Weight Loss and Fitness on YouTube – How to Create Effective and Safe Video Content

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  • Amelia Bernardino

    Amelia Bernardino is a gym rat and a dedicated mom of one. She spends her free time editing videos, attending Pilates classes, and perfecting her recipe for overnight oats.

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The global fitness industry is alive and well, with estimated values standing at $83.2 billion for 2023. One primary reason for this uptick is the recent global health crisis, which forced many to reckon with the actual state of their health. 71% of over-30 US adults believe that the pandemic taught them to be more health-conscious, citing weight loss as a top health goal for this year. With unhealthy diet culture in the rearview mirror, today’s fitness enthusiasts take a realistic and holistic approach to dropping the pounds.

From plant-based diets to spin classes, folks are tackling excess weight with a multi-pronged approach, understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

A healthy weight loss program focuses on simplified (but improved) nutrition, behavioral changes backed by science, weight-loss medications, and an overall healthier relationship with food. Combining proven nutritional and behavioral programs with prescription medication allows people to reach their health and weight-loss goals easily. However, exercise continues to be a significant factor for success.

Fitness content creators can leverage this need by creating quality YouTube content for individuals looking to save money and time by working out at home. 

Here are a few tips to remember to ensure your content is safe and helpful for people’s health journeys.


have a great content strategy

Content Strategy

Before shooting any footage, have a clear idea for your YouTube channel: what it is, what kind of subscribers you want to attract, and what kind of goals you want to help them achieve. 

Will you target a wider demographic by creating videos for all skill levels? Will the workouts involve lots of equipment or focus on body-weight exercises? Are you doing a high-intensity sport where you will also need to address nutrition, like body-building

Answering these questions will help you create a guided content strategy with videos that genuinely resonate with your target demographic.

This will also help you plan out your content production on a timeline, ensuring you have a steady stream of videos that will encourage subscribers to come back. In turn, this boost your monetization efforts, especially since fitness content is one of the most profitable niches on the platform.

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How to outsource videography


Now it’s time to think about filming itself: the shooting setup and your presentation.

Production design

Once your content schedule is in place, identify where you’ll be shooting your videos and prioritize safety by ensuring enough space for the workouts you’ll be demonstrating.

Gather all the necessary equipment for easy access. It’s particularly important that you provide adequate natural lighting or a sufficient light setup. Good, consistent lighting makes your content look more professional. Enhance the set and add props as necessary to make the video look more aesthetically pleasing.


Then, after setting up your camera, do a rough run-through of the entire workout, checking to see if you end up out of frame or if certain maneuvers aren’t possible.

Your audience should have a clear and complete view of what you’re doing so your guided workouts are more effective for them. If your budget permits, consider filming with another person: This will cut down on time spent repeatedly checking your own footage.

Here’s YouTube Fitness creator Penny Barnshaw describing her workout video production workflow.

Getting camera-ready

When creating fitness content, what you wear should allow audiences to follow along with your moves easily – that means no overly loose clothing. This helps them mimic proper form and avoid injuries.

Wear clean and well-fitting apparel, and keep hair neatly away from the face.

If needed, some light makeup will help you appear more polished on camera. It also helps to choose colors that complement your YouTube channel’s color scheme for a cohesive look. The idea is to eliminate any visual elements that could distract people from having a productive workout.

create consistent channel branding

Content Tips

Here are a few more practical tips for fitness video creators.

Providing context

Helpful fitness videos don’t just show people how to exercise; they also provide additional information so audiences can move more purposefully. For instance, let them know how a specific video can be integrated into a more extensive fitness regimen.

Is it compatible with those seeking enhanced flexibility, or does it help triathlon preppers prepare for the big day? Provide examples of improper form so they know what not to do, or start with a lower-impact version of a challenging move so beginners can follow along.

Context helps audiences get the most out of your workouts. Here, Ryan guides his viewers through isometrics exercises and their benefits.

Efficient shooting

Shooting content on a regular basis can be exhausting, so once you have a camera and lighting setup in place, consider filming multiple videos in one go. This way, you can keep them in your content bank for editing and releasing at a later date.

Maximizing analytics

To make your content even better, do a frequent audit of your channel using YouTube’s built-in analytics and metrics.

Audience retention and engagement metrics show which videos and segments keep audiences engaged the most. By zeroing in on the areas your audience loves, you can then respond by creating content focused on that.

The Bottom Line

With a well-prepared content strategy and production best practices in place, you’re well on your way to creating engaging content that actually helps your audience reach their weight loss goals.


It helps to include disclaimers at the beginning of your video – for example, advising that pregnant women may find specific workouts too challenging or reminding viewers to consult their doctor before starting any workout regimen. Throughout your video, include safety reminders via voiceover or in-video text. Once your content is up, check the comments and address your viewers’ concerns. You can then pin these comments for other people’s reference.

Consider evidence-based input from doctors, trainers, and fitness experts when crafting workout videos. Some workouts may look effective but actually do little to achieve a specific goal, like weight loss. Well-researched content helps establish trust with your audience.

You can upload regular Q&As featuring frequently asked questions from subscribers or hop on YouTube Live with pre-planned fitness topics to help guide the discussion. To provide bite-sized tips and advice, leverage YouTube Shorts. Finally, featuring people’s comments and before-and-after photos in your content is a great way to make your viewers feel special.


  • Amelia Bernardino

    Amelia Bernardino is a gym rat and a dedicated mom of one. She spends her free time editing videos, attending Pilates classes, and perfecting her recipe for overnight oats.

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