The 7 Best True Crime YouTube Channels

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True crime stories hold an undeniable fascination. Often tragic, grotesque, and twisted, they give shocking insights into the abysses of the human mind. 

Here are seven true crime YouTubers who dig deep and provide their audience with well-researched, detailed run-downs of unsolved cases, appalling murders, and the psyche of the most revolting criminals. 


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Heading our list of the best true crime channels is True Crime Recaps. For three years, YouTubers and podcast hosts Chris and Amy have been taking deep-dives into strange, revolting, and sadistic stories of murder and other crimes. 

One stand-out feature of their channel is that their videos are truly recaps. While you still get all the details, most of their clips are between 5 and 15 minutes long, rather than the 30+ minutes of the content on many other channels on this list. 

This makes True Crime Recaps the perfect go-to if you need a quick thriller fix!

True Crime Recaps: Your fast crime fix.

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Coming in second place in our ranking of the best true crime YouTubers is Christina Randall, whose channel has been exploring the deepest pits of what humans are capable of for the past five years. Today, she has over 1.5 million subs. 

Are you looking for tales of disturbing marriage murder plots? Devil worshipping death row inmates? Cannibalism caught on camera? 

Christina has you covered! Plus, she updates several times per week, so you know you’ll never be short of new true crime content. 

Five years of exploring the abysses of the human soul on YouTube.

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Heading our list of the best true crime YouTube channels is Eleanor Neale. With almost 2.6 million subscribers, she’s one of the most popular creators in the niche

For over five years, she’s been giving her audience the run-down and gritty details on a huge range of true crime stories. Among the highlights: serial killer fangirls that became murderers themselves – and the sledgehammer killer who went on the Dr. Phil show.

Into the abyss: Plunging the depths of humanity with Eleanor Neale.

Apart from presenting little-known but fascinating cases, Eleanor also revisits famous ones, such as OJ Simpson and Jack the Ripper. 

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Next up in our hall of fame of true crime YouTubers is Kendall Rae, with over 3.6 million subs. What makes her channel stand out is that she uses her platform to promote awareness of the victims of the crimes she talks about, as well as their families. 

Kendall has a knack for complicated cases and obscure murder methods – from eyedrops used to kill a husband to bodies hidden with the help of a hurricane. She also looks into a wide variety of other crimes and lawsuits, from faked deaths and abductions to unexplained disappearances and crazy damage claims. 

Human horror show meets awareness-raising.

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Another excellent source of true crime content on YouTube is Law & Crime, with over 5 million subs. Unlike other entries on this list, Law & Crime is not run by an individual creator, but by TV professionals. It was launched by Dan Abrams, a well-known legal commentator and attorney. 

The Law & Crime Network is multi-platform and offers a variety of content: live court video, legal analyses, and criminal trials, often of celebrities. Plus, it live-streams courtroom drama every weekday from 9AM. 

Courtroom drama or mind-boggling crime – this channel has it all.

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Are you interested in the true crime stories of ages past? Then Vintage Files is the right channel for you. 

For the past 6 years, this channel has been exploring records of historical killings, stunning discoveries, survival stories, and old abandoned places. From explorers who disappeared in the Amazon and ghost ships in the Arctic to abandoned mental asylums and missing heiresses, Vintage Files has you covered. 

The olden times were no safer. Follow the mysterious case of missing pilot Cecil Stanley Grace.

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Rounding out our list of the best true crime channels on YouTube is True Crime Daily, a behemoth with over 5 million subs. 

In the True Crime Daily podcast, host Ana Garcia rounds up the most fascinating true crime cases. For this, she collaborates with lawyers, police officers, and other experts. 

From deranged serial killers and devious stalkers to abnormal arsonists and repulsive kidnappers, True Crime Daily dives into the gritty details of a huge range of cases. 

True Crime Daily makes a point of working with experts to shine a light on cases like this one.


Some of the best true crime channels on YouTube are True Crime Recaps, Christina Randall, Eleanor Neale, Kendall Rae, Law and Crime, The Vintage Files, and True Crime Daily. 

The biggest true crime channel on YouTube is Law and Crime, with over 5.3 M subs, closely followed by True Crime Daily.

The most popular true crime YouTuber is Kendall Rae. True Crime Daily podcast host Ana Garcia also runs a hugely successful channel. 

The true crime YouTuber with the most subs is Kendall Rae, with over 3.6 million subs. True Crime Daily podcast host Ana Garcia also runs a hugely successful channel. 

Some of the best true crime channels on YouTube are Eleanor Neale, Kendall Rae, Law and Crime, The Vintage Files, and True Crime Daily. 

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