What Is Dude Perfect’s $100 Million Theme Park Plan?

dude perfect world theme park seen in a render courtesy of overland architects

In 2022, Dude Perfect announced that they were working on their next big coup – a theme park based on all the challenges and trick shots they showcase on their channel. 

But what’s really behind Dude Perfect World? And when will it open? 

Here’s everything you need to know.

Quick Facts

  • Dude Perfect announced their theme park, Dude Perfect World, on December 17, 2022.
  • They presented a finished design for the park. It would allow visitors to recreate the five YouTuber’s famous trick shots.
  • Currently, they’re looking for the best location for the park.

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What is Dude Perfect World?

On December 17, 2022, Dude Perfect uploaded a video to their channel in which they revealed that they’d been working on the next big addition to their entertainment empire: Dude Perfect World, a theme park set to cost $100 million. 

Dude Perfect World, the trick shot YouTubers’ theme park vision.

And they explained their motivation behind it:

“We love that so many of you enjoy our videos. But we think it’s time that you come and join in on the fun! […] Because let’s be honest – watching is fun, but doing it is better.” — Dude Perfect

They revealed an elaborate design for the park, which would give fans a chance to recreate the trick shots that made Dude Perfect go viral

Visitors can throw a baseball through a moving car, try their hand at 100-pin bowling, play all-sports golf, and launch themselves into free-flow frenzy. 

At the Perfect Put, each hole is designed by one of the famous athletes Dude Perfect have worked with – including giants like Serena Williams. 

Plus, fans can even try to break Dude Perfect’s world records! You can make history in the world-record room, and even shoot a basketball off a 330-foot tower. Nailed it? You get to walk away with amazing prizes! 

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When Will Dude Perfect World Open – and Where?

After launching their own streaming platform, TV show, and merchandise line, a theme park is a massive addition to Dude Perfect’s already huge brand. In a Forbes article, they were even lauded for building the next Disney

But when will Dude Perfect World open its doors? 

Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact date yet. While the design for the theme park is finished – created by San Antonio architects Overland Partners – Dude Perfect are still looking for the perfect location. 

The latest update on the project came in October 2023, when Dude Perfect posted a reformat of their original video on Facebook. Apparently, the search for the right spot for Dude Perfect World is still on. Considering that hundreds of cities have apparently thrown their hat in the ring, it’s not surprising that negotiations are complex and will take some time. 

For fans of Dude Perfect, that means patience is required. However, knowing the dynamic energy of Ty, Garret, Cody, Cory, and Coby, it won’t be long before exciting updates are coming our way.

The Bottom Line

The plans and the design of the Dude Perfect World theme park are done. However, the quintet’s search for a location is still ongoing.

For fans of Dude Perfect, that means patience is required. However, knowing the dynamic energy of Ty, Garret, Cody, Cory, and Coby, it won’t be long before exciting updates are coming our way.


Dude Perfect is a group of five friends turned YouTubers, who’ve become famous for their trick shot and challenge videos. They now have their own streaming platform, TV series, and merchandise lines.

Yes! Announced at the end of 2022, Dude Perfect is currently in the planning stages for the construction of their theme park, Dude Perfect World. Currently, the team is deciding on the best location.

The location of Dude Perfect’s theme park is currently being decided. Multiple cities have put in applications to become the location of Dude Perfect World.

Dude Perfect recently moved their HQ to Frisco, TX. 

Dude Perfect World is the theme park planned by the five YouTubers that make up Dude Perfect. It will give visitors a chance to recreate their channel’s famous trick shots for themselves.


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