The 10 Best Tools to Find YouTube Content Ideas in 2024

When you’re looking for YouTube content ideas, there are tons of tools on the internet, promising to deliver amazing suggestions. 

Some of them give you insights into frequent user searches. Others help you identify the strategies of competing channels. And some specialize in providing keyword suggestions together with the metrics to assess them. 

To help you decide which of them are worth your time, here are the 10 best tools for generating and evaluating YouTube content ideas

First up, AnswerThePublic is a great idea to get an overview of searches commonly associated with a topic. You can enter a broad search term, and this platform will provide you with a mind map view of just what people commonly want to know about it. 

As you see on the image below, one feature splits up the queries by question type. Going for “how“, especially, is a great way to collect ideas for how-tos and tutorial videos, which are often audience magnets.

Plus, you can actually download your results super easily as a CSV file, so you can stick it into your spreadsheet app.

answerthepublic video editing query
AnswerThePublic result for "video editing". An interesting question could be what video editing software youtubers use (find out here!)

AnswerThePublic allows two free searches per day. For a monthly $9, you get 100 (there’s also a $99 lifetime subscription for this level!). For unlimited searches, more users, as well as additional features like comparing terms, higher-tier subscriptions start at $99/month.

Next, SEMrush provides solid all-round SEO functionalities and can give you in-depth insights into competitors’ strategies. 

Most usefully, this platform comes with a powerful Keyword Magic tool. This allows you to deep-dive into keywords and their metrics. It shows exact matches, broad matches, related questions, alongside keyword difficulty, search volume, and performance trends.


SEMrush gives you 10 free searches per day. To unlock more functionalities, you have to subscribe. Subscriptions start at $99.95 per month. 

A YouTube-specific alternative to this is YTCockpit. This Swiss-made content research tool offers more limited search functionalities, but it’s also far cheaper, starting at only $19 per month (or $199 for a whole year). 

This tool is an excellent resource for finding long-tail keywords and content ideas. An extra bonus: You can specify the platform that you want to focus on. Like SEMrush, it gives you a keyword’s search volume and difficulty, alongside a trend analysis.

keywordtool gen z query

On the free plan, you will only be able to see the metrics for the top few keywords. To get further insights, you’ll need a subscription, which start at $69 per month. For that, though, you can run thousands of keywords every day.

Do you want to know how your competitors perform on YouTube and other social networks? Which of their strategies work best? What keywords they target? Who their audience is? 

That’s exactly the kind of information Rival IQ can give you!


This platform allows you to enter your own profiles, along with those of competitors. Then, you can deep-dive into comparisons that ought to leave you with new inspiration. 

A downside of this tool is that it’s definitely the priciest on this list. It offers a 14-day free trial. After that, though, monthly subscriptions start at $199.

Next up is a totally free tool: Google Trends. It’s great for evaluating keyword ideas you’ve come up with or collected with other tools.

You can switch between a default web search to a YouTube specific video search, and compare several different search terms against each other.

Looking at the relative popularity of hatha, vinyasa, and bikram yoga in the US.

Plus, it’s possible to check where searches come from geographically and what popular related terms are.

HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator is a versatile tool that extends beyond traditional blogging, offering valuable insights for generating YouTube content ideas, too.

The Blog Ideas Generator not only suggests blog topics but also provides YouTube content ideas by analyzing keywords and trends, facilitating diverse content creation.

While the tool offers limited functionality for free users, subscribers gain access to advanced features such as unlimited topic suggestions, keyword analysis, and content calendar integration. Ultimately, creators and their teams benefit from more robust content planning and optimization.

hubspot blog ideas generator screenshot
HubSpot's idea generator might be "for blogs", but it's just as useful for video content suggestions. Here, we're asking it about Hatha Yoga history.

TubeBuddy is a browser extension and mobile app for channel management and optimization. For content research, it also offers keyword research and analytics features.

TubeBuddy gives you video statistics right next to any video.

Many of its features are free, including a time-saving thumbnail generator. 

To access these features, though, you have to give the tool access to your YouTube account. 

If you want to unlock more of TubeBuddy’s full range of features, you have to opt for one of its subscriptions. It’s one of the cheaper options on this list, starting at $3.20/month. That’s if you pay up for a full year.

Bonus: If your channel has under 1,000 subs, you get another 50% off the cheapest plan.

VidIQ, another browser extension and app, is a great tool for video SEO and content idea generation. It shares many of its features with TubeBuddy, but its analytics features are a bit more in-depth. The company has also started branching out towards TikTok creators.

VidIQ showing metrics and statistics on a YouTube video search results page.

The channel audit tool will give you a few tips on how to rank more highly. It also has a few fun features to mix up channel management routine – such as unlockable achievements.

VidIQ has a few free features, such as bulk video description edits, but keyword research isn’t among them. Subscriptions start at a fairly affordable $7.50/month, though. 

Tubics is a YouTube-specific SEO and content idea generation tool. Once you give it access to your channel, it will analyze all your videos and provide suggestions for SEO improvement.


Plus, it offers a content idea generation tab based on keywords – including actual video briefs – and A/B testing for things like thumbnails.

All these features don’t come cheap, however. You’ll probably make the best use of them only if you’re building a team for your channel. A 7-day trial is $7, after that, pricing starts at $99/month

Tubics does offer YouTube creators a freebie: You can apply to have your channel analyzed for free on this page.

Do you want to learn more about your own particular audience to narrow down your content ideas?

Picture by Science of Electronics, via Wikimedia Commons

If so, YouTube Studio analytics is a great place to get some free, but pretty detailed insights. It will show you which keywords your videos already rank for, along with detailed demographics of your audience.

For more about its powerful features, check out our YouTube Channel Analytics article!

Bonus #11: Internet Event Calendars

Finally, if you’re looking for inspiration for topical content, check out online event calendars such as Forekast, International Days and Weeks, Days Of The Year, and OnThisDay.

Forekast collects various "official days", but also important cultural, natural or media occasions.

Why not do a fashion haul for National Sunglasses Day (June 27) – or hit the stove on World Tuna Day (May 2) or Chocolate Day (July 7)? Or do vlogmas, by now a YouTube tradition for the weeks before Christmas?

Many of these tools are free (like OnThisDay, where you’ll find tons of historical information), others charge for advanced features (Forekast is $9.99 a month).

The Bottom Line

All the tools on this list offer great ways to source YouTube content ideas. Which ones you end up using, though, depends on your own personal needs and your budget.

If your channel is just starting out, you might want to stick to free tools. If you’re looking to take it to the next level, investing in a subscription might make sense. 

In any case, it’s worth taking the time to carefully compare tools to find the best fit for your needs. Once you’ve made your choice, you’ll have a solid basis for researching content that will wow your viewers.

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