Should You Hire a Video Editor for YouTube?

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When you want to grow your channel, hiring a video editor for YouTube is something you’ll have to consider sooner or later. 

Countless lists and how-to guides for video creators suggest outsourcing certain parts of your production process. Editing especially takes up lots of your time, and so it’s often given as the first task to outsource.

But before digging into your pockets for the cash, you’ll probably want to consier: Is it really worth it in your case? 

This article takes a look at the most common arguments in favor of hiring a video editor for YouTube – and helps you decide whether it’s the right choice for you

hire a video editor for youtube

Assess your own skills

First off, take stock of your own video editing skills. Are they good enough for the type of video you want to produce? 

Video editing is an art in and of itself. 

Cutting in all the right places, layering over music, animations, special effects, creating great intros and outros. Not to mention adjusting aspects like lighting and color grading.

All these skills take professional video editors years to master and hone to perfection. Editing is a serious, in-demand job

If you want to produce videos with more complex effects, you’re definitely better off hiring a professional straight away. (Unless, of course, you want to become a master editor yourself and have the time and resources to invest into acquiring the necessary skill set.) 

In contrast, if the videos you’re aiming for are fairly simple and you have some solid editing skills already, you might be better off handling your projects yourselfFor instance, this could be the case if you produce YouTube Shorts, or coding tutorials that consist of a screen recording and your voice-over.

for simple screen recording, you probably don't need to hire a youtube video editor
For simple projects like coding tutorials, DIY editing could be the better option.

Even then, there’s a whole other consideration: Nobody pays you for DIY editing. You might want to spend that time more productively. 

Olivia Tan, the co-founder of CocoFax, told us about her experience: “At first, I was thinking that I should really be able to do the video cuts myself. But once the channel took off, and I had to think harder on what to focus on next, it was just the question where I’d rather invest my time – into planning more content, or sticking with editing. I chose more videos.” 

hire a video editor for youtube

Consider your content output - and your goals

The next point to consider is your current content output, and your long-term goals

  • How many videos are you producing? 
  • How long are they? 
  • And how much time does it take you to edit each one? 

Even if you’re a proficient editor yourself, video editing is time-consuming. Typically, editors take 30 minutes to an hour for a single minute of finished video – if they know what they’re doing.

If you want to up your content output, hiring a video editor for YouTube helps you free up your time. That’s a lot of hours you’ll no longer spend looking for particular effects or fine-tuning the color grading on your footage.  

Instead, you can invest this time into generating content ideas, drafting your scripts, and shooting your footage. In a word: professionalizing as a creator.

A big reason why most professional YouTubers hire video editors is that they produce large numbers of videos – often several each week. Keeping up that pace is often a huge reason for their success.

Creating more content can be a good way to increase audience loyalty and engagement – and YouTube’s algorithm, in turn, rewards that with higher rankings.

jessica braun is a beauty influencer and produces several videos a week
Jessica Braun has over half a million subscribers - and serves them about 3 videos every week.
hire a video editor for youtube

Balance your budget - think time and tools ​

Finally, it’s time to dig out your calculator and crunch some numbers

The question we’re trying to answer here is whether hiring a YouTube video editor actually pays off for you. 

Let’s talk outsourcing costs first. The answer here isn’t all that simple, because costs for video editing services vary. 

How much you end up paying per video depends on a bunch of things: whether you hire a company or a freelancer, whether you opt for a subscription or per-video pricing, how complex your edits are, and how fast you want results. 

As a rule of thumb, you can expect to pay around $200 for a professionally edited YouTube video

Against that, you need to weigh the amount you save in terms of time and tools.

Think about what an hour of your time is worth to you. As a content creator you’re your own boss, so how much would you pay yourself hourly? And how many hours would you save by handing off your edits to someone else?

In addition to that, there’s the cost of the professional video tools you’d need to do your own editing. Video editing software like Final Cut Pro can easily cost several hundred dollars. Subscription options, such as Premiere Pro, are even more expensive in the long run.

In addition to that, you might need graphic design software, separate animation tools, and – not to forget – powerful hardware to handle the rendering.

time is money - Should you hire a video editor for your youtube channel, or DIY it?
What's your time worth?

Should you hire a video editor for YouTube?

At the end of the day, whether you should hire a video editor for YouTube depends on three main factors: your own skill set, your content volume, and your budget

You have solid tools and editing skills yourself and make few, straightforward videos? Then hiring a video editor doesn’t need to rank high on your list of priorities. 

Otherwise, hiring a video editor is a great option: if your own editing know-how is limited, if you’re upping your content output, or if you want to free up your time for other creative tasks. In this case, a professional editor is a fantastic partner to help you grow your channel and find YouTube success.

Ready to give professional video editing a shot?

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