How to See Your Subscribers on YouTube

how can you see your YouTube subscribers?

Who exactly is subscribed to your YouTube channel? Once your channel is taking off and your subscriber numbers climbing steadily, it’s hard to keep track of who exactly is following you. 

You might simply be curious, but you should be actively interested because a list of your subscribers can be a great asset. For instance, if you find out that a popular channel in your niche follows you, you could reach out for a collab video

Fortunately, there are a few different methods to see your subscribers on YouTube. 

Here’s how you can pinpoint exactly who is subscribed to you – and how big their own channel is.

see your subscribers on youtube

How to See Your Subscribers on YouTube

Here’s the easiest way to find out who is subscribed to your channel on YouTube. We’ll use the desktop version of YouTube Studio.

Note: This will not work in the mobile app – but you can use your phone’s browser.

Open YouTube Studio

Log into your YouTube account with a browser. 

In the top right corner, click your profile picture, then YouTube Studio.

Tip: On your phone, make sure to request the desktop site in your browser’s option. 

open youtube studio

Select Dashboard

Make sure Dashboard is selected on the left. You’ll immediately see a count of your newest subscribers on the Channel Analytics card, but that’s not all we want.

make sure to select dashboard on the left

Scroll to Recent Subscribers

Scroll to the bottom of the page, and you’ll see the Recent Subscribers card. It really does only have your most recent subscribers, but you can use it to get to the full list. 

the recent subscribers card in youtube studio

Click 'SEE ALL'

At the bottom of the Recent Subscribers card, click ‘SEE ALL’. This opens a popup with a table of your subscribers. 

You’ll see profile pics, their subscription date, their own subscriber count, and subscribe buttons. People who’ve set their subscriptions to private, however, won’t show.

By default, you’ll only see the people who’ve subscribed in the last 28 days, but the next step changes that.

youtube subs 5

Select 'Lifetime'

Click the dropdown menu at the top right of the table to change the time selection. To see all your subscribers, simply select ‘Lifetime’.

select lifetime in the top right dropdown

Check out your subscribers

And here you are: A list of all your YouTube subscribers!

youtube subs 7

The guys at Think Media also created a helpful video guide for all this:

All this data can be great resource, especially since you can sort the list by subscriber numbers. This is a great way to check who the biggest channels that subscribe to you are, for example, and look for promotion and collaboration opportunities

You can also sort by subscription date – and find out who’s been subscribed to you the longest:

sort the list by subscription date
Find your first subscriber by sorting by subscription date.

Though all this is pretty useful, you’ll find that here are some limitations here.

privacy icon

Limitations and Exceptions to the Rule

As with most good things, there are a couple of caveats

First, you’ll only get people’s profile information, not contact details like real names (unless it’s also their username) or email addresses. 

However, you can click on anyone’s icon or username to go to their channel and check out their description. With a bit of luck, you’ll find more information there if you want to reach out.  

In addition, not all of your subscribers will even show up on this list

Subscribers who’ve set their subscriptions to private won’t appear on your list. This, in fact, is now the default setting, so it will prevent you from seeing information on a whole bunch of subscribers. 

you can't see subscribers on youtube whose subscriptions are private
You won't see subscriptions from people who've set
them to "private" in their settings.

If someone’s account has been suspended, they closed it, or if it has been identified as spam, it won’t show up either. Unlike private subscribers, they also don’t count towards your subscriber number. Should you ever be tempted to buy yourself some subscribers, this is where they’ll swiftly disappear to.

Finally, if a channel’s owner has actively chosen to hide their YouTube subscriber numbers, you won’t see that number in your subscribers list either.  

see your subscribers on youtube

On Comments

A second way of seeing who is subscribed to you – if their subscriptions are public – is to check out the Comments tab in YouTube Studio

Comments from subscribers will have a red badge next to their username. Plus, you’ll see how long ago they subscribed to your channel:

subscription badge is visible on comments
Comments from subscribers get a badge (if their subs are public)
see your subscribers on youtube

With Third-Party Tools

Finally, a third option to find out who is subscribed to your channel is to use external tools. These aim to give you additional insights into the analytics of your YouTube channel, but few are free.

VidIQ’s Chrome extension, for instance, shows you the number of subscribers of anyone who commented on your videos. You can also set a filter to only see channels above a certain subscriber threshold.

Going further, their – paid – Subscriber Analysis tool gives you info on what other channels your subscribers follow and what videos they watch, which could be great for inspiration.

The Bottom Line

It’s a great idea to check who subscribes to you on YouTube on a regular basis.

By going through YouTube Studio Dashboard and Comments or by using an external tool, you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly who your fans are.

With a bit of luck, an amazing collaboration could come out of it. But in any case, you’ll get a better feeling for who your audience is – and the rush of knowing that you’re inspiring so many.

Ready to give professional video editing a shot?

In YouTube Studio’s Dashboard. Click the Recent Subscribers card on the bottom to see the list.

YouTube users that have their subscriptions set to private won’t be shown. Spam accounts are also hidden.

Click the Recent Subscribers card on the YouTube Studio Dashboard. You will see all subscriber counts, except for channels who have hidden them.

Hit the Recent Subscribers card on YouTube Studio’s Dashboard, then show Lifetime. Now sort by subscription date, and there you are.

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