How to Find the Perfect YouTube Niche For Your Channel

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finding the perfect YouTube niche for your content

Pinpointing the right YouTube niche for your channel is a challenge. It’s also an essential key to long-term success on the platform. 

By definition, a niche is a particular (sub)topic that you specialize in. When you launch your channel, picking your niche is one of the most crucial decisions. 

But why exactly is that? How do you choose a niche? 

And: What are some profitable niches out there worth looking at? 

Here’s the run-down.

youtube niche

Why Pick A YouTube Niche in the First Place?

Niching down helps you in multiple ways, but especially when it comes to establishing an audience and winning over YouTube’s algorithm. 

Ultimately, your goal as a YouTuber is to establish a loyal, sizable, and engaged audience for your content. 

When someone comes across your channel, it’s likely because it’s related to a topic that interests them. 

Maybe they launched a search. Or one of your videos showed up in their recommendations based on similar content they’d watched. 

Either way, the easiest path to hooking someone who just discovered your channel is to give them more of what they like. 

What they’re not looking for is an eclectic collection of topics that interest you. 

Focus Builds Credibility and Engagement

When you focus on a niche, you will build credibility in that niche. 

Here’s a concrete example.

Let’s say you’re out looking for advice on how to transition to a vegan diet, and you find an interesting video. 

You check out the channel for more – and find it’s general nutrition advice, with just that one vegan cooking video. 

The next video even features chicken. So, you’ll probably look elsewhere next.

GIF. The video fits the niche I'm looking for - but the channel doesn't.
Found what you looked for, but there's no more on the channel?

What if the channel had focused explicitly on vegan cooking? You’d be a lot more likely to stick around, right?

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In turn, having an engaged audience is key to ranking in YouTube’s algorithm.

The longer viewers watch your videos, the more they like, subscribe, and click through to your other content, the more likely your channel will show up in searches and recommendations.

Having a niche also makes life easier for you in general.

Instead of flailing for mass content, you can come up with a specific content strategy. That lets you go on very targeted hunts for inspiration.

The same also goes for building your business strategy around your niche.

youtube niche

How to Find Ideas for your Niche

How to select the perfect YouTube niche for your channel depends on three elements: what you’re passionate about, your knowledge and skills, and whether there’s an accessible audience for a specific topic. 

Your ideal niche is where these overlap. 

Start out by asking yourself what you’re good at. These could be skills that you acquired as part of your job or your hobby, or knowledge based on personal experiences. 

Don’t hesitate to ask others, too. Quite often, they’ll perceive talents and skills  in you that you’re blind to.

Note down all the knowledge and the skills you could share with your audience. It could be anything from interior design to hobby science. 

More unique is usually better., so don’t hesitate to capitalize on your quirks.

Second, narrow down which of the topics on the list you are actually passionate about. Your audience can tell if you’re actually excited about the content you’re producing. 

Consequently, genuine, authentic enthusiasm about a topic is a magnet for viewers. That’s why passion can outweigh a lot of other considerations.

For example, if you’re a lawyer by profession, starting a legal advice channel might seem like the most straightforward idea. 

However, if you can already feel the codices and case files sucking the soul out of you at the office, you’re much better off pursuing your undying love for pastry-making. 

Plus, even if you don’t have a lot of skills in the area you’re passionate about, you can give it a shot and share your learning journey with your audience.

If you’re totally strapped for ideas, you can also check out what topics, niches, and creators are trending in the “Explore” section of the platform.

youtube niche
Tip: Look for the blue “Creator on the Rise” badge and analyze what they’re doing.
youtube niche

How to Choose the Best YouTube Niche Idea

Once you’ve compiled a list of ideas for YouTube niches, you have to evaluate them. 

There are three major aspects to this: The audience, general profitability, and the competition.

Who Is the Audience of Your Niche?

First, ask yourself if there is actually an audience for your niche.

Second, find out whether that audience can help you achieve your ultimate goals. 

If you’re aiming to monetize your channel, for example, you have to make sure that there is a sizable target audience, ideally with disposable income. 

One way to check if a niche idea is viable is to dive into Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For example, you can take a look at the number of people searching for a particular keyword related to your niche on Google or YouTube.

While there are plenty of other tools out there, Google Trends can get you a first impression fast:

youtube niche
Trends doesn't show the numbers, but also where they come from.

Or, you can check out popular groups on Facebook, Quora, or Reddit related to your potential niche. 


Is Niching Down Here Worth It?

Just because a niche is popular, it doesn’t automatically mean that it’s profitable

Examples of profitable niches include beauty and fashion, gaming, food, health and fitness, product reviews, and animal videos. 

In contrast, travel, while hugely popular, might not be profitable in the long run considering the production costs.


How Much Competition Will I Face?

Another very important consideration for choosing your niche is the level of competition. 

competition in your niche determines its validity
Who else is out there doing a similar thing?

The more content creators there already are focussing on the same topic, the harder it will be for you to build an audience. 

One way around that is to make your niche (and therefore your audience) more specific. 

For example, instead of launching a general Yoga channel, you could create a channel that focuses in particular on the needs of a certain target group. That could be pregnant women, men, or stressed-out businesspeople. 

Finally, also make sure that your niche ideas don’t violate any laws, YouTube’s extensive community guidelines, or its guidelines for advertiser-friendly content. Firearms channels, for instance, simply can’t monetize.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right YouTube niche for your channel is a cornerstone of success on the platform. 

Consequently, spending some time and energy on pinpointing the best fit is absolutely worth it in the long run. Especially since switching niches later on can be tricky. 

Ultimately, a well-chosen niche is one of your greatest assets, and a conduit for your passion.

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