The Best AI Video Editing Tools

ai video editing tools

AI can be a huge asset when it comes to editing videos. 

While purely AI-generated videos are typically bland and sub-par, AI-based tools become incredibly powerful in the hands of a professional video editor.  

Here are five video editing tools that come with extensive AI features, to help you take your editing to the next level.


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premiere pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

To start off with, there’s Premiere Pro, the gold standard for professional video editors

Adobe’s flagship video editing software can handle a huge range of video formats, easily deal with 4K and 8K footage, and integrates with other Adobe Creative Cloud products, including Photoshop. 

When it comes to AI, Premiere leverages Adobe’s generative AI, called Sensei, and provides a solid set of tools to help editors do their magic. These tools include: 

  • Auto color correction and color-matching different clips 
  • Text-based editing 
  • Speech-to text transcript generation in 18 different languages 
  • Enhance speech to remove background noise 
  • Morph cuts 
  • Scene edit detection
  • Remix to keep your visuals and soundtrack on beat 
  • Auto ducking to sync up background music and dialogue  
  • Auto reframe to adjust your aspect ratios 

Pricing starts at $31.49 per month, or $239.88 annually.

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Coming in second place is Runway, a web-based video editing tool that harnesses Gen-2, a powerful generative AI model. Its extensive AI features include: 

  • Auto-blurring faces
  • Text-based color grading 
  • Automatic audio clean-ups 
  • Inpainting to remove objects and backgrounds from your footage 
  • Automatic transcript generation 
  • Automatic scene detection that helps you structure your raw footage 

Runway can also create videos based on text prompts, though the results usually take a lot of post-production work to become acceptable. 

Pricing for the Standard plan starts at $15 per month, for the Pro plan at $35 per month, and for the Unlimited plan at $95 per month. 

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Filmora Wondershare

Next up, there’s Filmora Wondershare, a more simplistic, budget-friendly editing suite with an intuitive interface. Available for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices, it provides a lower-threshold entry point for beginner video editors. Nevertheless, it comes with some powerful AI-based tools. These include: 

  • AI audio denoise 
  • Auto frame, which centers the focal point of each shot 
  • AI smart cutout, which automatically removes objects and backgrounds 
  • Auto silence removal

Pricing starts at $49.99 per year, with a perpetual license available at $79.99. 

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Coming in fourth place is Timebolt, a tool targeted at creators specialized in explainer videos and video essays. It leverages AI to: 

  • Reduce filler words and silences 
  • Detect high-impact moments in your content that can be repurposed as short-form content 
  • Sculpt your content by cutting and editing different scenes 

All these options appear as suggestions and tips once the AI has analyzed your content. 

While a Basic plan is available for free, video creators will want to opt for the standard paid plan at $17 per month / $97 per year. 

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Finally, there’s, a tool that’s aimed specifically at creators looking to repurpose content across platforms. lets you either paste a YouTube link or upload a long-form video, then automatically generates short-form content for Shorts, Reels, and TikTok using AI. It: 

  • Adds auto-captions
  • Inserts emojis 
  • Auto-generates video chapters 

In terms of pricing, offers a limited free plan, a Starter plan at $15 per month, a Pro one at $29.99 per month, and a Pro Plus plan at $49.99, depending on the volume of video content you need to process.

The Bottom Line: AI for Video Editors

Relying solely on AI to generate videos is a recipe for disaster. However, harnessing AI-based tools for select tasks can elevate the quality of your video edits, streamline your workflows, and boost your productivity. No matter if it’s fine-tuning color grading using Adobe Sensei or turning YouTube videos into short-form snaps for TikTok in


The best video editing tools with AI features are Adobe Premiere Pro, Runway, Filmora Wondershare, Timebolt, and

Professional video editors use AI tools, such as the Adobe Sensei integration in Premiere Pro, to enhance the quality of their edits. 

Professional video editing suites like Premiere Pro, Runway, and Filmora Wondershare come with powerful AI-based tools, like auto color correction, text-based editing, and auto ducking, which can help you elevate your edits.

Yes! While videos generated automatically using AI are typically bland and sub-par, professional video editing tools like Premiere Pro, Runway, and Filmora Wondershare come with powerful AI-based tools to boost the quality of your edits.

No. Videos generated only by AI are usually low-quality and discordant. However, powerful editing suites like Adobe Pro and Runway include AI-based tools that can help you enhance the quality of your edits, from auto color correction to text-based editing.