The 5 Best TikTok Video Editors

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Finding success on TikTok is a major challenge. With over 1.7 billion users – 83% of whom also create content – it’s easy for your videos to disappear into oblivion. 

To go viral, your clips need to stand out. But how? 

Hiring a TikTok editor is the fastest and easiest solution. They’re masters at their craft and know exactly what effects to add to captivate your viewers. And turn them into fans. 

Plus, handing time-intensive editing tasks off to a professional means you have more time to focus on generating awesome content ideas and filming fantastic footage. 

So how can you find the right TikTok video editor? We’ve done some digging. Here’s our round-up of the best video editors for TikTok in 2023. 


The 5 Best TikTok Video Editors

Before we dive into the gritty details, here’s our overview of the best TikTok video editors, including their pricing, turnaround times, and stand-out features. 


1Tasty Edits$190/video
48h video,
24h short
royalty-free assets, motion graphics, platform reformats, thumbnails, dedicated team
or from $699/month
2–3 daysUnlimited revisions; subs, captions and thumbnails
3Unbound Video Productions€495/month48hDedicated account managers & editors
4Dava MarketingOn request2–3 daysBig range of marketing services
5BeCreativesfrom $899/month1–2 daysVertical videos included by default
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To kick things off, Tasty Edits tops our list of the best TikTok video editors. Tasty Edits is a video editing service specializing in social media content. Their editors are seasoned pros at editing short-form vertical content in particular. 

One of Tasty Edits’ biggest stand-out features is VOMA, their video order management application. It gives you one central point of access to manage all your orders, upload files, and communicate with your dedicated editor

Another major plus point is their guaranteed turnaround time of 24 h or less. Plus, pricing for TikTok videos starts at $40, which is pretty much unbeatable among the contenders on this list. 

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In second place is Visugu, another versatile video editing service. Thanks to their wide range of services – they edit anything from wedding videos to TikToks – they have unparalleled experience across different niches. 

Another upside of Visugu is their flexible pricing plans. You can either go for individual project-based pricing (starting at $249) or benefit from a flat-rate discount (paying $699 per month and getting to submit 4 video orders).

The only serious downside of Visugu are their turnaround times. At 5 days, they’re way slower than other contenders on this list. 

visugu homepage screenshot
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Coming in third in our list of the best video editors for TikTok is Unbound Video Productions. This video editing service based in Bali specializes in social media formats, especially short-form content

Unlike other entries on this list, they offer “unlimited” video editing. That means you pay a monthly subscription – in this case $530/mo – and can have as many videos edited as you like. Turnaround times are 48 h. 

Another stand-out feature: Unbound specializes in the needs of business clients, rather than freelance creators. 

unbound homepage screenshot
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Another top contender among the best TikTok video editors is Dava Marketing. Like Unbound, they offer video editing subscriptions, which buy you 2–3 edits per week. 

What makes Dava stand out is their range of additional services, which includes motion graphics, generous cloud storage, and animations. If you want to go for particularly fancy effects, Dava is a great choice. Especially since they also offer a range of other marketing services. 

However, there are two significant catches. First off, pricing. At $2,695 per month, Dava is by far the most expensive TikTok video editor on our list – especially in the face of the platform’s payouts. The other thing is their average turnaround time of 2–3 days, well below the standards of their more budget-friendly competitors. 

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Finally, rounding out our list is BeCreatives. Like Unbound and Dava, they offer subscription services. Pricing-wise, they’re smack in the middle with their $899 “Scale” plan. Turnaround times are 1–2 days. 

One of BeCreatives’ biggest plus points is that they have extensive vertical editing experience. Even when you order horizontal long-form edits, vertical reformats are included by default

becreatives homepage screenshot


The bottom line of our comparison of the best TikTok editors is that Tasty Edits clearly comes out on top. Unbeatable pricing starting at $40 per clip, an easy-to-use central platform, and the 24 h turnaround time make it the uncontested #1 choice among TikTok video editors. 

Ready to take the leap? Sign up and submit your first order today. 


The best video editors for TikTok are Tasty Edits, Visugu, Unbound Video Productions, Dava Marketing, and BeCreatives. All of them have seasoned editors on staff who are specialized in short-form content. 

Pricing for editing vertical videos like TikToks starts at $40 per clip. 

Hiring a video editor for your TikToks has several benefits. Not only do you save time and energy by having a pro do your edits. You can also count on constant quality and fast delivery. 

Hiring a TikTok editor costs around $40 per video, depending on which editing service you choose and whether you order in bulk. 

Hands-down the best TikTok video editor is Tasty Edits. With a turnaround time of 24 hours or less, and a staff of seasoned editors, they guarantee viral-worthy results. 


  • Alex Lefkowitz

    Alex Lefkowitz is the founder and CEO of Tasty Edits. He's an experienced video editor, having edited hundreds of videos for dozens creators before turning to entrepreneurship and launching his own video editing company. Since then, he has directly managed thousands of video and thumbnail orders. Now, he draws on his experience working with professional creators to write about video editing, the creator economy, and video marketing. You can also read his work on Hackernoon and Medium. Plus, he's contributed several expert opinions in interviews and articles as a guest on platforms like Jotform.