handle your playlists. If you want to have a premiere or a live stream, they’ll arrange it. 

At the same time, they’ll also take care of video optimization. There are a couple of boxes that a video needs to tick to be properly indexed by the YouTube algorithm. Having a solid title and video description, using the right hashtags and tags, harnessing chapters and subtitles. All that increases the chance that it’ll get recommended and go viral. Your channel manager will handle it for you. 

Another type of work that a YouTube channel manager can take off your hands is community engagement. Liking, pinning, and responding to comments. Handling community tab posts. Managing membership sections. 

Finally, there’s YouTube analytics. If you’ve stared at graphs and charts for hours on end without being able to pinpoint actionable insights, you’re not alone. That’s what YouTube channel managers are for. They’re seasoned pros at figuring out exactly what the statistics tell you about how to fine-tune your content

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How to compare YouTube channel management services

So how do you go about comparing YouTube channel management services? 

This bit can be a bit tricky. 

Unlike YouTube video editing or thumbnail design, channel management services are a relatively new type of content creation outsourcing. There are not that many freelancers or companies offering this type of service. 

Still, there are a couple of basic principles to apply when looking for a channel manager. 

First, of course, there’s pricing. Since channel management is an ongoing service, it’s usually subscription- or retainer-based. However, there are some freelancers that offer one-off YouTube channel “audits” and still advertise them as channel management services. Steer clear of those. 

Next, check out exactly which services are included. This can vary wildly. Some channel management services only handle the bare minimum in terms of uploads and making sure every video has a title and description. Others will dive deep into keyword research to make sure your video has the largest chance of going viral. 

Finally, services also differ in how often certain channel management tasks are done. Let’s take analytics, for example. Some services will deliver reports on your content’s performance on a monthly basis, others every week. 

That said, here’s our run-down of the best YouTube channel management services.

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Tasty Edits

Heading the list is Tasty Edits, a video editing service that has branched out to take care of everything a YouTuber needs, including thumbnail design and channel management. 

Tasty Edits’ channel management services include all the usual perks, from upload management and community engagement to content optimization. 

Plus, they offer a channel settings audit, as well as free thumbnails. Another advantage: They’ll take care of outreach for brand deals and sponsorship negotiations.

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Next up is Bluesky Video Marketing. As you probably already guessed, this is a marketing agency rather than a video editing company. 

Bluesky’s services include thumbnails, tag selection, and playlist management. In addition, they’ll take care of video cards and end screens for you. 

If you’re mostly producing marketing videos, Bluesky is a great choice since they also offer a solid range of targeted add-ons.

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Another contender on our list is Smashed Media. Like Bluesky, this is a marketing agency first and foremost. Apart from standard YouTube channel management, they also offer to manage your other social profiles, your SEO and your YouTube ads

If you’re looking for broad services across multiple social media platforms and generalist YouTube channel management, Smashed is a solid choice.

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Next, there’s Triffid, another marketing company that offers a comprehensive range of channel management services, starting with helping you find your niche

They also offer detailed video optimization, including keyword research, tags selection, and the addition of tags, cards, and screens. Plus, you get monthly performance reports

Triffid also offers a wide variety of other marketing services, including content and influencer marketing as well as email marketing and branding.

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Finally, there’s Touchstorm, who offer one of the most comprehensive sets of channel management services out there. In addition to video and channel optimization, they offer regular performance reports and comment monitoring

Touchstorm’s stand-out services are competitive monitoring and advertising strategies. That means they’ll keep a close eye on other successful channels in your niche, and that they’ll help you figure out how to best harness ads.

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Conclusion: The Best YouTube Channel Management Services

At the end of the day, hiring a YouTube channel manager is a fantastic way to free up your time to scale your content creation activities. You’ll no longer have to worry about uploading or optimizing your content – instead, you’ll be able to channel all your energies into creating amazing videos. 

With the tips and the list above, you’ll be able to pinpoint the YouTube channel management service that best suits your needs. And find a reliable partner to help you supercharge your channel.


If you want to sustainably grow your YouTube presence, getting a channel manager is inevitable. Uploading, answering comments, SEO-optimizing content, and handling community engagement just swallows up too much time that you could otherwise spend creating videos.

A YouTube channel manager handles all the organizational aspects of running your channel – uploading videos, optimizing them for the YouTube algorithm, engaging your community, answering, liking, and pinning comments.

If you’re looking for a YouTube channel manager, Tasty Edits, Bluesky Video Marketing, Smashed Media, Triffid and Touchstorm offer some of the best services.

While it’s possible to hire a freelancer to be your YouTube channel manager, opting for a professional service will guarantee you greater security and consistency in your channel management. Start by checking out our list of the best YouTube channel management services and see which ones best fit your individual needs.