A YouTuber’s Guide to Working With Brands - From Affiliate Marketing to Sponsorships

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youtube affiliate

When you’re starting to monetize your YouTube channel, the partner program is probably the first place you start. Revenue from ads and YouTube Super features makes up a significant part of many YouTubers’ income, after all. YouTube affiliate marketing comes soon after that.

However, more involved brand partnerships are a huge opportunity for YouTubers with an engaged audience. Working with brands provides an income stream that’s both reliable and independent of YouTube’s platform. 

But what are the different ways of generating revenue from brands? And how do you find partnerships in the first place? Here are the answers. 

youtube affiliate

Affiliate Marketing

To start with, the most easily accessible form of working with brands is affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing means that you feature certain products in your videos and put the links in your video descriptions. Each time one of your viewers clicks on your YouTube affiliate link and buys the product, you earn a commission. 

To generate income this way, you have to join affiliate programs. Many major brands offer them – often, it’s enough to Google “become an affiliate” and any major brand in your niche. Plus, online marketplaces such as Amazon also have across-the-board affiliate programs. 

Amazon Affiliate program homepage
Amazon's affiliate program is one of the biggest and best-known.

One thing that’s crucial to know, though, is that you need to declare if you’re part of an affiliate program. This is a legal requirement in many countries. Usually, a notice in your video description saying that you may earn a small commission if viewers buy products through your links is enough. 

affiliate disclosure under YouTube video
Always declare affiliations.
youtube affiliate


Next up, brand sponsorships involve a direct agreement between YouTubers and companies. 

Your end of the bargain is raising the visibility of a certain brand or product in return for financial compensation. In addition, YouTubers often receive promotional merchandise, samples of products to feature in their videos, as well as discount codes or promos. 

Common types of videos that are the result of brand sponsorships include unboxing videos, fashion hauls, and reviews.

Play Video

Unboxing, fashion haul, and review videos are some common forms of brand-sponsored posts.

When you go for a brand sponsorship, it’s important to stick to your values and be honest with your audience. Only promote products that you truly like, otherwise your viewers will end up feeling deceived sooner rather than later. 

To stay authentic, it’s also better to be transparent about where you got products from and why. 

For instance, it’s no use pretending that you’ve been using a product for a while. Your audience will see through that. Instead, it’s totally fine to be upfront and say that you’ve only just come across a product – but that you really enjoy it.

youtube affiliate

Becoming a Brand Ambassador

One step up from having a brand sponsorship is becoming a brand ambassador. Brand ambassadors represent, advertise, and support companies. They are meant to embody a certain company’s mission and values. 

Your most important job as a brand ambassador is to put a human face on an otherwise intangible brand. Your audience trusts you. As a brand ambassador, you’re there to introduce the company to them, inspire trust, and answer any questions that they might have. 

Becoming a brand ambassador involves the highest level of commitment when it comes to brand collaborations. It means that you’re ready to associate yourself completely with a company. That’s why it’s essential to be sure that you identify with the company’s values and message. 

woman displaying bottle in front of pineapple billboard
Ambassadors share brand values. Do you really love that pineapple drink?
youtube affiliate

How to Find Brand Partnerships

There are several ways to go about finding brand partnerships. To benefit from them, you don’t need to have a huge audience on YouTube – just one that’s active and engaged

As mentioned above, YouTube affiliate programs are relatively easy to find. 

In addition, there are several companies that specialize in establishing connections between brands and influencers on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Here are some well-known platforms to check out:

Here, you can sign up for a profile and wait for brands to reach out to you. However, some of these platforms do have requirements for audience sizes or engagement metrics. 

Another way to connect with brands is to do outreach yourself. See what brands sponsor other influencers in your niche – on YouTube as well as other platforms. Then, target them directly through social media or email

A final way to go to find brand partnerships is through a talent management agency. If you sign up for a professional agency, they will typically find and negotiate brand deals for you – for a cut of the revenue. While this can take a load off your mind, it is also far less flexible than you would be on your own.

Double-Check Before You Sign

youtube affiliate
Make sure you're getting a fair deal.

In any case, before accepting brand deals, make sure that they’re fair. Unfortunately, some brands have started to exploit creators, offering deals that demand a lot of work in return for little compensation. 

How much brands pay creators varies wildly, however. Some sponsorship offers are even outright scams.

To create more transparency, and help creators be paid more equitably, the app F*** You Pay Me was launched recently.

Its purpose is to serve as an equivalent of Glassdoor for creators, where they can leave reviews of brand collaborations, compare rates for ads, and share information to help negotiate sponsorship deals.


Collaborating with brands is a fantastic way to generate an income stream from your YouTube channel. By harnessing YouTube affiliate marketing, sponsorships, or even becoming a brand ambassador, you’ll be able to benefit from the mechanics of the creator economy

Throughout the process, though, it’s important to stay authentic – to recommend only brands and products that you genuinely trust, and work with companies that treat creators equitably. 

That way, you’ll be able to generate a profit, help brands you believe in, and give a great experience to your audience. 

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