How Can Video Creators Use AI?

how video creators can use ai

Over the past year, generative AI from Bard to Midjourney has seen a meteoric rise. Today, it’s everywhere, and people in every industry are using it to speed up workflows and boost their productivity

But what about video creators

How can you harness AI without risking YouTube plagiarism or a drop in content quality? 

Here are five ways to leverage generative AI to elevate your video content


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Generate Ideas

First off, you can use AI to help you find ideas for your next videos. 

YouTube’s algorithm rewards consistent content production. And between constantly filming raw footage and coming up with video descriptions, it can be difficult to drum up content inspiration

AI can help. You can use generative AI to come up with a list of topics and video titles, from more general to highly specialized ones – going off a vague notion or riffing off a competitor’s latest hit. 

Going further, you can use AIs for search engine optimization (SEO), such as Ink. SEO is a great way to come up with content ideas – check out our blog post here – and AI can speed up the process by pinpointing high-potential keywords and topic clusters

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Structure Video Scripts

Once you’ve found a viral-worthy content idea, you can use AI to structure your video script

While it’s possible to have AIs like Bard or ChatGPT write your entire script for you, this can be dangerous. Not only can your tone seem bland. In many cases, the AI also dips into sources without crediting them, veering into YouTube plagiarism. 

Starting with a solid structure, though, makes writing a script a much quicker process. Plus, you can have the AI go over it at the end to polish it up and fine-tune your hook. 

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Speed Up Editing Workflows

Another way that video creators can harness AI is in video editing

While purely AI-generated videos are typically bland, AI-based tools in video editing software such as Premiere Pro can be magical – and help you streamline your workflows. 

Premiere, for instance, uses Adobe’s Sensei AI for tasks such as: 

  • Removing unwanted objects and background
  • Auto color-correction dn in-sync color grading of different clips 
  • Auto ducking to sync up background music and dialogue
  • Enhancing speech and removing background noise
  • Auto-generating captions 

Sophisticated AIs can even create virtual clones of creators to help scale your content output. 

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Create Images and Thumbnails

Once you’ve finished your video, you can also use AI to generate visual elements such as promotional images and YouTube thumbnails

Thumbnails in particular are key to draw in viewers and boost your videos’ click-through rates (CTR)

You can turn to AIs such as Jasper and Midjourney to instantly generate compelling thumbnails. Or you can leverage AI features in graphic design tools like Canva to take your thumbnails to the next level.

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Repurpose Content Across Platforms

Finally, one prime way for video creators to use AI is to automatically repurpose their content across platforms

Tools such as Premiere Pro and make it a breeze to turn a long-form YouTube video into short-form content for YouTube Shorts, TikTok, or Instagram Reels. This means you can easily post teasers, previews, and highlights on different platforms and extend your reach.

The Bottom Line: AI for Video Creators

While mass-produced AI-generated videos cause a major annoyance for creators by crowding their niches, AI can also be a huge opportunity. Leveraged the right way, it can help you come up with viral content ideas, structure captivating video scripts, elevate your editing, generate clickable thumbnails, and extend your reach across platforms.


Video creators are harnessing AI to find content ideas, structure video scripts, enhance their video edits, create images and thumbnails, and repurpose content across platforms.

AI offers a powerful tool for creators to become more productive and streamline their workflows. However, creators also have to grapple with purely AI generated content that is flooding different niches and making them more crowded.

No. While it’s possible to generate videos using only AI, these cannot establish the same emotional connection with an audience that has made stars of major creators like MrBeast. 

AI clones are virtual versions of creators. The AI assimilates footage of creators and replicates their appearance and voice to generate new content with their avatar.

AI influencers are virtual clones of influencers. The AI assimilates footage of creators and replicates their appearance and voice to generate new content with their avatar.