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"Alex Hormozi" Style

Vertical Video Examples

we create jaw-dropping verticals with high quality captions, effects, and animations that match your brand image
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“Wow, so fast and a great edit. I really appreciate all of your efforts and your willingness to get things just right – thank you!”

2,800,000 subscribers

“Brandon really loves all the edits you guys do and it’s exactly what we’ve been searching for.”

Brandon Farris
4,270,000 subscribers

“I want to genuinely say thank you for the help that you’ve given me! It’s like two peas in a pod.”

Kat Wonders
505,000 subscribers

“Loved your work on my latest video. Just started 4 more, and more coming. You all are a master of audio, they always sound so good.”

790,000 subscribers

“Thank you! Your videos look great and are posted. We should have some more vids after the weekend. Thanks again.”

Inst. Human Anatomy
4,600,000 subscribers

“You guys are great – thank you so much for the quick turnaround!!”

Michele Wang
217,000 subscribers

How It Works


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30 Vertical Videos

Save 20%





15 Vertical Videos

Save 10%





1 Vertical Video

Save 0%





1 Vertical Reformat

Save 50%




All Vertical Videos Include

Dedicated video editor and managing editor

Real-time collaboration with your team

Content curation

Unlimited advanced captions & visual effects

Unlimited engaging animations & motion graphics

Unlimited stock footage

Unlimited licensed music & sound effects

Color correction

Audio enhancement

Subtitles & captions

Unlimited cloud storage to submit your raw footage

24h first draft turnaround time, Monday through Saturday

4k video editing and exports

Frame by frame timestamp review tool

Unlimited 24h turnaround revision requests

Video Order Management Application (VOMA) Dashboard

Add-on: Horizontal or Square Reformats

Add-on: Premiere Pro Project File

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who needs vertical! If you’re ready to embrace TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts, then we’ve got you covered.
Most definitely 😉 All the staples of Hormozi’s videos, like stylized captions, highlights, emojis, and stock footage are included in our vertical videos.
A Vertical Video is a unique piece of content that we edit from scratch.
A Vertical Reformat is an Add-on that can be included in a Video Order.
Vertical Reformats are cheaper than Vertical Videos by themselves because, as an Add-on, we’re not starting from scratch.
Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.
Yes! You can request unlimited revisions per order, but our goal is always to get you the perfect video on the first draft.
Yes! You’ll have the same video editor and managing editor for every order. Creators with high volume needs may even have multiple editors on their team.
Our rates are on a per video basis. You can order verticals upfront as “packages” for up to a 20% discount. Our per video pricing is more affordable than the so called “unlimited” monthly options in the long run (note: they’re not really unlimited.) Our packages are not a recurring monthly charge, you have 90 days to use your package. If you need a more custom solution, feel free to schedule a call!
We offer a single video discounted trial. To get started, fill out an Order Form and then select the “Trial” video option when checking out.

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